Great News, episode twelve

Katie is in the elevator when Carol gets in. They both think the separation will be good for them though Carol is still naggy about Greg. Katie gets to the office and goes to see Greg. She tells him that she is cool and doesn’t need an answer anytime soon. He thanks her because he’s been stressing about this “complicated” situation and about the lawsuit.

Carol gets to the morning show but taping is over. She will be cleaning up wine stains while the pitch meeting takes place. She wants the fast track but a higher up tells her to stay in her lane. Katie and Greg meet with their attorney. He tells them to steer clear of the billionaire.

This doesn’t sit well with Katie’s journalistic integrity but the only person even remotely on her side is Chuck and he’s suspended. He tries to help her dig deep investigatively but his contacts are a bit outdated.

With Chuck suspended, Portia has to host the show alone. She needs some work which stress Katie but Greg is cool as a cucumber because he doesn’t have to do anything at the moment. Carol crashes the pitch meeting and the hosts love her. They want to put her on the show.

Chuck gets back to Katie’s office after a day of research. He thinks he has a lead. It’s not. He’s just a crazy old man but his proof may actually be evidence of something else. Katie thinks the billionaire shot his old business partner.

She takes it to Greg but he wants to think it over. He needs time, much like he needs time to think about being in a relationship with Katie. She starts to make that comparison but they get interrupted by Carol. She comes to tell them about her new on air gig.

Katie goes back and watches the video. She sees that they are making fun of her and goes to tell Carol. Naturally Carol is offended and just thinks Katie is trying to destroy her success. She turns it around and brings up Greg again. Katie goes and confronts him.

They get interrupted again though because Chuck is about to go Facebook live. He’s locked in his office so they try to talk to him through the door. It’s no use and they are left with one option. Carol. She’s on the air though.

She realizes Katie was right and that they are making a mockery of her. She says that she has to stand up for herself like her heroes, including Chuck. Katie has Justin patch the feed into Chuck’s office. It works. He doesn’t do the livestream. Carol quits and everyone is excited. They think she’s coming back. She’s not though. She wasn’t respected there either so she’s done.

I loved the Portia part where she thinks she is having a million dollar idea but it’s just newspapers. I don’t care much about Katie but I feel bad about the way Greg is treating her. Make a decision dude. I’m glad she stood up for herself.


Saturday Night Live, episode eleven

I feel like I’ve seen Chastain in tons of things but I can’t think of any. The Martian? Was she in that?

Cold open: I chuckled at parts of this but overall it was just kind of meh.

Monologue: I mean, she was fine but McKinnon’s face was the best part of this.

Car Hunk: They do these a lot. It’s never all that funny.

Fresh Prince: This took a turn. I didn’t expect it at all but I did laugh.

Google Talks: The funniest part of this was the jabs at standing desks.

Does it Even Matter?: I wasn’t that into this but then when they stopped being the characters I kind of loved it.

First song: I mean it sounded good but it was quiet.

Weekend Update: This was amusing at parts. Cecily was great and McKinnon for always. The princes were not all that exciting.

Amazon: I liked this but didn’t actually laugh much.

Mexican restaurant: Nope.

Chad: Nah.

Second song: Sounded pretty good but again could’ve been louder.

Movie set: This episode just totally fell off. I like Leslie Jones though.

This episode wasn’t great. Will Ferrell is next week. Hopefully some other old cast members turn up. That’s always fun.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode nine

Cops are checking out the scene where Laurel was. They need to close the area off. Annalise is chasing Laurel and the baby through the hospital. Doctors take her into the OR. Micheala and Connor are freaking out on the phone.

Annalise calls Connor while he’s still on the phone so Michaela wants him to get her help for Asher. Connor tells her what happened and he then gets sent to recruit Nate. Bonnie happens to be there as well. Asher is locked up yelling about a call to his lawyer.

Frank turns up at the hospital and Annalise yells at him. The doctor walks by and they ambush him to get an update. He won’t tell them anything so Frank says he is the baby’s father. That gets them into the NICU until child services pulls them back out for questioning.

They paint a picture of Laurel using drugs and wanting to harm herself and the baby. Annalise goes all lawyer on them when she seems Laurel’s dad get escorted back. She’s apparently on a psych hold and a paternity test was run without her consent. Annalise gets a tox screen result.

There was coke in her system so her father is suing her for the baby. Connor leaves a message for Michaela about the Laurel. She’s a little preoccupied though. Her and Oliver have to give statements to the police. Asher also is freaking out. He tells Nate what he told police.

Annalise called Isaac to get her own psych evaluation. He’s not convinced so she threatens to file a suit for malpractice. Michaela has to get away. She gets in the elevator and thinks she is home free but at the last second someone stops the door. It’s Tegan asking about her ID card. Michaela plays dumb but Tegan tells her she isn’t that good of a liar.

Laurel wakes up. Frank and Isaac are in the room. She starts freaking out about the baby, moreso when Frank tells her that her dad is there. Isaac tries to call Annalise. She doesn’t answer. She’s busy trying to get Isaac cleared. That’s when she finds out the hospital is transferring the baby under Mr. Castillo’s authority.

Michaela shows up at the hospital alone and Connor freaks out because she left Oliver to fend for himself. He tells Michaela this is all her fault. Nurses have to give Laurel something to calm her down. Annalise freaks out and tries to reason with Laurel’s dad. It’s pointless. She yells that he will hurt the baby.

The hospital rep yells at Isaac because he doesn’t have credentials. He tells her to ask Annalise. Everyone is scatters and doesn’t know what to do. Isaac sees someone near the nursery. He thinks it is Annalise but it’s Michaela. She’s melting down too.

Bonnie shows up at the office and talks to Oliver. Michaela has questions and Isaac tries to answer them. She ends up providing him with more information than he does her. Connor gets to the office and yells at a cop but it’s Bonnie that releases Oliver. She reunites him and Connor.

Annalise talks to Laurel about losing the battle but winning the war. Laurel doesn’t listen though. She’s unfit to be a mother. She reveals that Dominic tried to warn her the night before but it was no use.

Connor and Oliver get to the hospital and catch up with Michaela. They still don’t know much and they haven’t heard from Asher yet. They don’t know where Laurel’s bag, or the hard drive, is. Someone does though. Bonnie. She walks into Laurel’s room and gives it to her. The drive is gone though and it wasn’t logged as evidence.

Frank thinks Castillo has it. Everyone is pointing fingers. Annalise knows Castillo doesn’t though. He thinks they do and the baby is leverage. Bonnie and her bosses talk about the case and that’s how she gets them to let Asher go. It’s a conflict of interest.

Isaac thinks the psych hold might be warranted but Annalise lashes out. They argue and she makes a below the belt comment about his dead daughter. Bonnie’s plan worked. Asher is out and he comes bearing news. Simon is still alive. Oliver is pleased but the others are not. This will only cause more trouble for them and that’s not something Oliver can deal with.

Dominick is after Oliver but Frank intervenes. He kidnaps and beats him. Meanwhile, Laurel thinks Dominick is the answer. She thinks he will help so she calls him, despite Frank telling her not to. She does and his phone rings in Frank’s pocket. Dominick didn’t talk so Frank killed him.

Connor, Asher and Michaela are in the waiting room when Oliver comes back. He tried to visit Simon but couldn’t get in the room. He wants them to promise him they won’t hurt him. Annalise walks over to them and then Frank does too. Laurel is alone in her room looking at a picture of her baby. Frank has more news for Annalise. He went through Dominick’s phone. There wasn’t much. Just a voicemail from Wes saying that he was in trouble.

I forgot that Dominick was Melendez from The Good Doctor. That threw me off. Usually I like Oliver and I absolutely get where he is coming from on the Simon thing but he has no grounds to be indignant with the others. He’s just as bad. Poor Laurel. She’s just stuck in all this.

Will and Grace, episode ten

Jack comes in after church. He’s learned a lot but Jack isn’t all that interested. Will is getting ready for a breakfast with Vince. Grace doesn’t understand how gay men can stay friends with their exes. It’s not that big a deal, Will tells her but when there is a knock on the door he does panic a little bit.

Breakfast is going smoothly. Jack and Grace left and Will and Vince catch up. Vince has news though. He’s getting married. He tells Will he doesn’t have to go though.

Jack and Karen are getting ready to go. She happens to have a monkey for a scavenger hunt. Will is manic and Grace tries to talk him out of going.It seems to work. At the wedding, Jack and Grace talk about just how many cops there are until Jack wanders away to find a hookup.

Karen calls someone to reiterate her intention to win the scavenger hunt. Grace is glad Will didn’t put himself through coming to this. She spoke too soon though because he turns up. He wants closure and wants it from Vince.

Grace tries to talk Will out of it and does all she can to keep him from talking to Vince alone. Jack finds his hookup. A cop. One that has never been with a man before. Jack tries to teach him the ways of the gay world.

Dentures are checked off of Karen’s scavenger hunt list and Jack has a chance to catch up with Vince’s cousin. She introduces him to her husband. It’s the cop Jack just hooked up with. She wants him to have more male friends and suggests they go away together. The husband is very interested but Jack is not.

Vince asks Will to take a photo and Will nitpicks. Vince snaps. That’s why he broke up with Will. Because Will didn’t like him. The wedding moves on and everyone from the gang has thoughts. Will is being hard on himself and Grace feels bad for him. Jack thinks he can turn straight men gay. Karen is focused on the scavenger hunt.

Will and Grace steal the show though as they start to give toasts to each other. Vince finally interrupts them. He tells Will that Grace is right. He deserves love and they had it but it was time for them to move on. Jack also gives an interesting toast.

Karen swipes a cop badge to win her scavenger hunt. Vince is spiralling. He finds Will in the bathroom who assures him that he’s not making a mistake. They talk about how they were good for each other and wish each other all the best. Then they hear a noise. Vince kicks in the stall doors to find… Jack and his cop friend.

I liked Vince. He was one of my favorite characters and I’m a little surprised that this ended with him marrying someone else. I sort of expected him to say nevermind and end up with Will. I liked Karen’s scavenger hunt bit but Grace and Jack were superfluous here.

Chicago Fire, episode nine

Casey wakes up in the middle of the night. Dawson is not in bed. He goes and finds her on the computer still looking for Bria. She even asks about taking the day to keep at it. Kidd will sub on ambo.

At the house Brett notices that something smells rank in the bunk room. Before they can look into it, the alarm sounds. There is a woman stuck in a rotating door. Her foot is trapped under one of the panels. They have to break the door to get her out.

While they pack up, a guy approaches Severide. He recognizes him from the night before. He was in the alley that Severide and Dawson were looking for Bria in. He’s got a lead on where she used to hang in school. Once the kid walks away, Casey approaches. He didn’t know what they were up to the night before.

Now he’s cranky and the bunk room smells worse. He snaps at Otis about cleaning up. Severide gets a call from Dawson. She’s taking a ride to Joliet to see about an aunt. Severide says he will check on his end too. Dawson still hasn’t told Casey. Severide mentions it.

Severide rolls to the market and finds some kids hanging out. They scatter but one drops her phone and comes back. Severide finds out that Bria was looking to go see her dad in a mandatory rehab but she should’ve been back.

The guys are trying to figure out what the smell is in the bunk room. They clear out the beds and keep searching. Casey goes to Boden about working elsewhere to avoid the distraction and gets himself a new office in the process.

Ambo gets a call. On the ride, Kidd and Brett trade tips about ambo. They help a woman who was mixing chemicals in her basement and passed out. They load her in the ambo as hazmat cleans the scene. Kidd checks in with one of the hazmat guys and she stares after him just a little too long.

Mouch thinks the smell is coming from the plumbing. He goes to the pipe room and sends Otis for tools. This won’t end well. Severide goes to see Bria’s dad. He’s beating himself up about Bria not loving him. She left a note on the window though, proof that she cares. Severide tells him to just focus on getting clean.

Dawson finds the aunt. She finds out that Bria’s mother killed herself and the aunt thinks Bria is better off without her father. She reports back to Severide before heading back to the city. At the house, Mouch took apart the plumbing and now can’t get all the pieces back together. Oh and Otis played whistleblower and called HQ about mold.

Brett has a great idea. She calls the hazmat guy to come check over the station. Then her and Kidd argue over who gets dibs. They are both playing for keeps on this one. Casey turns down Boden’s offer of the new office after listening to a voicemail from Dawson and realizing he’s become distant.

Hazmat man turns up and uses a magic wand to find a dead rodent in the room divider. It’s the guinea pig Herrmann’s kid gave the house. He is disappointed. Hazmat man is ready to leave and Kidd gives him a solid handshake goodbye. Brett gets a minute alone and with him and talks up Kidd. He asks for her number.

Casey tells everyone to get the bunk room back together. He goes back into his office but leaves the door cracked open. At Molly’s Otis unveils a painting of the guinea pig and it gets Herrmann mad. He makes Otis, Cruz and Mouch put money in a pitcher to be donated to the humane society.

Kidd has got a date with hazmat guy. She tells Brett and then thinks it might’ve been a setup because Brett pitied her. Brett tells her that’s not the case. They hug it out. Dawson is at the bar telling Casey and Severide all she knows about Bria’s family. She had Antonio look into it. Her phone rings. When she hangs up she’s got to go. There is a teenage Jane Doe at the morgue, with her card.

I’m going to assume that the dead girl is Bria because I really don’t see them dragging this out for another week but I feel like that’s a shame. It also seems like a missed opportunity because that was the perfect setup for a crossover. Is there one this season? I haven’t heard anything. I feel bad for Dawson and I’m not sure what this whole confiding in Severide and Casey gets angsty thing is about. I like that they used hazmat and I figure dude will be around for at least a few episodes.

The Good Place, episode ten

Now that they are on the train is on its way to the bad place, Chidi is having second thoughts. Michael goes over the plan. He gives them disguises. They go over their secret identities and Chidi is falling further and further into the rabbit hole. Eleanor gives him a pep talk while Tahani and Michael try to teach Janet to be a Bad Janet.

They get to hell and Michael has to get pins for the others so they can get through the portal to see the judge. He leaves them in the museum of human misery because he figures they won’t have to interact with anyone. It doesn’t work though because there is actually a party at the museum.

Michael goes to see his boss and tries to get the pins but it’s no use. His boss is up to something. At the party, the gang splits up. Chidi and Jason run into some guys that think they know Chidi and want help with some torture. Eleanor and Tahani send Janet to find out how long this event is lasting.

So Michael’s boss Sean sent an extraction team to get the humans from the medium place. They hope it goes fast so they can get to the museum. They are unveiling a new exhibit, about Michael’s neighborhood.

Eleanor coaches Chidi on how to make a new moral compass for the situation so that they can make it through. Janet finds out what the event is. The extraction operation is a go. Sean, Michael and a few others listen in and find that the humans are not there. Michael makes a run for it.

He gets away but Sean sends everyone out to look for him. Chidi gives torture advice. If it’s a dude that loves to party, give him books. Janet pulls him and Jason away just as the unveiling begins.

It’s animatronic┬áversions of the humans. Michael comes running in with pins, still attached to laundry. He tells them they have to go just as they get recognized. Jason saves the day by doing what he does best, lighting a molotov cocktail. They get away and get to the portal.

As the authorities close in, it becomes apparent that they don’t have enough pins. Michael sacrifices himself to ensure all four of them get through. He tells Eleanor to take care of the others.

This was a great episode. I love Michael though so I’m interested to see what they will do without him. I liked that it was Mr. Kristen Bell as one of the demons and that he hit on her too. That amused me.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace, episode one

July 15, 1997 in Miami. Gianni Versace wakes up and steps outside onto the balcony. Another man is down on the beach. He has a backpack with a book and a gun in it. Versace takes his pills and heads to breakfast. The other guy leaves the beach.

Versace leave his house. He heads down to the beach to buy a few magazines. The other guy throws up in a public bathroom. Versace heads home and while he tries to unlock his gate the other guy comes over and shoots him.

A younger more put together Andrew comes into his friend’s house to tell her that he met Versace. It’s October 1990 in California. Andrew and a friend make their way through a gay club. It’s in the VIP section where he meets Versace for the first time.

In his retelling of the meeting to his friend he doesn’t seem as desperate and awkward as the interaction really was. He also portrays himself as straight which one of his gay friends calls him on. Andrew just tells people what they need to hear, but he does have an opera date with Versace he claims.

Andrew stares into his empty closet. He has nothing to wear to the opera. He goes to someone else’s room that has a full closet. Versace gets the costumes ready. He works for the artists, after all. Andrew’s friend comes home to find him in her husband’s closet wearing his suit. She gives him a watch too.

He goes to the opera, swipes some binoculars and watches the show. Afterward he talks to Versace He makes up a history and tells it to Versace. They have a moment.

1997. Versace is down and bleeding. Andrew contemplates him before walking off with a smile. Someone inside the house hears and runs outside. Andrew takes off. Another man comes out and finds Versace. He yells for help.

After a bit of running, Andrew turns the gun on the guy chasing him. The guy backs off and Andrew gets away. He gets back to his car and does a quick change into different clothes. He is very happy.

Cops turn up and eventually an ambulance. A passerby grabs his Polaroid and takes a picture. Versace is rushed to the hospital and a crowd immediately starts to gather. Andrew runs through the parking garage and manages to get away. Versace is pronounced dead at the hospital.

People at the scene are going nuts. One lady mops up some blood with a magazine ad. Andrew goes to a hotel and cleans up. He sees news coverage of the shooting and starts to smile.

Cops find Andrew’s truck and ID him. The FBI gets involved. Turns out Andrew has killed four other people and he was on their radar. They just hadn’t sent out the flyers yet. They hold a press release.

Versace’s sister Donatella gets to Miami and she draws quiet the crowd. Police start to question his boyfriend Antonio. He is rather shaken up and can’t talk. Donatella comes in and the interview is over. She gives Antonio crap.

Donatella holds a business meeting. The company was Versace’s life and she will keep him alive through it. The family releases a statement saying they don’t know Andrew. A woman sees him on the news and calls the police. She works at a pawn shop. reported him five days before the murder.

She’s pissed but at least this way they get an address. Donatella decides not to go put the company on the stock exchange. Cops talk to the pawn shop lady and get an address. It’s a dead end though. Andrew goes to a newstand and buys several papers.

This went very fast. I’m pleasantly surprised by that.I feel bad for Antonio. I like the way this epsiode was set up with the two timelines and it’s interesting giving the alleged murderer a background story.