Chicago Fire, episode fourteen, fifteen

Brett wakes up. She seems to be slow getting a move on. She goes downstairs and finds Otis and Cruz ready for work. She slept through her alarm and Antonio is long gone. She’ll be ready in 10 minutes. As Kidd heads into the living room she hears Severide on the phone telling someone he has work the next day.

She asks him if he’s pulling a double. He says he’s not. It was just him getting out of something. They ride together to the firehouse. On the floor everyone is teasing Cap for buying himself a new recliner. Alarm sounds for ambo and truck. They get to the scene of a car accident. It’s a husband and wife. The man is a loudmouth.

He refuses treatment. The wife has some existing injuries, bruises on her neck and abdomen. Casey asks her if he needs to know anything and she just tells him that she “can’t.” Dawson and Brett get ready to take her to Med but the husband, Boylan, is pushing her to refuse treatment. Casey distracts him while ambo takes off.

Back at the house, there is a slamigan sales force meeting. Cruz is seemingly overwhelmed. Casey goes to see Boden about Boylan and the call. He thinks something is fishy with the bruising and wants to call Antonio. Boden gives him the all clear but says after that it’s a police matter.

At Med, Brett and Dawson talk to Will Halstead about the woman’s bruising. He doesn’t like it but the woman says it is from falling in the bathtub. There’s nothing they can do. They hear commotion. Boylan is picking up his wife against medical advice. Halstead tries to stop him but it’s no use. With all eyes on her, the wife says she feels fine and they head out.

Dawson tells Casey what happened at the hospital and he tells her about his chat with Antonio. Casey wants to try talking to the wife. He walks away and Otis swings by looking for cold medicine. Brett tells him to steer clear because she is running on empty. Kidd forgot something in Severide’s car. He tells her to just grab his keys.

When she does, she finds a letter from Springfield General Hospital about something for Anna. Cruz confronts Herrmann and Mouch about the slamigan business. Herrmann tells him that he’s the boss and gives him a shirt. Cruz gives Brett some credit, and ownership, from the Herrmann and Mouch shares. While she’s thanking them, she sees Herrmann’s sandwich.

It makes her sick and she makes a mad dash for the bathroom. Dawson catches up with her and they talk about how she’s feeling. Dawson points out that she sounds pregnant. Brett seems terrified. Severide is outside grilling when Grissom turns up and invites him to dinner with some higher ups.

Casey heads to the Boylan house to talk to the wife. He tells her that he knows what she is going through and she tells him that no one can help him. Burgess and Antonio are at 51 talking to Casey and Boden about Boylan. Burgess had been by the house twice as a uniform but no charges ever stuck. Antonio and Casey

Dawson and Brett are in the ambo. The latter is freaking out because apparently she might be pregnant. They swing by a pharmacy for a test but Brett is having serious issues with the possibility of being pregnant. Dawson tells her that it’s better to know. At the house, Cruz checks his bank account. He’s low on funds and asks Otis to spot him rent.

He’s been writing checks to make his prototype and didn’t realize it was quite so much. Herrmann and Mouch offer to help out but he declines. Gotta spend money to make it. Severide is outside grilling when Kidd walks out. She tells him that she saw the letter from Springfield on his desk and wants to know why he isn’t going.

Severide tells her that it’s not a good idea but she tells him it is. She thinks that he’s worried he can’t handle it and he tells her to mind her own business. Kidd is serious though. She tells him that he can handle it and that she’ll go too. She walks inside as a car comes flying in. It’s Boylan and he’s there to confront Casey about calling the cops. Casey is not backing down.

Boden tells Boylan to get lost. Antonio and Burgess are back to talk about it. The woman is sticking to her story. Casey mentions pressing charges and they are game but Burgess tells them it won’t do any good if the wife doesn’t want to leave. Casey tells her that she is desperate. Burgess will try and reach out then.

On their way out, Antonio and Burgess run into Dawson and Brett. Antonio and Brett have a moment and it seems like she wants to tell him. She starts to cry and before she can get it together the alarm sounds. It’s all hands for a fire at Boylan’s house. Boden gives orders and warns them that it is the guy that wanted to fight Casey.

They move into the house.Casey finds the wife sitting calmly on a couch with a baseball bat. She tells him that there is no way out. Severide and his team find Boylan unconscious and take him out of the house. The fire is contained. Casey talks to the wife. They can help her. She takes his hand. They leave the house and Casey covers for the injury she gave the husband.

Mouch announces that there is a purchase order for the slamigan. Cruz is thrilled until he finds out it’s only for two. Boden tells Casey that they have a spot at a shelter for the wife and that the husband is not pressing charges. Kidd and Severide go to the ribbon cutting of the Anna Turner Center. On the way back, she wants to stop for milkshakes.

He can’t though. He has a dinner with Grissom and some big wigs. She acts like she understands but he just keeps glancing at her. Dawson goes to Brett’s to be with her when she takes the test. They talk about Antonio and Dawson points out that she may be emotional. Severide stops for milkshakes. Brett gets the results. Not pregnant. She seems upset.

Dawson hugs her. As they head to their next shift, Otis and Cruz bicker about nicknames. Mouch and Herrmann are called in for backup. Nicknames are final. Kidd and Severide talk about their milkshake adventure and make plans for a trip to Milwaukee. When Kidd walks away, Casey teases him and then the alarm sounds.

They get to the scene and find a young man. He says that he heard pops like pipes bursting and that his parents are still inside. Truck and squad head in for the rescue. Severide finds the father. While searching upstairs, Otis and Kidd find themselves under fire. Someone is shooting. Casey and Herrmann save the mother as they evacuate.

Kidd comes too and tries to save Otis. She finds that he is bleeding bad. He’s been shot in the neck. Boden tells Casey how to go in with an aerial but Severide isn’t waiting. He just charges in. The teen that escaped tells them there is no shooter. He had loaded ammo in his closet. It’s in the fire. That’s what is going off.

Severide gets in and they get Otis out through the window. It’s not looking good though. They have to shock him in the field and when they manage to get a heart rate, they rush him to Med. Brett says it’s bad though. She doesn’t know if he’ll make it. Cruz takes the ride. At Med, Otis is in surgery. Kidd has some bruises but her radio stopped the bullet. The mother is barely hanging on.

Lily gets there and Herrmann tells her that they don’t know much. That’s when Choi comes out to update them. Otis is stable but the bullet is still in his neck very close to his spinal cord. Lily and Cruz go in to see him. Choi tells Boden they are hoping he wakes up soon to decide what to do. Dawson and Brett watch kids playing in the waiting room.

They talk about how Brett imagined her life with Antonio when she thought she was pregnant. Kidd is okay and wants to work at Molly’s while they hold the fundraiser for Otis. She steps toward Severide but he gets pulled aside by Boden. The insubordination is not going to fly. Boden asks what was in his head and Severide tells him. “I can’t go through this again.”

There’s a ruckus in the waiting room. All the guns and ammo were in the house legally. The cops can’t charge the kid. Cruz yells after him that he has blood on his hands. The next day, Otis wakes up. He’s in pain and concerned about Kidd. Cruz calms him down. Molly’s is packed for the fundraiser. Brett tells Dawson she doesn’t want to be casual with Antonio.

She wants something more and she’s nervous to tell him. Kidd talks to Severide about rescheduling their Milwaukee trip. He’s distant with her. Brett heads out and bumps into Antonio. He tells her that someone at the district set him up on a blind date. Cruz is at the hospital chapel. He talks to the father that was pulled from the fire.

At the start of next shift, Severide apologizes to Boden because his insubordination was never about disrespect. Boden tells him that his strength is something to be proud of. As Severide heads out, Grissom and another chief come in. They can’t save the spot on 81 indefinitely so they have a list of floaters to take the spot.

Everyone is assembled for the regular meeting. Boden updates them on Otis. He’s heading into surgery. Also the mother succumbed to her injuries. Cruz wants charges to be pressed but Boden tells him it’s up to CPD. They should let go of their anger. As he wraps up, the alarm sounds. It’s the same house.

They get there but it’s not a fire. The teen is trying to kill himself in the garage. Cruz manages to get inside and pull him out. Dawson and Brett are able to bring him back and Cruz talks to him. He screwed up but he owes it to his dad to stick around. Cruz has an alert chime. Otis is getting out or surgery. He asks to get out early but Boden tells him everyone is going.

Lily tells them that Otis made it through. They go in to see him. Casey talks to Severide about his feelings for Kidd. Just because he doesn’t want them, doesn’t mean they will go away. Lily and Cruz are with Otis when Choi comes in to check him. Choi is messing with Otis’ feet and then leaves in a hurry. They’re sure it’s nothing though.

Dawson finds Brett cleaning her locker and asks what she’s up to. Brett says that nothing has changed since before she took the test. She wants to focus on herself. Dawson applauds it. Kidd is at Molly’s alone when Severide comes in. He asks her to get food and then turns to leave. She confronts him on being dodgy and asks what he’s feeling. He kisses her.

I mean, Otis is at least partially paralyzed right? That’s what that was? Also, are Severide and Kidd going to get together now? Because with them together and Antonio and Brett not, it’s time for another Dawson/Casey fight. This whole replacement on truck thing isn’t going to work out either.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace, episode nine

July 15, 1997 in Miami Beach. Andrew is walking down the street. He passes a few cops before getting to the gates of Gianni’s mansion. He crosses the street and shoots Gianni. That night Andrew is still in town. He breaks into a houseboat and pops open some champagne to watch the news coverage about the murder. He finds out that he’s a suspect.

He takes his champagne to the balcony and watches helicopters and listens to the sirens. In Tampa, Lee Miglin’s widow has a knock on her door. It’s the FBI. They tell her that her husband’s murder is linked to Versace’s. She’s pissed. It’s been two months. How have they not caught him yet? She asks where he is now and they tell her Andrew evaded capture.

They don’t think it’s safe that she stay in Florida and have a flight waiting for her. She isn’t willing to miss a broadcast though. She goes to the studio. Andrew wakes up the next day to coverage about himself. He sees Mrs. Miglin on the news as well before getting dressed and heading out. He goes downtown and steals a purse to get some car keys.

As he drives out of the city, he hits traffic because of a road block. Cops are searching cars. He turns around and barks a few blocks away. He’s going over a map when an older man finds him. Andrew asks for directions but the guy tells him that all the roads off the island are blocked. Andrew takes off pretty quick after that. He ditches the car.

Andrew’s mother is watching the coverage as well when agents show up at her door. Andrew goes back to the houseboat he was in the night before to regroup. His friend gets picked up by the FBI and questioned about Andrew’s whereabouts. He talks about how the gays usually play by the books and stay quiet. Andrew isn’t like that though.

He’s not hiding. He wants to be seen. Andrew hears to the marina and breaks onto a boat. He’s reading a map when he hears someone yelling. He ducks into the bathroom and pulls out his gun. The woman is aboard the boat checking. She pushes on the bathroom door and he slams it shut. She runs away.

Once she’s gone, Andrew gets off the boat and heads back to the houseboat. With his binoculars, he sees that the FBI is talking to the woman in the marina. He hears Lizzie make a plea for him to surrender on tv. News coverage is wall to wall. They are talking about Jeff and David and how Andrew was linked to them.

David’s father is interviewed. He is adamant that David was a good man. Andrew is running out of options. He’s out of food and starts picking through his own garbage. It yields nothing so he turns to dog food. He can’t keep it down though. He turns to the tv and Mrs. Miglin is talking about how rough it was growing up after her father died.

It’s a touching story. Afterward, Andrew goes to a pay phone and calls Modesto in the Philippines. It seems that he has been doing quite a few phone interviews, and charging for them. He tells Andrew he will fly back and help him escape. Modesto asks for the particulars on where Andrew is, then tells him to pack and meet him in the same spot the next night.

Andrew goes back to the houseboat and does just that. The next night, Andrew is getting ready to head out. He walks outside and then goes back in and hears his father. He’s doing an interview on tv and lying through the whole thing. He never flew to the States. Andrew is pissed. He shoots the tv.

July 22. The day of Gianni’s funeral. Donatella and Antonio talk about being heartbroken. She asks him what he plans to do. He wants to stay in one of the houses to be close to Gianni but the board owns them. She tells him to go to Lake Como for a while and then start fresh. There’s nothing she can do. Andrew can stomach the dog food now.

He’s got facial hair and catches a cockroach under a glass. He’s examining it when he hears the news. It’s coverage of Gianni’s funeral. Andrew hooks it up to a projector and watches it. At the funeral, Antonio is left out of the list of loved ones left behind. He’s upset. Andrew shaves his head. A man gets a call tipping him off about a burglary at a houseboat.

The guy goes to investigate. He announces himself and says that he’s armed. When he gets to the living room, a shot is fired at him. He takes off. Andrew sees on the news that police are swarming the houseboat. He stays holed up inside. Cops know so they cut the power. Andrew puts the gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger.

Years earlier, Andrew and Gianni are on stage. Andrew talks about being inspired and working for Gianni. He leans in and kisses him. Gianni shuts him down though. He tells him that it’s not because he’s not interested but because he has other things to do. The cops find Andrew’s body.

Marilyn Miglin finds out Andrew is dead. She’s not upset about it. She tells someone about all the letters that she has gotten about Lee since his death. The letters keep him alive. Donatella is beating herself up because she ignored the last call she got from Gianni. They had talked earlier in the day and she was annoyed with him so when he called back she ignored it.

Antonio pours a whole bottle of pills onto a plate. Donatella leaves the house in the rain. Antonio swallows all the pills and starts drinking wine to wash them down. Donatella gets to her house and lights candles for Gianni. The nameplate is put at a gravesite. A maid finds Antonio. He’s still alive. Donatella cries. The nameplate is for Andrew.

I don’t know why but I really expected this to be a lot more about Versace and not like… a profile of Andrew’s crimes. I don’t know. There was never really a payoff on this. Why was he doing this? Was he sick? What came next? I liked it but it’s not what I expected.

Chicago PD, episode eighteen

Voight checks in with Olinsky. They are calling for a grand jury and Voight tells him if they go any further he’ll turn himself in. Olinsky tells him he knew what he was signing up for. Antonio is undercover with a gang and they have a buy going down. The whole unit is on the scene when there is a shooting before they can move in.

The guy Antonio is with takes off. The others find a body and a fresh trail of blood. They follow it and find another wounded guy. He recognizes Upton before he dies. Turns out it was a distribution crew she was under with a few years back. Leader is out on parole and Upton thinks he’s involved.

They go over the shooting and Voight trusts Upton. They start surveillance on the leader, Booth after that. They need eyes inside though so Upton suggests dusting off her old cover. Voight asks a few questions but she has answers. She’s game to go so Voight lets her. She makes contact at the victim’s funeral.

Upton just chats with Booth at first and then pitches a buy. He claims he’s clean though. They are back to the drawing board until Antonio points out the link between his gang guy and Booth. They have to get rid of his guy so they fake a drive-by to scare him off. It works. Upton gets to her undercover digs to find Booth waiting.

At first they just catch up but then Booth is willing to do business. Upton has to run a package for him. After she wants to arrange a meet with Booth and her dealer friend. He says he’ll think about it. Halstead know something is up and talks to Upton’s old case officer. Guy isn’t willing to talk but Halstead pushes. He finds out something and calls Upton in.

She rushes in to talk and finds him looking at pictures of her beat down. He confronts her and gets her to tell him what happened. Before the bust, she was with him when he was drunk. She tried for a name but he had other ideas. She tells Halstead she has a handle on it but he isn’t willing to take that. She opts to just put a camera in his office before pulling back.

They go to his paint warehouse and she goes to see him in his office. He’s not around so she ducks in and puts up a camera, almost getting caught in the process. Booth is not happy and gets in her face but she handles it. Halstead calls to run interference and it works. They end with a meet for later that night at the warehouse.

Booth brings Halstead down to the basement to talk alone. Booth starts asking questions but Halstead has answers. Then he gets personal about Upton and Halstead deflects. Booth calls the deal off. Back at the district, Halstead tells Upton and Voight that he thinks Booth has a for Upton. Voight calls the op off. They have the day to clear out.

Upton goes off book and meets with Booth. Halstead knows something is up and moves in with money to the rescue. It works. They get a buy set. Halstead goes to tell Voight. They are full speed ahead. The meet is on and the exchange is set when Booth decides it’s time to “check for wires.” Upton can’t get away and Halstead wants to intervene.

It looks like he’s reaching for a gun so Booth’s nephew yells. Booth turns to Halstead and Upton swipes his gun, takes him down and shoots the nephew. Booth makes a run for it but she gives chase. They end up in a fistfight in the stairwell. She gets the upper hand and has a gun on him when Halstead finds them. He talks her down before taking booth into custody.

Halstead swings by that night to check on Upton. She tells him about the partner that got killed during the first op. She loved him. She’s not feeling very social either.

I feel bad for Upton but at the same time she’s very like… moral high ground with Halstead all the time and that annoys me. I’m glad that she and Halstead had a focused episode but this season still just feels like it’s bouncing all over the place. Is Antonio still under with the gang? When will the grand jury be? So many questions.

Designated Survivor, episode fourteen

Kirkman is meeting with potential VPs. He isn’t sold on any of them but there’s an article coming. He needs to pick someone now. Lyor’s assistant asks for the chance to see her father since it’s his birthday. Lyor gives her a few hours. Kirkman meets with Trey. Turns out his brother is moving to DC. He got fired.

Emily and Lyor go to see the Japanese finance minister about a loan extension. Lyor gets a bit snarky with him in the process. As they leave, Emily reprimands him. While they are in the elevator, her cell loses signal and then the elevator stops. It’s stuck. Chuck has been studying the hack. No progress yet though, he tells Hannah.

As they talk he loses signal on Damian’s ankle bracelet. The power drops and then the generator kicks in. Hannah goes running to check the safehouse. Kirkman and Trey are eating when the outage hits the White House. Mike updates Kirkman. It’s city-wide. Kirkman heads to handle it and sends Trey to sit with his daughter.

Hannah gets to the safehouse. An agent is down and Damian is gone. Aaron updates Kirkman. Seems like a cyber attack. Seth wants to know what to tell the press. Kirkman tells him to stall. Aaron wants to see a statement before he makes it. Seth ducks in to leave Emily a note and finds a fancy book with a label for him. He freaks out, assuming it’s an anniversary gift.

Aaron checks in with Chuck and Hannah. He’s blaming Damian for the hack. Chuck manages to track the car he stole. He’s at the Russian embassy. Kirkman meets with the mayor of DC. She’s worried about unrest since the city is already on the brink. Japan sent a message. They aren’t going to give them an extension.

Kendra will try to delay the market opening but they need a plan. Hannah checks in with Chuck. It’s quiet until he gets a read on Damian. Hannah follows up and finds Damian killing a man. She takes him into custody and checks the body. Dude has her address in his pocket. He was going to kill her. Damian stopped it.

Trey is holding down the domestic fort when Kirkman checks in. Next stop is a check in with Seth. He isn’t saying much to the press and there are now violent acts taking place in the streets. Emily and Lyor are still stuck. They are just banging on the door screaming. Aaron and Kirkman discuss DC. They have no choice but to mobilize the national guard.

They tell the mayor that this is their plan and she tries to stop it. Kirkman tells her it’s too late. Hannah and Aaron question Damian. The Russian dignitary Hannah met with put the hit out on her for personal reasons and they aren’t behind the hack. That’s all he’s giving them. Kirkman is now worried about Emily and Lyor. Speaking of, they have a heart-to-heart in the elevator.

Kendra finds Seth buying Emily nutrition bars for an anniversary gift. She tells him that he should just do something from the heart. Kirkman sees that the mayor is pulling back the police in the city. He is livid and goes to see her. They argue about working together and she gets an hour to try her plan.

Chuck has a new plan. Reboot the power grid. He explains to Aaron and gets a satellite phone to try and implement it. Kirkman gets the Japanese minister in to talk. Trey beat him to the punch though. He knew the minister going way back and he trusts him. They got the extension. Kirkman goes to see the mayor.

Her plan isn’t working but Kirkman has a new idea. They head into the dangerous neighborhoods to stump and help out. It seems to work. Lyor and Emily continue to talk in the elevator. That’s when the power comes back. They are thrilled. Kirkman and the mayor hug it out in front of the cameras. Everyone back at the White House is impressed.

Kirkman holds a press conference. He’s got a VP candidate. The mayor. Seth and Emily watch on TV. That’s when he gives her the gift he got her. It’s a bunch of stuff they missed because they worked. They kiss and then she takes his hand and leads him out of his office. Kirkman has Trey brought into the Oval. They talk about having each other’s backs.

Hannah meets with the Russian agent again. She confronts the woman about the hit and Damian. If it happens again Hannah will come after her. And she won’t miss.

I want Chuck and Aaron to be best friends. I think that would be good. Also, was the book for Seth from Emily? I kind of thought it was from the assistant. Maybe I missed something. Also, Trey getting involved could have failed miserably.

The Good Doctor, episode seventeen

Murphy is leaving for work when he finds a gift from his buddy Kenny. It’s milk for being there for him. At the hospital, Andrews, Murphy and Park are talking to a new patient. A girl with nerve issues that limit facial expressions. It’s a risky surgery but she wants it. Murphy doesn’t understand her decision but Andrews talks to her father. It’s all systems go.

Melendez, Browne and Reznick have a patient that is a repeat customer. She has an infection because she didn’t fill her prescription. Glassman is buying his lunch when Murphy comes in. They make awkward small talk because Murphy doesn’t believe Glassman likes him. Murphy ends up with the patient and talks about not understanding her desire for surgery.

Browne and Reznick argue about their patient and having crappy parents. They get back and see that the woman pulled a runner. Andrews has words with Murphy because he talked the patient out of surgery. He wants to fix that. Kalu gets a patient. It’s the fire victim he saved. It’s time for her to get her fish skin taken off. She’s nervous but he sets her at ease.

Andrews talks to the patient but she tells him that she is not interested in the surgery. They step and discuss her inspirational speech. Something’s up. They go back in and realize that she knows her costly surgery won’t be covered by insurance. Her dad tries to tell her its okay but she isn’t willing to risk it.

Turns out Reznick and Browne can find their patient in the waiting room and they head over and call her name. A different woman approaches though. She had her cards stolen months ago and never got her insurance card replaced. She can’t get her prescription because the other woman has been. They have to find a way to help her.

At the gym, Andrews confronts an insurance guy about the girl’s surgery. It gets ugly. Browne and Reznick talk to Melendez about the situation. They will have to go through all of her medical records to prove her identity. Murphy tries to play matchmaker with Glassman and the lady in the cafeteria. It’s embarrassing for Glassman.

It seems Andrews was a success. He bullied the insurance company into paying a portion of surgery. It’s enough to get the girl to agree to the surgery. Reznick and Browne give the woman a prescription labeled Jane Doe. As she leaves, the imposter comes back in an ambulance. They start treatment and go to Glassman. Once she is stable, they will report her.

Surgery seems successful for the girl. Her facial reflexes work. Kalu chats with his patient about having everything slip through his fingers. Browne talks to their patient. She knows she is busted but claims she hasn’t been getting the prescriptions. Browne looks into the real one and sees that she has a history with prescriptions. They both lied.

Murphy checks on the girl. She’s not waking up or breathing on her own yet. Something is wrong. He goes over it with Andrews and Park. He asks Andrews if he feels bad. The imposter crashed. Melendez orders tests. He’s aware they are out-of-pocket. Glassman and his lady friend are trying to make stilted conversation.

Just when they decide to go their separate ways, there is an accident outside. They both start talking about cars. Maybe this can be salvaged after all. Murphy creeps up on Kalu to research smiles. He volunteers to have a personal conversation. Kalu spills his heart and Murphy tells him to call in sick.

Park, Andrews and Murphy have to tell the father that the tests came back clean. They think his daughter is brain-dead. They keep talking but Park heads out. He thinks there might be a deficiency causing this. They aren’t going to tell the father though. Browne tells the patient that her organs are shutting down. She gets the woman’s real name.

Seems like Park was right. The girl is going to be just fine. The real Julia comes in and Reznick confronts her about her problem. Andrews, Murphy and Park are there when the girl wakes up. Things are looking up. Aoki tells Andrews that she heard from the insurance guy. His behavior was very presidential. He’s not happy though. He almost killed the girl.

Kalu transfers care of his patient to Murphy so he can date her. He does have a friend after all. Browne and Reznick talk about respect as their patient dies. Kalu gets his acceptance letter from Denver. Murphy goes to Kenny’s and finds that he has company and Murphy’s tv and he swipes the pizza Murphy bought. There’s no room for Murphy though.

He notes that Murphy has a few “quirks” and doesn’t fit in. Glassman is out to eat with the woman from the cafeteria. They are having a great time and he invites her to a car show in Seattle. She’s interested. When the waitress comes back, Glassman blanks. He can’t think of the word check and melts down.

I really liked that Kalu went with Murphy’s advice. I like them being buddies. I don’t know how I feel about Park. It seemed like Andrews wasn’t thrilled about looking presidential. I’m surprised that they seem to be killing Glassman off but it makes sense because of the impact on Murphy. I feel bad about the Kenny situation.

Chicago Med, episode twelve

Bekker is at Rhodes’ place. She’s looking to get drinks that night be he awkwardly tells her he has other plans. As Manning and Choi leave the night shift, they run into April. She asks Choi about meeting up with his sister but he puts it off. They make plans for later and he heads out. He sees Manning talking to one of the street kids.

Her friend is sick and nine months pregnant. They get some gear and go out to treat her. She has a fever and an infection. Her water also broke two days prior. Charles asks Reese about dinner with her father and tells her to trust her instincts. Rhodes and Bekker get a little boy with a collapsed lung. Rhodes as treated him before and goes ahead with an intense treatment.

April is treating a man that is coughing up blood. He fell unconscious earlier in the day at work. He just wants to leave but Halstead talks him into sticking around for a bit. Reese’s father is at the hospital to get tests from Rhodes. Charles asks him to do a head workup to just to be safe. Things aren’t improving on the streets so Choi is ready to induce labor.

Manning is opposed and Choi tells her that she can sit this one out if she wants. She sticks around. Bekker updates the family. They found lungs for the little boy but he’s in trouble while they wait. Halstead tells his patient that he might have cancer but it’s treatable. The guy isn’t interested though. He gives it to Halstead bluntly. He’s a pedophile and wants to die.

Choi is ready to deliver but Manning is still pushing for them to go to the hospital. The other teens gathered clue her in on the foster care system and she relents. She heads for the hospital to get antibiotics. Legal talks to Goodwin about Maggie turning away patients with no insurance. The little boy is doing worse. Rhodes and Bekker still don’t agree on treatment.

The kids parents agree with Rhodes because they know him. April asks Halstead what the plan is. He wants to put the man on a psych hold and save him. April doesn’t agree with that and Reese doesn’t know enough to put him on a hold. The little boy crashes. Bekker was right but Rhodes won’t listen to reason.

Reese goes to Charles for advice. He says treat the guy. Halstead sees Manning and asks what she’s up to. She explains that she will tell him later and grabs some medication before heading back out. Goodwin and Maggie confront the ambulance driver that made the claims. The little boy’s parents talk to Bekker about treatment and whether they made the right call.

She assures them that they tried their best and that’s all they can ask for. The pedophile has an obstructed airway. He wants them to let him die but Halstead won’t. Rhodes gets the tests back on Robert. He consults neuro and finds out that Robert has the brain activity of a psychopath. Reese wants to reason with the pedophile. She asks Halstead why he is doing this.

He tells her it’s not his job to judge. The little boy is struggling but the transplant lungs are close. Bekker figures out the problem. It’s with the treatment machine itself. They fix it and the little boy rebounds. It’s time for the transplant. Choi and Manning deliver the baby in the streets with complications.

The transplant surgery starts. Rhodes has Bekker take the lead. Goodwin has the driver break room disassembled. They didn’t realize what they were encouraging. Reese and Halstead talk to the pedophile. He tells them that he can’t overcome this. He sees the cancer as a reward, a way out.

Charles has a session with Robert. He wants him to come clean to Reese. The teen mother is having a moment with her baby. Choi tells her it’s time to go in to the hospital but she doesn’t want to go. She doesn’t want the baby stuck in the foster system with her. She stays and sends the baby in alone to get adopted.

Goodwin talks to legal about the pizza room. Legal tells her that’s not an option. It’s making them a lot of money. The pedophile crashes and Halstead tries to save him but the guy doesn’t want it. Halstead holds his hand as he goes. Rhodes checks in on the little boy. He’s doing better. He talks to Bekker and tells her that he canceled his plans.

She tells him that the night before was a mistake. Manning and Choi get back to the hospital and hand off the baby. She walks over and tries to talk to Halstead but he’s not in the mood to talk. Choi tells April he needs a raincheck on dinner. Reese tells Charles that her father told her about his diagnosis.

Reese explains that her father told her to prevent abandonment issues because he only just came back. He’s still playing her. Charles pushes but Reese doesn’t know anything more. Choi goes to visit his sister. It’s been a while but they are going to talk.

I’m so glad the little boy is okay. I also think that Charles should just come clean to Reese about her father. It’s only going to blow up in his face when she finds out. Also, Bekker is right. She shouldn’t get involved with Rhodes but she probably will.

Good Girls, episode four

Beth gets home and she’s putting away groceries and talking to her son about money when her daughter interrupts. There’s a man in her bed. Beth takes a bat and goes to investigate. There’s a bloody guy in the bed. Ruby is at work when some teenage boy tries to make her feel ashamed. She turns it around and makes him feel like crap.

Annie is at home trying to hurry Sadie out the door. Her daughter won’t leave though. She’s being bullied for not being very feminine. Annie tells her they will get her some belts. She gets a call from Beth. She’s rounding up the troops to deal with the bloody guy. Ruby is not happy about being dragged back into it but they swipe the guy’s gun and phone.

They put the pieces together and use his phone to call Rio. He tells them that they don’t get to pick and choose their jobs. He’ll pay them to keep and eye on this guy until he comes back for him. It’s a lot of money so they agree. Boomer goes to the feds but they don’t take him seriously. Ruby complains to Stan about the kid at the diner.

The kid might sue. Stan tells her to suck it up because they need the money. After dinner, she heads to Beth’s house. The guy is still out and they talk about how to wake him. A thump upstairs solves that problem. Dude is up and grabbed his gun. He doesn’t care what they are up to. He swipes Beth’s keys and leaves.

With nothing else to do, the women head downstairs and have a drink. That’s when Dean brings the kids home and guess what, he told their son that he could have an elaborate expensive birthday party. Beth is pissed. Dean goes a step further and says that all their son wants as a gift is for them to get back together.

All three women head to the store to shop bargain deals for the party. As they get ready to check out the clerk mentions their return policy. Lightbulb moment. Buy the stuff for an awesome party, use it the once and then return it. As they start to check out for real Annie gets called to Sadie’s school.

Gregg is there. Sadie punched someone which relieves Annie. She explains what has been happening to Gregg and implores him not to tell the school. Ruby is at work trying to swallow her pride but the kid’s mom is just as bad as him. Ruby goes off and ends up losing her job. Boomer crashes the birthday party.

He’s brought a cake and feels bad about his part in what happened. Annie kicks him out but before he goes he starts asking people about how much the party costs. It’s cake time and that’s when Rio turns up to get his guy. Beth tells him the guy left and Rio tells her off for failing at her job. On his way out, Rio runs into Boomer who recognizes him.

Beth is exhausted and over it when Dean starts questioning her about Rio. She tells him to leave and starts to call the kids in. Dean wants to talk and keeps pushing until she snaps at him. Then her blurts out that he has cancer. Beth cries to Annie about everything. Annie tells her they will pull through and that she will handle returning all the party stuff.

She goes outside to get the paper just as the other dude brings the car back. He tells her he owes them one and she collects. She brings him to Sadie’s school to scare the bullies. It works. Boomer goes back to the feds, this time with a picture of Rio. The agent tells him to text him the picture. He goes inside and hold his phone up to the case board. Rio is all over.

Annie tells Gregg about how she handled the bully and at first he’s amused but then things take a turn. The two of them end up at odds again. Ruby is in a heading out in the morning. She tells Stan that she picked up some extra shifts. Really they meet with Rio and propose a money laundering scheme. He agrees.

Dean is back in the house. Beth will go to the doctor with him the following week. The doorbell rings. It’s the federal agent. He wants to talk to Beth.

I feel like just when this show starts to be a little okay, they make it nuts again. Now the cheating estranged husband has cancer so he’s a sympathetic sort? I don’t like it. I also don’t like Ruby lying to Stan but I get why she did it. Sadie would be eaten alive by nuns in a Catholic school. That’d be a bad fit.