Designated Survivor, episode eighteen

Aaron breaks down what the protocol is for figuring out the hack. Lyor is less than thrilled. Kendra tells them that they don’t have a choice so everyone goes along with it. Kirkman has breakfast with Trey and is understandably distracted. His brother seems to think it will blow over. That’s not the case. It’s everywhere and the public is reacting. Kirkman can’t get a break anywhere. Lyor tells Louden to write a statement about Kirkman’s mental health.

Hannah and Aaron talk about what to do with Damian. She’s running the show and should keep a close eye on him. Speaking of, he goes to meet with his Russian contact. She gives him what they know about the hacker but expects help when this settles. Kirkman meets with Louden. It isn’t going the way he wants. Aaron comes in with more drastic news. Another leak. There are seven hours worth. Seth tries to handle it but he’s bombarded.

Emily and Seth try to tread water but it’s a mess. Lyor isn’t all that encouraging and the Cabinet is nowhere to be found. Frost has been mentioned so now people are linking her and Kirkman. The two of them meet and Kirkman warns her of what may come. Chuck has checked all the devices. No sign of a leak. It must have been a visitor. Lyor is still trying to get through to the Cabinet and his secretary is as well. She mentions that they have been meeting with the VP.

Lyor knows what that means and takes off running. It’s a coup. He warns the rest as well. They are all in the Oval as Kirkman dresses down the VP for her secrecy. She tells him that she’s willing to hear his side of things before signing off on the letter enacting the 25th amendment, which would deem him mentally unfit for office. There’s an expert on hand to help him as well. Ethan West is on hand to guide him. The team questions his suitability and is willing to go with it.

Seth and Emily talk and she admits to what she did in order to get the information about the leaks. She plans to resign but he tells her to talk to Kendra first. She tells Chuck what’s going on and he explains that he was above-board and just went and asked people. He didn’t hack because he is more than that. She tells him she will remember that. Lyor wants to fire Cabinet members but Kirkman won’t do it.

Next order of business then is a meeting with Ethan. Lyor has a file on him and Ethan has one on Lyor in return. Kirkman sits down for a TV interview. He explains that he is still fighting for the American people. Chuck, Hannah and Damian are looking into the visitor logs. They make a connection to the hacker and head to an action house in Baltimore to follow the lead. Kirkman consults with Lyor about what he would do. He would have Kirkman step down.

He’s a teacher and he was just serving in the interim to right the ship. He’s done that and can move on. Kirkman talks to Frost about what’s going on. Seth snaps during his briefing. He defends Kirkman. Afterward, Emily gets a call. Kirkman is headed to the science fair. She tries to cut him off but he’s set on going. He gets there and interrupts Frost’s interview to talk science. He explains his therapy conversation about her. She says she understands.

Hannah and Damian continue to chase their lead. They have an address and it’s to a member’s only club near DC. They head there. Meanwhile, Kirkman and Frost explore the science fair. Hannah gets the list of club visitors and sends it to Chuck. He compares it to the visitor log and one name stands out. Andrea Frost. As Hannah calls Aaron to warn Kirkman, they are hit with a drive-by and Damian is taken down.

Emily talks to Kendra. Even though Chuck ignored her orders, she could go down for issuing them. Kirkman heads to the residence and sees his daughter. Kendra updates the staff on where they stand in the proceedings. Then Kirkman comes in and thanks them for their work. His next stop is the VP to apologize for his candor earlier. Lastly, he sits down with Ethan to talk about his plan. He will do all he can to stay in office. At the hospital, Hannah gets an update on Damian. It’s not good.

I feel like Emily will probably be the one to go down. Chuck is apparently getting more creditability which is great and Frost is the bad guy. That was unexpected but I still think it will tie to Trey in some way. He just knows too much. Team Seth for yelling at the reporters too. That was great.


The Americans, episode four

Philip meets with Oleg. They talk about life in America and people in the Directorate S being afraid of progress. Philip tells Oleg what he knows about Elizabeth’s work. He also mentions her loyalty and Oleg points out that that can be twisted. Oleg tells him that they can’t meet in person again. Philip goes home and finds Elizabeth in the backyard. She comes in and asks how work was. He tells her fine.

Elizabeth, Paige and another woman go on another mission. Elizabeth takes all the lights out and then breaks into some facility. She tries to steal something, kills a few people and gets away. Philip dusts off a wig and meets up with Kimmy. They catch up a bit. Paige and Elizabeth talk about the mission. It was not a success but that happens sometimes. Paige starts talking about a boy that likes her and interns for a congressman.

That’s when Philip gets home. He hears what they are talking about and snaps. He brings up what happened in the park and Paige still believes the man was troubled and killed himself. Philip storms away. Elizabeth tells Paige not to worry about that and to focus on the goal, her getting a job at State or Defense. That’s what they are getting her ready for. Afterward, Elizabeth goes upstairs and talks to Philip. She thinks he was out of line.

He defends himself because Paige’s life was in danger. Once he says that Elizabeth seems to get it. Philip gives her a tape from Kimmy’s house. It’s the last one until Christmas which Elizabeth is not happy about. Oleg calls home and delivers a coded message. Elizabeth and Claudia meet up. They find out the Americans have a man on the inside. Claudia also wants Elizabeth to look into the couriers, see if that was Stan’s case and then deal with them accordingly.

Henry calls Philip just to check in and ends up finding out that they can’t afford tuition come fall. Elizabeth and Paige run another recon mission. Stan and Philip go out to a bar and Philip talks money. The wheels are in motion on Moscow with Oleg’s information. Philip is crunching numbers in bed when Elizabeth comes in. He tells her how bad things are and she tells him that’s his department.

When they turn the lights out he admits that he misses Paige and she admits that she is tired all the time. Elizabeth is playing nurse again. She’s getting an art lesson when the husband comes in and mentions a party to watch the World Series. Elizabeth offers to go with in a medical capacity. They agree Stan and Doug meet up to talk. The couriers want him involved in relocation. He doesn’t want to but seems to relent.

Philip needs a break. He goes dancing in his cowboy boots. Paige goes to a bar with friends. Elizabeth steals the husband’s jacket and has bugs sewn into them. Paige goes home with the intern kid. The next morning she sees his ID badge. Elizabeth goes with the couple to baseball party. It’s just awkward at first but then gets worse when the woman gets sick. After, Elizabeth listens to the tape but it’s a bust. Philip is still at work. He looks at his sandwich and remembers going hungry when he was a boy.

I mean. Paige is in danger right? There’s really no way around that. Something will probably happen to her. She’s in over her head. I feel bad for Henry. He’s just up at school trying to live his best life and be awesome at hockey and it’s a mess. Elizabeth and Philip need to sort their trouble out. They need to be on the same page.

Chicago Med, episode sixteen

Rhodes gets to the hospital and talks to Halstead in the break room. Maggie comes in and pulls him away though. He has a patient, Bob, Reese’s dad. He’s having a heart attack. Maggie also pages Reese and she comes down. Rhodes has to shock Bob back and then rush him upstairs for a balloon. Reese seems frozen. The balloon works but Bob is in the ICU until he can get a transplant.

He asks after Reese. Word has spread and Noah asks Reese if she needs to talk. Noah gets a patient too. A cancer patient that April knows. He’s in a bad way. Goodwin is on the floor. There is a VIP patient on his way in. A young man whose parents are big donors. He and a friend were caught in a fire. Choi gets the friend and Halstead gets the VIP. He should be okay but the friend is in a bad way.

The VIP parents are not happy that their son was with that friend. Rhodes and Bekker banter and consult with Latham. Rhodes goes with the team and earns some good will. Manning gets a little girl patient. She had some abdominal pain at ballet so her instructor brought her in. No parents are there yet. Manning does an ultrasound and finds that she doesn’t have a uterus or ovaries. There are twisted testes though.

Manning consults Charles who agrees to help get together a plan to tell the parents. They talk to another doctor and it turns out the girl is genetically male and that with surgery they will be able to save the organs. Jay Halstead talks to the VIP. He and his buddy were cooking up drugs. Jay wants to talk to the other kid but he’s not able. Frisch asks Halstead to lunch, since they spent the night together, but he’s can’t.

April talks to her patient. He mentions having a son but they haven’t spoken in a decade after a falling out. It’s not too late though so April promises to track him down. Rhodes and Bekker are getting along well in surgery. That is until they realize they left something in the patient. Manning and Charles talk to the girl’s mother. She wants them to remove the testes but they would need the kid’s consent.

The mother doesn’t want to hear that. She leaves to go spend time with her kid. Latham yells at Rhodes and Bekker before sending them back in to get the instrument. Bekker blames Rhodes but he fires back. Halstead is cleaning the VIP’s burns and notices some marks on his back. That’s when the alarm starts going off. It’s his friend. Choi rushes in but it’s too late.

Choi and Halstead talk about the patient. His parents say that he cleaned up his act. They don’t know what happened. Halstead has an idea though. He tells Choi to run a tox screen. April is looking for her cancer patient’s son. She isn’t having much luck though. That’s when the patient starts having trouble. Noah confirms that he only wants comfort treatment.

Charles and Manning try to talk to the little girl but her mother won’t really let them get a word in. She basically coerces the girl into agreeing to the procedure she thinks is best. Goodwin and Halstead talk about the VIP. He tested positive for drugs. His friend did not and the marks on his back are handprints that couldn’t be his own. Halstead thinks he is the one that is guilty but he blamed his friend.

Noah tries to talk Reese into going to see her father. She isn’t interested though. Maggie had some luck tracking down the man’s son. April tells him that his son is on his way. Rhodes and Bekker identify the instrument. It’s a suction device and it was Bekker’s fault. She’s shaken after that. Manning and Halstead talk about their patients.

Rhodes finds Bekker crying. It’s because she almost killed the patient. Halstead and Choi talk to Goodwin and the attorney about what to do. She tells them she will handle it and they leave. The attorney tells her to let CPD be the bad guys here. Manning and Charles talk about the little girl. That’s when something goes wrong. Her mother yells for help. She needs surgery now and the mother says not to take the testes out.

Goodwin tries to talk to the VIP’s mother. She begs Goodwin to not tell the police. That’s when the other boy’s mother walks over and hugs her, April’s patient isn’t doing well. She goes in to tell him his son isn’t there but he mistakes Noah for his son and it helps. Reese sees the whole thing. Manning thanks Halstead for lending an ear and then invites him out to dinner. He accepts.

Despite his mother’s wishes, Goodwin talks to the VIP, her godson. She tells him to come clean. He does and his mother is pissed at Goodwin. Reese thanks Noah for being a good friend after what she saw earlier. Rhodes and Bekker go to see Latham. They both confess and he tells them he will now be keeping an eye on both of them.

Halstead catches up with Manning and tells her that he has to come clean. He met someone at Molly’s but it was “high school stuff” which is “not much beyond kissing” and he fell asleep on her couch. Manning is pissed and walks out.

So he didn’t tell her it was another doctor, one that has no qualms bringing it up at work. So that is definitely going to come up again. Like a bajillion times probably. Also, Rhodes and Bekker will happen again before the season is up. And Noah and Reese probably.

Good Girls, episode eight

Beth wakes up to a problem. The money is all gone. She goes to ask Dean if he took it. He denies it. She goes to see the other person that knew about the money. Rio. Turns out it was him. He had an associate get picked up so he has shut down the business until further notice. The women have to go back to being legit. That means back to playdates for Beth.

Annie has to ask Boomer for extra shifts and clean toilets. Ruby goes back to the food service industry. A month later, they scrap together what little they can to send to their blackmailer. A few days later, Ruby runs into her at a soccer game. Stan is in his cop uniform and the woman talks vaguely about money stolen from her mail. Ruby tells the other two. Left with no other choice, Beth suggests robbing another store.

Ruby is game but Annie tries to say no. They don’t really let her. Then Ruby gets home to find out her daughter was in a mini crime ring at school. She freaks out and Stan tries to calm her down. Annie has a supervised visit with Sadie. Things are tense. Especially when Gregg’s wife pops in and is condescending to Annie. When her visit ends, Annie heads to Beth’s. She’s ready and not for just a measley 7-11.

She wants to rob the spa locations that Gregg’s wife owns. They aren’t after cash though. They want the spa stuff. They each hit a different location and Annie runs into an issue with the parking garage but they eventually meet up with her co-worker. The same kid that sold all the drugs to Boomer to plant in Annie’s locker. There was a miscommunication though. He thought they were getting him heroin not botox.

He can’t make the deal so now they just have all this medical grade stuff with nowhere to sell it. Annie and Ruby head out and leave the stuff with Beth. Ruby takes her daughter to the police station for a scared straight type experience. Beth goes to see Rio. She’s trying to move the botox. It’s no good though and he brings up the blackmailer.

Beth goes home and starts looking into loans. Dean finds her and offers to help. He takes the vials and goes to see his doctor. He’s going to move the product. At her next supervised visit, Annie hears Gregg’s wife on the phone. She seems upset. Annie thinks it’s about the robbery but it’s because of the fertility hormones. Annie is upset as she leaves which is only worse when she runs into Gregg.

Dean was successful because Beth goes to drop off the blackmail money. She talks for a few minutes to the woman about how she is an accessory and will end up in jail too. Ruby talks to Stan before they leave the station and sees a mug shot on his desk. It’s the guy that Rio left at Beth’s. He’s the one Stan busted and now the cops flipped him. Beth tells Dean what they are up to and how she plans to demand more money.

That’s when Annie shows up in tears. A few minutes later Ruby rolls in with her news about the guy. She freaks out telling them about jail and the kid and his deal. Beth decides they have to tell Rio. That’ll get the kid killed but at this point it is them or the kid. They don’t have a choice.

I don’t know why I’m watching this. I really don’t think I like it. There are parts where it’s fun but mostly I think it’s trying not to be. There is too much going on so I’m not really invested in any of this. I’ll finish out the season but that’s it.

Lucifer, episode twenty

A woman is woken up by a commotion in her house. She creeps downstairs to investigate as she calls the police. The intruder pulls a gun on her but before the shot is fired she sees the shadow of an angel and then the intruder is gone. Pierce invites Chloe on a tour of the evidence closet. They make the most of their alone time though Ella knows what is going on just beyond the wall.

Another scene crops up and Lucifer meets Chloe there. He’s ready to banter until Pierce gets out of the passenger seat and interrupts. Lucifer is not amused. They go inside where Ella teases Chloe before breaking down what they know. The victim comes from a prominent family but was renting a room from the woman that was saved by an angel the night before.

She tells as much to Chloe and Lucifer before pointing out that the angel in question stole a figurine from her. Pierce thinks there could be some truth to that but Lucifer shoots that theory down. It wasn’t one of his brothers. Speaking of, he gets a call from Amenadiel. He seems to be having second thoughts about revealing their divinity to Charlotte. Lucifier doesn’t care though.

He does mention the case with the woman that was saved and Amenadiel says an angel would have to be bored or confused to do something like that. Lucifer laughs and that’s when he finds the figurine in his bedroom. He goes to Linda to talk about it and she suggests that he could be sleep flying. Chloe and Pierce have sex at her house this time.

Then she promptly kicks him out because she doesn’t want to introduce him to Trixie. She gets a call from Lucifer and heads to the office. He wants to solve the case to ask about the angel. They know the victim was in rehab recently and fought with someone there so they follow up. It’s a bust though and Lucifer gets riled up as a result. Chloe sends him home for the day and he borrows her handcuffs. He chains himself down to go to bed.

The next morning Amenadiel wakes him up with news that he is saving people and he has done it again. Amenadiel thinks it is punishment but Lucifer calls it manipulation. He needs to find the killer to prove he’s not saving people. Ella goes to talk to Pierce and hears him on the phone. They talk about his relationship with Chloe.

Charlotte rolls into the station. She tells people actually what she thinks of them, which is mostly not nice. She compliments Ella though and drags Dan away. Chloe and Lucifer go to see one of the victim’s exes. He called a few months earlier looking for money. He spoke to her current husband. The visit seems to get them nowhere.

Meanwhile, Dan and Charlotte go out for drinks. She wants another round but he puts a stop to it so she suggests a hookup in a storage closet instead. He’s game for that but ends up caught by a manager. Chloe is looking for more leads but its slow going. Lucifer is agitated and she tells him to go home and get some sleep. He can’t though in case he is this angel. So Chloe tells him not to sleep.

Great plan. He starts doing all sorts of reckless things to stay awake but settles down when the show Bones gets his attention. Chloe gets a call from Maze. She’s ready to make amends, but at Chloe’s pace. Her speech is much the same as Pierce’s was about their relationship. As she gets off the phone, Lucifer shows up. It’s been a week and he binged all of Bones but now Chloe has a lead so he’s ready.

They head to a wedding. The best man was seen fighting their victim so when his speech wraps and Lucifer is certain he recognizes him they confront him. He’s not the killer. He’s an actor. Lucifer recognizes him from Bones. He was hired to be the best man just like he was hired to be best buddies with the victim.

Only in that case he was hired to keep the victim on drugs and they fought because said victim was trying to stay clean. Pierce gets home to find Maze waiting around. She’s ready to kill him but it’s not time yet. She asks if he wants pain or no pain. He opts for the painless and she comments that it won’t be painless for Chloe.

In fact, having her fall for him just to disappear is ruthless. Pierce doesn’t care who gets hurt. He just wants to be done. Chloe wants to get a warrant for the company that assigned the actor to the victim. That’ll have to wait till morning though which Lucifer is not happy about. She tells him to get some sleep and he snaps. He tells her the truth about why he’s not sleeping and helping people and all about Pierce.

She doesn’t want to hear it. In her book Pierce is a good man who treats her right. She is about to say she loves him but runs out instead. Charlotte is buying jewelry when Amenadiel comes in. He wants a word and Charlotte grants it. She’s been partying because she figures between him and Lucifer she was a direct ride to heaven. Amenadiel explains that that isn’t the case. Nothing has changed.

When it’s her time she wil be judged the same as everyone else. It’s awful news. She realizes that as soon as she thought she was safe she relapsed and now she will never make it into heaven. Trixie is at the office with Chloe who finally breaks the news about her relationship with Pierce. They are about to invite him out when Chloe sees a picture on the computer. It’s the victim with the ex’s new husband.

Speaking of, he’s at home and he’s got some company. Lucifer. The husband was an actor from the same company as that best man. The wife hired him and when the victim came snooping around to get back with her and his son, the guy took him out. Lucifer goes full tilt and threatens him That’s when he finds out there was no angel. The killer touched the figurine so he took it with him. Lucifer figures out what’s going on.

Chloe gets to the house and finds the killer. He confesses everything. Lucifer is tearing his penthouse apart looking for the figurine. Pierce planted it. It was a diversion so he could get close to Chloe. Lucifer knows it and explains as much to Maze when she shows up. She tells him to explain everything and that’s when he realizes something is up.

Maze owns it. She’s not helping Pierce. It was her plan. Now she’s stalling him and he sees that. He takes off. Pierce gets to Chloe’s. He brought her soda and cake. She tells him that he can spend the night and he seems happy. Then she starts to tell him that she loves him but he cuts her off and tells her that it’s not worth it and breaks up with her. He leaves. He seems upset.

Lucifer gets there and knocks. Trixie lets him in and sees how upset Chloe is before taking off too. He goes to Pierce’s house and starts wailing on him. Pierce doesn’t fight him. He stopped Chloe because he couldn’t hurt her like that. That’s when Lucifer points out that Pierce’s mark is gone.

I want more Linda. She’s the best part of this show. Also, I feel really bad for Charlotte. This has been such a crazy time for her. Lucifer would do anything to keep Chloe safe but she doesn’t see that and it ends up getting him in trouble always. She didn’t do anything wrong with Pierce and now this is going to be a long drawn out thing and he will probably win her back and then Maze will still kill him and everyone will be cranky.

iZombie, episode seven

Liv and the railroad folks talk about who to save and how they can do that. A man plays the roll of wingman for a less attractive guy. He ends up picking up the girl the other guy liked. They spend the night together and in the morning, she discovers that he’s dead. On the scene, Liv, Clive and Ravi piece together that he’s been poisoned. The guys also note that Liv is now dying her hair and tanning.

One of the Fillmore Graves goons gets tossed out of Blaine’s bar. He’s been there all night. Ravi needs some time to identify the poison so Liv eats some brain in the meantime. Donny has chopped off Blaine’s guard’s head and is talking to him. Clive and Liv question the one night stand. It’s not going anywhere and Ravi pulls them aside to talk. He knows where the poison was. In the womanizers condoms.

Graves tasks Major with finding out who from their organization has been selling brains on the black market. Clive and Liv bring in a string of women that have spent time with the victim. One is a zombie and triggers a vision of a Fillmore Graves soldier for Liv. They also get a lead from her. Liv and Levon are looking for Angus’ church. They want to know where he’s getting brains for those not in the system. He mentions the meal at Blaine’s restaurant.

Clive and Liv head over to see Graves about a suspect. Graves is no help. Back at the morgue, Clive is waiting for Ravi to wrap something up when Peyton comes in. She sees that he is on Tinder. Clive admits to his open relationship status and agrees to go out with Ravi. The evening is a bust. Liv goes to Levon’s but he won’t hook up with her while she is on this brain. Clive goes for the sure thing and hires a woman for the night.

Major gets an assignment. Go shut down the newspaper that was writing things against Fillmore Graves. Clive talks to Dale. She admits to going on dates but hasn’t slept with anyone. Now he feels like crap. He and Liv talk to their suspect but since he’s been frozen for a few weeks, they know it wasn’t him. Major and a team roll into the newsroom to shut it down. The reporters do not intend to go quietly and shots are fired.

Liv and Clive are going to have to go to zombie services to look into their new zombie suspect. Liv is happy to hear that. She hurries over to tell Levon. She can swipe what they need to make IDs themselves. They head to the office the next day at lunch. It takes some work but they find the file. It’s the new zombie they questioned earlier. They confront her and she admits it.

Peyton and the mayor go to Fillmore Graves to find out what happened with the newspaper. Graves maintains his stance and then Major lies about the circumstances. Peyton seems pissed. She goes home and finds Liv making fake zombie IDs.

I feel bad for Peyton. She always gets the short end of the stick here. This time she gets it two-fold. First Major sucks and then Liv puts her in a bind. There’s no upside. I also feel bad for Clive. He tries so hard and just can’t win.

Supergirl, episode fourteen

Kara is rallying the troops… for karaoke night at the bar. Everyone takes a turn and has some fun. James and Plywood talk about the women in their lives, though James doesn’t mention Lena by name. Winn takes the stage for his turn with the mic when he sees the news. His father died in prison. He heads outside. James follows and listens to Winn break down about not having any feelings.

The gang gathers to bury him and when Winn steps away a woman approaches him. His mother. She tells him that they are finally safe. That’s when Kara hears the jack-in-the-box music. Everyone takes cover just as the casket explodes. Back at the DEO, Alex checks Mary, Winn’s mother, out. Kara pesters Winn about being certain his father was actually the man they buried. Winn is adamant. Alex comes in and tells him that Mary wants to talk to him.

That’s when Myrrn makes his entrance. He needs some cash to tip the pizza delivery man. J’onn points out they didn’t need a pizza since they bought groceries for their housewarming dinner. Alex intervenes to smooth out the tension. Mon-El talks to Kara. He apologizes for lying about being the prince of Daxam. He knows what it’s like to be lied to now because Irma and Brainiac lied to him. Kara is sympathetic so naturally he asks her out for a drink and she agrees.

Winn actually talks to his mother. She tells him she actually stayed away because his father threatened him if she ever came back. She thought that he would be safe but that’s not the case. Winn tells her that he doesn’t care about her excuses. She can keep him safe by leaving again. As he walks back into the command center there is a commotion. A swarm of flying monkeys wrote “Surrender Mary” in the sky and now they are headed toward the DEO.

James and agents fight the swarm inside while Kara gives chase to the leader. There’s a considerable amount of destruction but the situation is handled. Kara checks in with Alex who is at J’onn’s. They talk about the racial divide in America and Myrrn shows signs of a few more memory lapses. James and Winn talk about the latter building a relationship with his mother.

Mary has a talk with Supergirl about Winn’s role at the DEO and how important he is to everyone. Alex talks to Myrrn about found family and he slips again. He admits that he is aware of his memory loss problems and she tells him that he has to tell J’onn. He gets combative and kicks her out just as J’onn walks back into the room. Winn is working on the monkey tech and Mary is trying to help.

He tries to get rid of her but she talks to him. She explains that she tried to go to a shelter and his father ran them off the road and threatened Winn. J’onn finds Alex at work and asks about what happened. She tells him that she had a lovely time but he really needs to talk to his father. James leaves another message for Lena before checking in with Winn and his mom. They are working together and seem to be in good spirits.

Just as Winn explains their lack of progress to James, Mary finds something. She doesn’t tell them though. Instead she pockets it, steals a gun and heads to a toy factory to confront some woman. The woman was a protege of Winn’s dad and she is going to fulfill his last request by letting Mary watch her kill Winn. Speaking of, he knows his mom is missing now and tells the others just as they get a transmission from the woman. She tells them she will trade Winn for his mom.

Winn, Kara, Plywood and James head out and end up in a fight right away. Kara ends up… in a toy package. Plywood frees her by letting a dinosaur whack the packaging. Meanwhile, Winn and James find Mary. There’s a bit of fisticuffs and a rebuilt flying monkey involved but Winn manages to take the woman down and free his mom. Everyone is impressed.

It’s another night of karaoke. Plywood butchers his turn while Winn and Mary have a moment. She tells him that she’s proud of him and that she can leave now. He tells her that he wouldn’t mind it if she stuck around. Kara tells Plywood that she can’t be his sympathetic ear. He tells her that’s not what he wanted to talk about and then breaks down some stuff about Reign’s posse. They can work together now. Cue giggles.

Myrnn and J’onn sit down for dinner. He finally comes clean about his condition. The others are still having a blast at karaoke when J’onn walks in. Alex sees him and knows. She goes over to hug him. James finally gets a call back from Lena. She tells him that she’s been busy at L-Corp with Sam. Which is true. Except she’s working on Sam not with her and Sam is knocked out and in a hospital type bed.

I know that this is setting up a Kara reunion with Plywood but I have no interest in that. Can we just get rid of him? I’m glad Alex is there for J’onn. They are best buds. I also expected Lena to be like kidnapped or something so I was I guess pleasantly surprised when she was just lying about work instead.