Chicago Med, episode one

Goodwin finds Charles outside while another doctor handles the shooter. They rush Charles in and Rhodes takes care of him. Months later, Rhodes gives him a check-up. He seems to be okay and heads out. He’s got to testify in the shooter’s trial.

Reese is running things for psych while he’s out and Maggie is happy to see that Manning is back from her sabbatical. She announces the prodigal to Halstead but the reunion will have to be delayed as a trauma comes in. Husband and wife in a car accident.

Robin is getting released soon so Reese goes over what to expect. Rhodes is on hand too to hear everything. Manning and Halstead chat about their patients and her sabbatical. Noah catches up with Reese on the way out of the hospital. She’s going to hear Charles’ testimony.

She gets there while he is on the stand. Charles testifies that he thinks the shooter is insane and should be found not guilty. Reese confronts Charles about it and they argue. Choi gets a patient. A boy with stomach issues and no insurance.

Rhodes takes Robin home. She’s not interested in lunch though. She just wants to have sex with him and he’s not one the argue. While Halstead is updating his patient, Manning comes in to tell her that her husband has a brain bleed. She’s distraught. Halstead wants to run one more test before she can go see him.

Back at the hospital, Reese complains to Goodwin about Charles’ testimony. Goodwin points out that there is nothing they can do. Choi is treating the pus filled kid with assistance from April and another nurse. Once the kid is stabilized he gives April the easy job and the other nurse grunt work. She makes a comment to April about the fact that she is sleeping with Choi.

Latham has a patient and some interns. They need to find a hear transplant. After that Becker stops him and pilfers a patient from Rhodes with Latham’s permission. She plays him. Rhodes heads to work despite Robin’s attempts to seduce him. He gets to the hospital and sees Reese. He stops her to ask about Robin and she snaps at him.

Once inside, Rhodes finds out that Becker stole the surgery. April talks to Choi about the scuttlebutt of them sleeping together. She doesn’t want to be a cliché. Alarms sound and they rush to see their patient. He’s having a seizure so they take him up for scans.

Manning’s patient dies as she and Halstead try to save him. When they go to tell his wife, Latham requests that they ask for his heart. She grants it. Rhodes confronts Becker about poaching his case but Latham stops him. He’s got a new patient. The heart transplant.

Charles is still at court and finds out there will be a rebuttal witness. Stone brings in Reese to testify. The shooter freaks out. Choi has figured out what’s wrong with the kid. There’s an infection in his brain. April lies to the other nurse about sleeping with Choi.

Rhodes gets a call from Robin. She wants to make sure that they are good. He asks about her meds and she gets defensive. Becker tries to snark with him but he doesn’t engage. Charles gets back to the hospital and fights with Reese about testimony. Goodwin intervenes and tells Charles off for his behavior. She thinks that he is torturing himself for missing the signs.

Manning and Halstead tell the wife that the transplant was a success. She’s having survivor’s guilt because she was fighting with her husband at the time of their accident. She wants to see the heart recipient. They take her and she touches the guy’s chest and apologizes to her husband.

Robin and Charles talk about their respective days and then she talks about her relationship with Rhodes. Halstead and Manning leave the hospital at the same time. They make small talk about their patient. As they part ways, he tells her that he has feels for her and she tells him that she likes him as well. They kiss.

They aren’t going to keep them together. I figure they will get about six episodes before it ends. Rhodes and Robin will break up too. That poor kid with the pus. It was gross though. Also, I loved that the lawyer was Stone. Even though Justice is off, they still bring those people around and I think that’s pretty cool. And why was it Brett but not Dawson?


This is Us, episode nine

Kevin is walking so Rebecca and Jack turn to number two. Kate. It’s her turn to walk. Adult Kate is talking to the baby and taking prenatal vitamins. She talks about the Flintstones and Toby.

Teenage Kate is listening to music when Jack blows a fuse. The dog panics and pees. She goes downstairs and gets some paper towels. Rebecca is prepping the cake for the Penn coach. She mentions the college list that Kate was supposed to make and suggests doing it together. Kate is not interested.

Adult Kate is making a list of questions to ask her doctor while Toby makes a smoothie. She reads the questions out to him and remembers she wanted to tell him about the baby tub that’s on the way. She goes to measure their tub to make sure it’ll fit. She screams for Toby.

They are in the emergency room as the doctor talks about what comes next. She lost the baby but they can try again. The doctor leaves and Kate asks Toby to step out so she can get dressed. She sits there alone and cries.

Back at home, things are quiet. Toby cleans up the smooths and puts away the list of questions. Kate is doing her makeup. She flashes back to the night before. The miscarriage. Toby is watching tv when Kate goes to leave. He’s confused. It’s been 12 hours and she is going to a gig. She heads out.

Rebecca knocks but Kate doesn’t answer. She has music blasting. Rebecca comes in and tries to have a talk about college and keeping her options open. Kate is offended and heads to school. Rebecca snoops and finds Kate’s audition tape for Berklee. She plays it.

At her gig, Kate has a meltdown. Toby goes to the package distribution center and tries to stop the baby bathtub from coming. Kate opts to walk home and stop at a buffet. During Kevin’s football game, Rebecca talks to Kate about her closing herself off and then about the tape. Something happens on the field. Kevin gets hurt. Kate runs to call Jack.

Kate fills her plate. Toby finds the baby bath and gives it to a truck driver. Then he goes to pick up Kate but she’s gone. He starts calling her and then he tries Kevin. Kate gets home and Toby is not there. He also threw out the shower curtain and rod.

Her phone rings. It’s her mother. She tells her that she lost the baby and then hangs up. She tries Kevin but gets no answer. Toby gets home and she gets nasty with him. He stands up for himself though. This might not have happened to him physically but it happened to him too and she should remember that.

The wait is on. Kevin is getting an MRI so Kate and Rebecca have a heart to heart about how they never were quite as close as Rebecca had expected them to be. Jack and Randall get to the hospital.

Morning dawns. Kate slept on the couch and Toby’s out when there’s a knock on the door. She answers it and finds her mother there. They hug and Kate starts to cry. They talk about fault and grief. Rebecca brings up the triplet that she lost. She tells Kate to talk to Toby and then tells her a story about a meltdown she had when they were newborns.

The Pearsons leave the hospital. Toby gets home so Rebecca steps out so that they can have a moment. Kate tells Toby that she feels like she failed him and that she wants to try again. He says they can whenever she’s ready. She gets the shower curtain out of the trash and they hang it back up. Next up. Randall

So Kate had a Buffy poster on her wall as a teen. That was distracting me. I felt bad for Toby but Kate had a point. I think he was more upset about being powerless than he was about the baby.

Supergirl, episode seven

Some deep-sea explorers find a ship. It lights up. Sam can stick her hand in boiling water. M’yrnn still acts like a prisoner so Winn thinks J’onn should take him out into the world. Kara shows up. Winn called for her. He mentions the ship that the explorers found. It’s thousands of years old and alien.

Winn, J’onn and Kara go to investigate and they find Mon-El. They bring him back to the DEO for treatment and have a few questions. He’s fuzzy on the details and Kara is just happy so she kicks them all out of the room. He tries to say something but she just shushes him too.

Sam goes to see an older lady named Patricia. Turns out that’s the woman who adopted her who let her leave while she was still pregnant with Ruby. Sam wants information about her own childhood and the birth mother. Sam tells her about the bulletproof this and Patricia reveals that Sam wasn’t adopted. She found her in a pod.

Kara watches plywood sleeps and chats with James about how dreamy he is. Sam leaves Ruby money for takeout because she is heading out on an amazing journey of self discovery. Winn and Alex send J’onn out for the day with his father.

They go to the park but J’onn is pre-occupied with his phone. M’yrnn tells him off for being so obsessed with work and then ditches him. Plywood wakes up alone and heads to the armory. Supergirl knocks him out and puts him in a cell. She rants at him for giving her hope again. He has nothing to say for himself.

The soul journey leads Sam to drive around in the desert for a while. Winn goes to talk to plywood and he’s all “I have to run away to save Kara” so Winn’s game and they swipe what he needs from the armory and go to the ship.

While they are making repairs, Kara crashes the party and plywood tells her what he’s been up to. It’s been seven years for him and he’s been living on a future earth. Kara is all what did you forget about me and then the pods start messing up and he has to save a girl from drowning in her pod.

He can’t break the glass but Kara can. It’s okay. Random girl is still breathing when they get her out. Sam uses some tech from her own pod out in the desert to activate some sand fortress.

They bring the not drowned girl to the DEO and Alex treats her. Kara asks about her and Plywood is short with her and then walks away. J’onn and M’yrnn have a heart to heart about the beauty in life. They agree to move to an apartment together.

Kara and Plywood talk about how he had to move on. They start to reminisce when Irma interrupts. That’s his wife. Sam explores her sand fortress and gets a hologram. Turns out she’s Kryptonian and she is Reign, the world killer. The fortress zaps her and she screams. When it stops, she’s a bad guy.

So this show is dumb. I miss Maggie. And Lena. And Alex. I have no use for this at all. I didn’t like plywood before and have zero interest in him now. I did like that J’onn got to bond with his father.

The Gifted, episode eight

Mutants use a power similar to Marcos’ to beat the cops many years ago. Present day Reed updates the Strucker family about what they found in the computer files. It might all boil down to his father and the defense contractor he used to work for. He wants to go see him and mentions it to John.

They have to save some refugees first because another base got hit. Lorna and Marcos fight about his cartel involvement. Blink and Sonia are on the same side in the war. Nothing more. When they get to the church where the refugees are hiding out, one mentions that another is having weird thoughts.

John checks it out and it turns out that she has been messed with by Sentinel Services. She fights back and they put her in a cell when they get back. Kate helps the injured folks and makes friends with a telepath named Esme while Reed and John go to see his father in Tennessee.

The fight between to Lorna and Marcos is spilling out into HQ when they have trouble deciding how to handle their hostage. Marcos and Kate want to treat her for withdrawal but Lorna wants to let her burn.

Blink makes friends with a little girl who was in the same foster home that she had been raised in. Reed and John see his father. They argue at first but then Strucker Sr. starts asking after the kids. When he finds out what the kids can do, he feels as though he failed.

At HQ, they knock out the drugged up mutant and treat her. Kate thinks they might be too late and hopes for a deathbed confession. Reed finds out that the kids inherited their mutations from his grandparents. The only family member that isn’t a mutant is him because of antidote he got as a small child. It almost killed him.

They might have an ID on the drugged mutant. She was busted by Sentinel Services. She can’t talk but maybe her mind is still okay. Kate runs to get Esme. Campbell and Sentinel Services roll up to Strucker Sr.’s place. They have Pulse with them so John can’t fight his way out.

Campbell confronts Strucker Sr. and they fight. Strucker won’t let Campbell’s people search the place. Instead he reveals his powers and fights them off. He gets killed for it. Pulse gets killed too but the rest of Sentinel Services gets away. So do Reed and John.

Esme can read the mutants thoughts. They killed her husband and took her baby before she was taken to a lab for experimentation. Blink gets Sonia to help her kid friend forget her bad memories.

John and Reed bury Strucker Sr. and Pulse in the woods. Lorna and Marcos reconcile. Reed gets home to his family. They ask about his father and although he can’t say, Kate knows.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. I like that it involved everyone and didn’t really focus on any one person going off on their own. All the storylines came together. I’m so impressed with this show every week.

Lucifer, episode eight

Lucifer is enjoying a night with Chloe and Trixie. They play Monopoly. He gets home to find Amenadiel there. They fight about him being boring and then he goes to check on Linda. The next morning at the crime scene, Lucifer tries to make himself seem more exciting. The victim was not. She was last heard arguing with the founder of an exclusive dating site.

Ella goes into the lab and finds Charlotte there. The latter wants to know how to be a better person and wants Ella to help. She runs off. Amenadiel gets to Linda’s office and helps her.

So the victim hacked the app. She got one match and that was the night of the murder. They now have a suspect and he’ll be at a mixer at the apps headquarters. Chloe goes undercover and although Lucifer tries to interfere she manages to track down the victim’s date.

He admits that he went out with her. He also admits that he had originally met her when he went on a date with her roommate. He liked the victim better and Chloe gets an idea. Maybe the roommate found out about the date and got mad. She goes through the evidence and finds a potential murder weapon.

Charlotte is still following Ella around. Ella keeps running away and when they finally talk she realizes that the forensic mentor program is a lie and she kicks Charlotte out of the lab. Linda and Amenadiel are trying to plan the memorial service for her ex. She’s distraught but not about his death, about herself. Now that she knows what comes next she is having trouble as a therapist.

Lucifer and Chloe go talk to the glamourous roommate and find out she was faking her fancy lifestyle. He’s upset that he couldn’t figure that out and then ditches Chloe. Amenadiel gives Linda a pep talk.

Chloe tries to figure out if the money that the roommate mentioned was motive for the murder. She talks about it with Ella and Charlotte approaches. She’s tracked the money back to the dating app. The victim was the creator and she hired the attractive guy Mac to play the role so that it would get funding. The money from the app is all hers.

So to get his grove back Lucifer goes to see Mac and finds out that Chloe is there. They find the murder weapon and get the guy. Lucifer goes to see Linda and is happy to find out she is doing better.

Ella is in the lab when Charlotte comes in. They talk about her efforts to be good and she lets Ella know that she took a job in the DAs office. Chloe is home playing Monopoly with Trixie. They talk about the importance of being yourself. Lucifer enjoys the company of a woman in the penthouse.

I was really annoyed with Lucifer during this episode. He tends to butt in at inopportune moments all the time but this episode he was just obnoxious. I couldn’t deal with it. That being said, I loved the scene at the end with him and Linda. The fact that she accepts her new wealth of knowledge and that he cares so much for her is fantastic.

The Punisher, episode ten

Lewis is still on a mission. He kills another guy and then breaks into his apartment. He tries to free the guy’s pet birds but they don’t go. Russo gets questioned by NYPD about an attack on Senator Ori. As far as he’s concerned it was a successful mission because Ori is still alive. The cops are connecting the dots between him and Frank and Lewis. The guy Lewis killed was an employee of Russo’s.

Six hours earlier, Russo is talking to Ori when he gets a call. It’s Frank telling him that Lewis is after Ori. Frank says he’ll handle it. When Russo gets off the phone, he turns and sees Karen.

The cop Mahoney and Ori go over the shooting. His story is that Karen was interviewing him when the room was attacked. There was smoke bombs as Frank and Lewis moved in together. With Frank shooting at him he got away to call for help.

Karen tells Mahoney that that’s bullshit. Frank wouldn’t do that and she knows Mahoney knows that. He investigated the case the first time. Karen tells her story. She met Russo when she came up for the interview.

Lewis gets to the hotel while the interview is taking place. He walks by Dinah in the lobby and takes the stairs. He shoots Russo’s people on his way up. Karen and Ori talk about gun safety while Lewis sets up a bomb to blow the door out.

Ori cowers and begs for his life. Frank saves the day for Ori but not Karen. Instead Lewis takes Karen hostage and the remainder of Russo’s squad shoots at Frank while he runs away. Mahoney shows Dinah the scene. She doesn’t think Frank was involved either. Mahoney wants to know what her deal was.

She tells him that she was at the hotel to “meet a guy.” It was her first day back on the job and she got to the office and met with Rafi. She told him about the bug and the mission that got Stein killed. Rafi has files on all the people who got killed from the opposition. They all worked Russo.

At the hotel, she confronts Russo and he doesn’t tell her much. Then all hell breaks loose at the hotel. She finds Frank and they are in the midst of standoff when Russo storms in guns blazing. He shoots at Frank and then keeps a gun on Dinah while they argue. She figures out that he killed Stein.

After her talk with Mahoney, Dinah talks to Karen. They both know Frank is important and in danger. Dinah wants to protect him. He saved her life. Karen tells her that Frank saved her again.

Lewis took Karen hostage. He took her down to the hotel kitchen where he tried to come up with a plan. Frank comes in and yells at Lewis, helping Karen get away in the meantime. She gets to the other side of the kitchen while Frank locks Lewis in the freezer. He fixes his bomb and blows himself up.

Karen arranges for Frank to take her and then he escapes. She tells Mahoney as much and they laugh about it. Frank ziplines from the roof to another building. He is bloody and battered.

Frank is like Jason Bourne. He just gets destroyed and then walks away. It’s insane. Also, I’m glad that Dinah knows Russo is a bad guy. Is Rafi a bad guy? That’s the big question.

The Punisher, episode nine

Dinah is at home with her mother. She’s taking Stein’s death hard. Her mother tells her to do what will best help her. Frank and Micro are observing her. They want to reach out to her but they only have one shot. As they bicker, they witness explosions.

Lewis is watching about the three explosions on news as he writes a letter. He’s the bomber and he sends the letter to Karen. He believes her to be a champion for the oppressed. If she doesn’t print the letter, he’ll go after the paper. Her boss tells her that he’s going to call the FBI but she can write an editorial.

Frank is not happy about the bombings. He calls that a coward’s way. Rafi visits Dinah and blames her for all the deaths that came at the hands of chasing her ghosts. Frank reads Karen’s editorial and thinks that she’s a bit harsh. She’s on the radio and she talks to the host and a Senator about what’s happened. The show gets a call. It’s Lewis and now he’s after Karen too.

Naturally, Frank freaks out. He yells at Micro until he agrees to try to find Lewis. Curtis heard too and he’s looking for Lewis. He goes to the old man’s place. It smells rank. He’s snooping around when Lewis creeps up behind him.

They talk but it goes nowhere so when Lewis pulls a gun they fight. Lewis ends up beating Curtis with his fake leg. Frank gets an ID and goes after him. Micro tries to get him to call the authorities. While Frank is watching the house, he calls Karen and she says the same thing. He’s doing it his way.

Russo and Dinah talk about survivor’s guilt. She knows that she looks crazy and once someone puts the pieces together, she’s out. Micro calls Frank. He tells him you’ve got to do whatever you can to protect the ones you love. He has info on Lewis and sends Frank to the old guy’s house.

The Senator that was on the radio with Karen is planning a fundraising gala. He needs some security. Enter Russo. They smile and shake hands. Frank gets to the old man’s place and finds Curtis tied to a chair and strapped to a bomb.

Frank looks over the setup and Curtis gets a call. It’s Lewis. He and Frank argue about how this plays out and how they are alike. Frank is not happy with the comparison. Dinah talks to her mother. She’s got to move forward.

Curtis is stuck and Frank can’t figure out how to disarm the bomb. He doesn’t know. He gets another call from Lewis. He talks about how Curtis lost his leg and joining up. He yells at Lewis until he tells him which wire to cut.

He cuts the wire and runs. There’s a bit of a chase but he gets away. Meanwhile, Micro tracks down and talks to Dinah about Kandahar in a bar. There’s something big on the news. They see it and Karen and her editor see it. The world knows that Frank is alive.

Okay so Dinah and Micro and Frank and Karen are going to take down Rawlins? And what about Lewis? Curtis must have told the police about him now right? This show is so bloody.