Okay, let’s give this a try.

So I decided to start a blog… about TV because apparently there aren’t enough of those out there already. I haven’t exactly figured out how to distinguish this one from all the rest but I guess over time that’ll happen.

I should preface this whole thing by saying that I watch a lot of TV. Like, way too much really. I’m an equal opportunity viewer too, dramas, procedurals, sitcoms, I’m okay with whatever. And I watch a lot of what many consider garbage television too.

By that I don’t mean the likes of the housewives from wherever or the Kardashians, though I’m not necessarily opposed to them either. I mean more along the lines of those shows that only make it one or two seasons and most people are only vaguely aware they ever existed. The likes of Smash and Under the Dome. The Crazy Ones and The Black Donnellys. Those are the shows I’m more apt to watch and I don’t know why.

That’s not to say I don’t like more critically acclaimed shows. I live and die by The Americans every spring and wait with baited breath for pretty much anything Netflix has to offer but I don’t stick with any one type of show.

I watch the first two episodes of every show on network television every year. I started doing this in college because a few years earlier I had watched just the pilot of a show and figured it would be terrible so I never bothered with it again. That show was Lost. I’ve learned from my mistakes.

This blog will be news about current and upcoming shows as well as recaps of currently airing shows. I’m also inclined to post thoughts and analysis on older shows that I’m watching for the first time and I can’t promise to ignore binge type marathons that are airing on basic cable during any given weekend. I’m looking at you, SVU and NCIS.

In the meantime, I’ll just see how this plays out. Let’s watch some TV.



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