Waco, episode five

It’s Day 9 and Prince is holding a press conference. People ask about the mood in the compound and the possibility of mass suicide. One reporter asks what he thinks it will take to drive the people inside out. He says a sign from God.

Steve is pissed that the FBI cut the power off. He tells Noesner as much and they talk about making progress after the milk exchange. Noesner goes to his boss about getting the power turned on but they don’t seem to be on the same page.

Rachel rummages through the supplies and finds that someone has been drinking while the others get their breakfast. Michele and Thibodeau talk about their parents. Steve and Wayne have been tasked with fixing a busted generator. They know it’s a foolish errand and that’s when the lights come back on. David comes in and gets the tv on. A judge has declared them all unfit parents.

David is agitated and yells at Noesner on the phone about not believing in God and the idea of good parents. Noesner wants him to send more kids out but David won’t do it. Noesner needs another plan. He goes to see the kids and comes up with one. He films the kids and sends the tape in.

One mother sees her youngest son all alone and calls Noesner. She sent three sons out. Why were they separated? The older two had a different father and he came for the kids. She agrees to come out for the sake of her youngest. David is not happy.

Thibodeau’s mother has been living in her car for the last few nights. David’s mother makes a peace-offering. She has space in her room but Thibodeau’s mother blames her. Michele and Thibodeau talk about her daughter’s birthday. He wants to have a party but she is opposed. David will not give his blessing to the woman who is leaving.

He tells her as much. He also tells her to take another guy with her. The other guy has been drinking and failed a test as a result. Rachel gives the mom a hug and the man and woman leave. David stares at the door. He admits to Judy that God isn’t speaking to him anymore.

Day 17. The FBI rolls in a tank and it trounces their cars and the fence. David takes to the phone and talks to Noesner about the tank. He says they aren’t scared of the government. They will fight fire with fire. Noesner goes to Prince and Rogers. He doesn’t like hearing what the FBI is doing from David.

They argue about what the best strategy is. Noesner is adamant about waiting it out but Prince wants an ultimatum. Noesner won’t do it so Prince calls David and does it himself. He gives them till morning. On Day 18 CBS is covering the standoff. Noesner watches it on tv.

Steve thinks everyone should prepare for another attack but Rachel isn’t sure that that it is the right plan. Thibodeau suggests leaving and Steve says it’ll land them in prison. Thibodeau would take that over death. He thinks they need a lawyer which Judy isn’t sure they would get them.

Noesner goes to see Prince about reconsidering the ultimatum. It makes things worse. He gets his open flow of communication. Prince is moving forward with psych ops. Psychological torture to hopefully drive the folks inside out. Noesner calls David and tells him that his friendly advice would be to come out now. David hears him but he’s not coming out.

Thibodeau gives Michele’s daughter a little cake and a drum key to celebrate her birthday. That’s when the psych ops start. The power is cut and spotlights are turned on the compound as well as jungle sounds. Everyone inside crowds around the windows to see what’s happening.

Morning rolls in on Day 20. Most of the kids are sleeping in the hallway. Thibodeau is watching out the window. Prince holds another press conference. He plays dumb on psych ops. Thibodeau’s mom yells at him about talking to her son and tactics. Michele and her daughter are freezing in bed. Thibodeau brings them water and offers to get another blanket.

Michele stops him to tell him that he’s the best. Wayne and Steve are trying to get the generator running. No luck even though Wayne has taken it apart and put it back together twice. Thibodeau goes to see David. He tells him that he doesn’t want to die in the compound.

David says that he wishes that they had more time. He knows that the way things are going they are all “going home.” Thibodeau asks if he can take Michele and her daughter if he leaves. David tells him that he won’t hold his leaving against him but Michele and his daughter are his. He will protect them. He isn’t letting them leave.

The news reports that the FBI fears a mass suicide. Thibodeau’s mother is out of money for gas. She takes David’s mother up on the offer of space in her room. Steve tapes a message from Thibodeau to his mother. He says on the tape that people are counting on him so he has to see this through.

Another night. More spotlights and noise. The mothers try to help their kids but it’s no use. Day 25 dawns and Noesner goes to plead his case with Rogers. He wants to give the people inside a chance to think straight. Rogers isn’t interested. The whole situation just makes the FBI look weak. Rogers is not about to let that happen.

Wayne gets the generator going. It’s only got about 10 minutes of gas but David knows what he wants to do with it. Steve finds a phone and calls someone on the outside. He says that he knows there has been talk on the news of suicide but if they end up dead and that’s the story, it’s a lie.

Prince tells Rogers to cut the music. David has his generator up and running. He’s got 10 minutes and decides to use them by playing music with his band. He’s sending a message and everyone outside hears it loud and clear.

Thibodeau leaves at some point. He must. He wrote the book that this whole thing is based on. I still don’t understand why Steve is staying inside. He knows what this looks like. It’s so frustrating that Prince and Rogers won’t listen to Noesner. Also I feel bad for Thibodeau’s mom.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace, episode five

June 1995 in Milan. Gianni tells Donatella that he plans to come out in an article in the Advocate. She does not take it well. He thinks it’s his own business but she tells him that it could tank the company. She figures it is Antonio’s fault that he is doing this but Gianna tells her that he was sick and is better now. This is his second chance.

April 1997. San Diego four days before Jeffrey Trail’s murder. Andrew is in a barren room making deals on the phone with American Express just to get to Minneapolis. He gives himself an injection while he’s on hold. After the phone call, he packs up all his stuff. He also has a shrine of sorts to Gianni in the closet.

In Minneapolis, Jeff is working in a factory. He gets a lunch break and talks about his time in the Navy with a co-worker. The guy asks a lot of questions about why he left and it sets Jeff off. He claims that he made the decision to leave. The day progresses and Jeff gets a message that Andrew will see him at the airport.

Jeff goes and David is already there waiting. Jeff knows what’s up. He doesn’t trust Andrew or anything he says and he has no intention of hanging out. This weekend will be a last hoorah and that’s it. Andrew turns up and Jeff is short with him. Apparently Andrew outed Jeff to his family.

Both David and Jeff tell Andrew that they can’t really hang out before heading out. David takes Andrew home with him and Andrew pulls out a watch and proposes. He tells David that he doesn’t need to decide right away but David says no. Andrew tries to talk him into it and tells him to keep the watch anyway.

Meanwhile, Jeff is crashing at his sister’s house. They talk about Andrew trying to control and threaten Jeff. She wants him to just come out to their parents. He’s still hesitant. He just wants to focus on the baby she is having. He can’t wait to be an uncle.

David takes Andrew with him when he goes out with his friend Linda from work. David introduces Andrew as his friend but Andrew isn’t having it. He butts in and calls himself more than a friend. Andrew watches David have fun with Linda.

Later he has a chance to talk to Linda and tells her about his career building movie sets. When David comes back to the table, Andrew whisks him away so they can dance. David knows what’s up though and says no officially to the proposal before leaving.

The next morning, David tries to give the watch back but Andrew is stubborn. David tells him he knows that he has been telling stories but he wants to help Andrew denies it. He heads out as planned to crash at Jeff’s since David has plans. David offers to cancel but Andrew tells him not to. Andrew just wants to know if the plans are with Jeff. David says no.

That night Andrew lurks outside David’s building to watch him go inside with another man. It sort of looks like Jeff. Then Andrew goes back to Jeff’s place. He looks at the pictures hanging and snoops through Jeff’s stuff. He even rummages in his Navy locker. He finds a videotape and watches it.

The tape is a special about gays serving in the military and Jeff anonymously speaks on the special. He talks about the time he saved a gay sailor being what made people suspicious of him. He regrets saving the other sailor. Andrew now has Jeff’s gun. He shoots the tv.

November 1995. Jeff is onboard his ship. He stops a fight in the lower decks between two sailors. One is gay and brushed up against the other. That night he’s asleep in his bunk and hears something. A group of sailors went back after the gay guy. Jeff intervenes again. Then comforts the gay sailor. He’s spotted doing so by a superior officer.

Now the other officer is suspicious. He makes a crack about gays being identified by tattoos to get rid of them. That night, Jeff tries to cut off his own tattoo. He’s called in to see the captain and given a book on dignity and respect. They have a code and a standard to live up to.

He reads the book. The next day he puts on his dress whites and tries to hang himself. He doesn’t go through with it though. He gets off the ship and goes to a gay bar. That’s where he meets Andrew for the first time. He gets scared and tries to leave but Andrew talks him into staying. They have beers and talk. Jeff thanks Andrew for keeping the night from being a humiliation.

During another visit to the bar, Jeff tells Andrew about the idea of being in the tv special about gays in the military. Andrew thinks it is a bad idea. He will be made to look like a criminal while the other side looks dignified in their uniforms. Jeff says he has to do it though.

Gianni goes to a classy hotel. He’s got Antonio with him but he’s nervous. Jeff heads to a sketchy motel. He heads inside and asks about his anonymity. That’s what he is concerned about. He gets reassurance and is willing to go forward.

He talks about how it feels to be in the military during the time of DADT. Gianni agrees to talk on the record. He even brings Antonio in to join the interview. Jeff knows that his superior officers know he is gay. That’s why he’s never been promoted and his career is over.

April 1997. The day of Jeff’s murder. Andrew is at Jeff’s place. Jeff gets home and finds that Andrew went through his stuff, including his uniform. Jeff is pissed and Andrew tries to tell him that the military didn’t want him. He does though. Jeff regrets ever knowing Andrew and tells him as much. Andrew tells Jeff that he is just confused but Jeff snaps.

Andrew packs up and leaves. He goes back to David’s place and finds David and his gentleman friend. The latter is on his way out when Andrew charges in. The guy leaves and David goes to confront Andrew. Andrew tells David he needs help though and suggests they talk that night. David agrees.

Later that day, Andrew calls Jeff to tell him that he took his gun. Jeff flips. He tells Andrew he will come over to take the gun back but he’s done. Jeff comes over and Andrew sends David down to buzz him in. Andrew gets a hammer and waits for the two men to come back. He attacks. Jeff’s sister goes into labor. His mother calls to leave a message. The family leaves him several messages. He never answers.

Jeff had a rough go of it. Andrew destroyed everything for him years before his death. That’s so sad. I read about David after last week’s episode. They had to make a lot of that up since no one was actually there to talk about it. I wonder if that’s the case with this one because most of this is stuff from years earlier. Maybe Jeff told his sister.

Waco, episode four

Day 3. The media has all eyes on Waco. Steve has everyone in the chapel. They need to hear from David as to why they aren’t going out yet. On the outside, Noesner is trying to plead his case while Rogers thinks they should force their way in. He gets the all clear to show a little force to get their attention.

David preaches to everyone. He tells them that he is waiting for a sign from God to head outside but anyone interested in leaving is free to go. He talks about being tested and then passes out. Rachel and Steve wake him up back in his quarters and she leaves to get water while after seeing his wound.

Thibodeau is burying the dead in the basement. Michele comes in and puts a cross with her father. She’s broken up about how this is all playing out. He should be buried out front near his tree, not like a piece of garbage.

The FBI brings in a tank. Steve and Wayne see it and Steve talks to Noesner on the phone. He talks about waiting for a sign to leave. Noesner wants some people to come out as a show of good faith but Steve says they aren’t hostages. Folks feel safer on the inside at the moment and they don’t trust the feds. David grabs the phone and points out that it looks like folks on the outside are gearing up for war.

After the call Noesner talks about what they learned, namely about Steve. He was a key recruiter and probably feels responsible. That’s the key. Separate him from David and that will end this thing. Steve and Rachel talk to David. They get the all clear to send some people out so that they aren’t expending as many resources.

Steve also tries to send Judy out for medical attention since her finger is busted up and infected. She would rather cut it off herself. Noesner gets excited but the others don’t think it’s all that impressive. Four people come out and Noesner tries to chat with one of the girls, offers to call her mom but that’s no use. She was killed in the raid.

Thibodeau wants to bury the bodies by the tree but Steve says that it’s out of the question. Noesner heads to the scene the next morning listening to a religion expert on the radio. Just inside the checkpoint he finds Thibodeau’s mother. She wants to talk to her son but he says no. He doesn’t want to let anyone tie up loose ends.

David is fading and Rachel is worried. Noesner calls again and he talks to Steve. He tries to create dissent in the ranks. Steve sees it though and fights back. He trusts and believes in David even now. Rogers’ guys are being jackasses and Noesner sees it. He has a new plan. He films a video to appeal to David and the others about keeping the kids safe.

HRT is flying low helicopters at all hours. It’s keeping everyone up. Judy talks to Rachel about lactating problems. Steve calls Noesner and asks for milk. Noesner talks to his boss about negotiating and gets back to Steve. They can send in milk if a few more kids are sent out. David hears and snarks before hanging up.

Day 6. Steve is at his wit’s end. He snaps at Rachel and Judy and Thibodeau before heading upstairs. Noesner’s eating breakfast and chatting when there is word of movement at the compound. He gets on the phone and finds out from Steve that it is Thibodeau heading out to bury the body. Noesner fights with Rogers about standing down but ultimately he does.

Tony Prince, who is heading the FBI at the scene, holds a press conference and says that David is using the kids as pawns and that they tried to deliver milk. Steve calls Noesner and yells at him about that. They aren’t interested in negotiating anymore so Noesner goes to get the sheriff. He agrees to help out and talks to David. They agree to swap the milk for kids.

Rogers is not happy but Noesner points out that they can bug the milk so it will help him and help tactically. It’s Day 8. Steve goes to see Judy. He wants her to take the baby and head out. David says goodbye to all the kids heading out. Steve asks about Judy going too but David says no. Steve pleads but David does not relent.

It’s time for the exchange. The kids leave. Wayne and Steve walk out to meet Noesner and the sheriff for the milk. Noesner and Steve take a few minutes to talk. They talk about erratic behavior and the choices and power to end this thing. Steve admits that David is awful but he still believes.

Back inside, Steve starts filming David and Rachel. First she talks about her father being killed and then leaves. David talks about defending his family. The FBI watches the tape and then destroys it because it makes him look too normal. Inside, David thanks Steve for handling things while he was down. Then they drink some milk.

Rogers and Prince hear and decide that they have to use force. Noesner leaves for the night and tells Thibodeau’s mom that he’s alive. She heads back to her hotel. David flips through all of the news coverage and Thibodeau makes him stop. His mom is on a channel pleading with him to come out. Then the power is cut. David goes to the window. Rogers is running the show now.

I want to feel bad for Steve but I don’t know if I do or not. Maybe he believed or maybe it was Stockholm Syndrome or something else. I do feel bad for the kids and babies. I also feel like Noesner was on the right track and the others are too pig-headed to see that. There are only two episodes left. I have a feeling they will be brutal.

The Good Doctor, episode fourteen

recMurphy’s new neighbor stops by to watch some tv. He bums a line. Melendez and Lim divvy up the team like they are picking teams in gym class because the cases for the day seem fairly standard. The side to do a better job first gets dibs on surgeries the following week. Lim takes first pick and goes with Murphy. Kalu ends up on her team too.

They go to see their patient, a girl named Quinn. Turns out she is trans and that doesn’t compute with Murphy. Kalu thinks it could be her appendix. Meanwhile, Melendez has a single dad that passed out. He’s a history teacher and has used an assortment of prescriptions that he’s had in his apartment in recent weeks.

Andrews and his wife go to see a doctor themselves about fertility treatment. They want to get the ball rolling and are nervous. Their doctor tells them not to be. The patient that Melendez, Browne and Reznick are dealing with has a ruptured appendix. He’s rushed into surgery and Reznick takes the lead, forcing Browne to do the grunt work.

As Quinn is set up for the CT, Murphy has a ton of questions. He’s trying to understand. On the other side Reznick tells Browne that they are competition and will not be friends. Kalu and Murphy check Quinn’s test results. It’s not her appendix. It’s testicular cancer. She also has a bone density issue brought on by her puberty blockers. She didn’t mention it earlier because her grandmother didn’t know.

Browne’s patient has an infection and he’ll be around for a few days. He freaks out. His wife died from cancer a year ago so he doesn’t like hospitals. Browne offers to help him Skype his kids. As they walk out Reznick comments on Browne’s game but before they can start to argue they have to rush back in. Their patient crashed.

Lim talks to Quinn and her family about the procedure she wants to do. It’s a small one but will mess with the puberty blockers. Murphy speaks out of turn and suggests removing both testicles. Lim yells at him but Quinn is game. She talks it over with her parents while Murphy and Kalu get stuck writing a paper.

Melendez and Reznick tell their patient that he brought this on himself because of the prescriptions. He’ll need treatment for his colon for the foreseeable future. Kalu is pissed at Murphy for the scut work. Andrews finds out that his wife probably won’t be able to get pregnant. He doesn’t resent her for it but he does blame her.

Kenny stops by again. He got Murphy cable. They talk about Murphy’s belongings. Glassman and Lim go to talk Quinn’s parents. The grandmother is calling Child Services because she thinks that allowing Quinn to “believe he is trans” is child abuse. Quinn’s mother realizes that if they go through with the bigger surgery it’ll all be over. She says to do it.

Andrews is the problem. Not his wife. He has to go to a specialist. Browne finds out that Reznick got the labs without her and confronts her. Reznick has no empathy and spouts. That gives Browne an idea though. All the higher ups sit down with Quinn’s parents and her grandmother. Quinn has always been up front about who she is. When they tries to force her, she became depressed and tried to kill herself.

Browne presents her idea to Melendez but Reznick jumps in on it to take credit too. Murphy talks to Quinn about being yourself. Lim is pro surgery. Andrews is against it. They argue their sides but Glassman points out that it is ultimately up to her family. The parents tell her grandmother that either way she is still a girl and she can’t accept that. Quinn crashes. She needs surgery now.

They decide to do what is medically necessary. There are complications though. Browne’s plan worked and she tells Melendez she wants to write a paper about it. Reznick jumps in to get involved in that and Melendez comments that he read her other paper and suggests Browne do the same.

Quinn has internal bleeding. They have to cut her open to do more work. Browne, Reznick and Melendez tell their patient that his surgery was a success. They also have a surprise. His kids are there. He thanks Reznick and doesn’t remember Browne’s name. Quinn is pissed that she didn’t get the surgery she wanted. Andrews tries to explain that she may want kids someday and she points out that cis people put too much on bio kids. She can always adopt.

The results are in. Reznick and Browne won the competition. Browne is annoyed with Reznick. Murphy tells Kalu that he thinks they made a good team. On the way out Melendez tells Browne to play the game her way. Glassman chats with Murphy and offers him a ride mentioning getting food together but Murphy says that they can’t be friends so he declines. Instead Murphy goes hom and gets Kenny to break into the complex’s pool so that he can just float.

I’m just not into this show. I’ll finish out the season but then I’m done I think. Reznick is awful. I think Andrews had some sort of emotional breakthrough about adopting. Why is everyone so focused on kids on this show? It’s random.

How to Get Away With Murder, episode twelve

Isaac is freaking out. He hears the questions about his daughter from when he was on the stand. He goes to a food truck and gets a burger and fries, wrapped in foil. He goes home and chucks the food and uses the foil to smash up some pills. Then he snorts them.

Annalise comes to the door and wants him to open up. He doesn’t even blink. He’s having flashbacks to finding his daughter. Bonnie and Frank meet up and he gives her some gear to protect herself. Meanwhile Asher is cooking for the others while Connor talks to Annalise on the phone about the class action suit. She has access to Lahey Sr. every day this week.

Laurel swipes the phone to ask about visitation but Annalise hangs up on her when Isaac turns up. She wants to know why he didn’t get back to her and he tells her that he was at his girlfriend’s place. She starts talking about the case and he freaks out. He tells her that he has never lied to her about his daughter but he has lied.

He admits that he was high the night before and she offers to help him. She will go to a meeting with him. First they get breakfast and they talk about his life. Bonnie finds out who would be responsible for charging Isaac and manipulates the case file from him.

Connor and Michaela are fighting over how to present their case. She wants cold hard facts but he thinks a sob story would be the best bet. They are interrupted when Frank calls Oliver with an IT question. Laurel grabs that phone too and tells Frank to knock it off. As the kids figure the case, Annalise and Nate talk to Lahey Sr. He tells them about his life.

In the courtroom, Annalise thanks them for their work but she is going to wing it. It’s no use though. The case is going to the state supreme court. Isaac and Annalise get another meal and talk about their missing family. Bonnie buys herself more time with the brief. Nate tells his father that the case will go to the supreme court.

Michaela and Connor fight about what to do for the class action. She sees this as a chance to make a name for herself. They don’t get too far though because Laurel gets word she can meet her baby the following day. Bonnie and Frank talk about the fact Laurel’s parents are in cahoots. He goes to see Laurel and convinces her to let him tag along to the visitation.

Annalise and Bonnie talk about Isaac’s case. The drug he used was in his daughter’s system so Annalise confronts him. He tells her the story of the night he found her. His drugs were in the house and she took them all. He tried to revive her but it was too late so he cleaned up the evidence, faked a text and then called the cops.

She reports back to Bonnie and wants her to close the investigation. Laurel goes to meet her son. Her father is not there. Apparently Sandrine begged him all week to let Laurel have the time alone. She names the baby Christopher and sends a picture to Annalise who is working on her case.

Isaac sends Annalise a picture of his breakfast while she waits to present her case. Bonnie swings by her colleagues office. Her interest raised suspicions. Now they know she is back in with Annalise and Isaac will face charges. Annalise gets called in to talk to her panel.

Bonnie confronts Denver and tells him she will leak his conversations if he goes after Isaac. Annalise finds Nate to tell him it’s over. They lost. Bonnie finds them. She doesn’t say anything. Annalise goes to see Isaac and tell him that they are dropping the investigation. He thanks her but she says to thank Bonnie. He seems off and that’s when she realizes, he’s high.

They fight and he blames the position she put him in for his relapse. They keep yelling until she stages her own intervention. She calls his ex and then makes a break for it. Nate goes to see his father and tells him that they lost but he will keep coming back to visit.

Michaela will not take this quietly. She is going to keep fighting. Connor realizes that she’s right. He’s going to go back to school. Bonnie is scared and wants Frank to move back in. He will but first he confronts Sandrine about knowing Wes. Michaela’s plan is to get the class action heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. She knows just who to ask. Olivia Pope.

I don’t like this whole Isaac relapsing and basically blaming Annalise. I also feel bad for Bonnie because she tried to escape this mess and couldn’t. Is Laurel in school? Is she interning for Bonnie? Is she on maternity leave?

The Assassination of Gianni Versace, episode four

A week before Lee Miglin was killed in Chicago, Andrew is at the apartment of David Madson in Minneapolis. It’s April 1997 and Madson is in a good mood. He just secured a new job and he apologizes to Andrew for his behavior during the weekend. Andrew isn’t in a good mood though. He invited their friend Jeff over and sends David down to let him in.

On the way back up, David tells Jeff that Andrew proposed and he got out of it by saying that it’s illegal. They get upstairs and David makes his way across the room to tend to his dog. Andrew pounces on Chris and beats him to death with a hammer. Then he takes David into the bathroom to shower. He cleans the blood off both of them.

Afterward, David asks Andrew if he is going to kill him too. Andrew says no, that he just lost control, and then David tells him to call the police. He doesn’t though. Andrew tells David that he’s just thinking of him. The place is in his name. The cops will see two suspects, not two victims.

David tries to leave but Andrew won’t let him. He wants David to really think it through. He locks them both in the bedroom for the night. Hours pass and David tries to make a break for it but Andrew catches him. David’s got an excuse through. He was going to walk the dog. Andrew goes along with it.

They go out into the main apartment and the body is still there. Andrew rolls it up in a carpet and then David tries to leave but Andrew goes with him. David seems worried that Andrew will hurt someone else and turns around after a little while. They are back in the apartment when there is a knock on the door.

David’s co-worker came looking for him because it’s uncharacteristic for him to miss work. His landlord is with her. They hear the dog in distress and get the keys. David and Andrew hear them and make a break for it. As they get inside and find the body, Andrew and David take off.

Cops move through the apartment and talk to the women. The co-worker, Holly, remembers something. A guy named Andrew something was staying with him this weekend. He didn’t sit right with Holly. She describes him and notes his dark hair. That’s when the cops ask about David and both women mention his blonde hair. The cops notice something. The victim has dark hair.

They have a new theory. Andrew is the victim and David is the killer. Flashback to young David hunting with his dad as a kid. It doesn’t sit well. Adult David and Andrew are driving. They stop for lunch and Andrew talks about going to Miglin for money to get across the border and then going their separate ways.

The cops are back at the apartment with a warrant. They take the body out and then start talking to the neighbors. The ME identifies the body. On the road, David talks about how everyone will figure out all of his secrets. The cops go and talk to his parents. His father stands up for him and says he didn’t kill anyone.

Andrew and David stop at a bar. David goes to the bathroom and breaks the window to escape. Andrew is in the bar crying as he listens to Aimee Mann sing. David didn’t escape. He comes back to the table and holds hands with Andrew.

A young David tells his father about an award he received for college and then comes out. His father needs a moment but does tell him that he loves him. It changes things though. David wakes up in the back of the Jeep and Andrew is nowhere in sight. He goes running to find him. He does and they go to get food. They reminisce about the first time they met until David turns the tables.

He’s onto Andrew. He knows that the whole thing is a lie. They are on the road again and David keeps talking about Jeff’s murder but that pisses Andrew off. They had a plan but David is stuck in the past. He pulls over and holds a gun on David who tries to talk his way out of it. It doesn’t work.

Andrew shoots and David is suddenly back in the cabin drinking coffee with his dad. Andrew hit him in the back and then comes over and shoots him in the heard. Andrew lays with the body for a bit and then gets in the Jeep and drives off.

I felt really bad for David. I guess it wasn’t actually quite this long that they were on the road together and there is no way to know what actually happened. I feel bad for David’s parents too. I guess next week it’ll be back to Miami.

Chicago PD, episode fourteen

Some young black folks are speaking about protesting racism and taking a knee. Upton and Halstead are in the crowd. Antonio is nearby as well. Seems like they are on the lookout for someone in particular. A white supremacist type guy. Ruzek tries to get in undercover and it seems to work.

The guy, David Dixon, shows up and moves in on the demonstration. They start fighting and cops with riot gear move in to break it up. When the dust settles there are tons of arrests but Dixon is not amongst them. They hear a call of shots fired on the radios and run over. There is one man dead.

The unit takes the case and the dead guy is one of two college basketball players to take a knee during the anthem. Voight and Upton bring in a girl named Brianna who was at the demonstration. She knew the victim and tells them that both players were getting threats. She also happens to be Denny’s daughter.

Antonio runs down what they know, which isn’t much. Ruzek is still undercover with them. Burgess has some campus security footage. It looks like Dixon followed the victim into the garage. Voight calls for his arrest and it turns out Ruzek just did it.

Voight talks to Dixon who fancies himself a white nationalist. Atwater comes in and chats a bit too. Dixon tells them that he was in the parking garage because he was going to fight the guy but he heard a gunshot and saw a black guy running.

Halstead and Brianna have a PSA moment about kneeling for the flag when there’s a drive by. Halstead manages to get a plate number and calls it in. They start to investigate that too. Ballistics gets a match. The bullets from that are the same as the ones that killed the victim.

Upton and Halstead talk to Brianna and her boyfriend Jamal, the other kneeler, while Burgess and Antonio go to talk to the assistant basketball coach. He owned the truck used in the drive by. He claims he sold it and then directs them to his lawyer. They listen to his phone though and he does call someone about lying low with the truck.

Atwater and Ruzek go to follow that lead because he has ties to the victim and Jamal too. He denies involvement but they think he’s lying. There is a memorial service for the victim and Halstead and Upton are there. Halstead notices that Brianna is on their suspect’s Facebook so they bring her in.

Voight tries to talk to her but Denny comes in. They step out and Voight tells Denny what he knows. Denny blames Jamal and goes back inside. He talks to Brianna. Jamal and the victim both were getting paid by the suspect for shaving points. He’s willing to wear a wire and make a deal. Voight is willing to play ball but Denny is not.

Brianna and Denny are having dinner and she thanks him for his help with Jamal. He tells her that he didn’t help Jamal and they fight. She storms out. Antonio listens in while the suspect and Jamal talk. In the car Voight and Olinsky talk about the ongoing investigation about the guy that killed his son.

Jamal manages to get the confession but before they can move in Brianna turns up. Antonio tries to get her out but Jamal opens his mouth. Guns are drawn and Antonio tries to calm everyone down. Jamal ends up pistol whipped and the gun is pointed at Brianna.

Denny gets to the scene and isn’t thinking rationally. Antonio tries to talk the suspect down but it’s no use. He convinces him to talk to Voight though. He wants a car so Voight gets him one. The guy takes Brianna and Antonio as hostages to get to the car. When the guy tries to shove her in the car she takes off.

Then it’s pandemonium. She gets shot in the back and Denny moves in firing. The guy’s crony and Antonio duke it out and when it seems Antonio may be out, Halstead shoots the guy and saves him. When things settle Denny gets to his daughter and yells for a squad car. She is bleeding out.

At Med, Denny doesn’t let Jamal in to see Brianna. Voight comes over and asks how she’s doing. Denny tells her that she’s dying. Voight tells him that they did everything they could. Denny responds that it was not enough.

So this will spark the Denny/Voight friction even more then? I thought it would go the other way. Denny would kill the guy and his daughter would be safe so he would drop the efforts for that cold case. Guess not. Also, a lot of shows are like this but PD in particular, when they talk about current events they just get so preachy and they try to take a middle ground. It’s like an after school special.