Quantico, episode five

Present day Alex is on the run.

Doyle is in bed with his boyfriend, former trainee Will Olsen, who is asking a lot of questions and not getting any answers.

Shelby is in a cafe in the morning when Leon comes in to get his kale apple ginger drink. She gets flustered and he’s polite before heading out.

She tells Raina about the encounter and is told to stay away. He could be a bad guy. They get notice that Alex and Ryan are searching Leigh’s room for signs that she bugged them. They don’t seem to be having any luck and when they slip back into the hall Doyle confronts them. Before they can respond, all three of them are stabbed with syringes and knocked out.

They come to in a bed together. Owen drugged them. It is a key tool for operatives. It’s time for that sort of training.

One year later, Alex is taking out the terrorists that are trying to track her down. She shoots one and knocks a few more out before making a run for it, taking a phone in the process.

Miranda talks to Shelby about an off the record favor. She thinks that Will Olsen will be of assistance with tech information that they can’t trust their own organization with. She tells Shelby to get him and bring him to her apartment.

Back at the farm, Ryan and Alex call in via pay phones to update Shelby and Raina. No luck with Leigh so either she’s that good at hiding it or the recruiter is someone else. Shelby says that they need DNA to know for sure and then mention Doyle being suspicious. Shelby tells them to handle it.

At training, they are taught to create an illusion so that no one knows that they’ve been. They are shown how to case a scene and to change the time of death in a victim. They are going on a real mission. There is a reporter accused of leaking state secrets to the Russians and they need to spy on him. Doyle suggests his teaming up with Alex and Ryan and Owen agrees. They have to canvas the man’s room while Leigh and Leon keep tabs on him.

Doyle also leaves a voicemail for Shelby, from Will. He tells her they need to meet to discuss her agent. It’s a set up.

In the future, Shelby tells Will that she thinks Miranda is a mole. Alex is still in the building but she sees the text from Miranda ratting her out. She looks at a floor plan and then makes a run for it while the terrorists cut the power.

Shelby is trying to call Will back but isn’t getting an answer. She decides, against Raina’s judgement, to go to the address he told her.

Ryan and Alex talk about how hard it is keeping up with all the lies and he says that it might be better if this was a one person mission.

Leon bumps into Shelby again while he is hiding from someone. He calls it fate and asks her out. Meanwhile, Raina gets a call from Will. He doesn’t know why they would be calling him but says it might be his boyfriend “Julian if that’s his real name.” Raina describes Leon but that’s not the mystery man who Will says is British. She gets it right, obviously, when she describes Doyle and then ends the call.

Doyle finds Ryan and Alex and tries to prove they are CIA by showing them Shelby, but he mistook another woman for her and now its time to do their jobs.

They walk in to find the room trashed and the reporter’s body on the bed. The phone rings. It’s Owen. The local authorities are on their way and he’s left their DNA throughout the room. They better get to work.

Alex is still trying to run away from the terrorists but it seems they’ve finally cornered her.
In the room Doyle finds the only things with his fingerprints, two glasses, and goes to take them and leave when Ryan stops him. They agree to tell him what he wants to know if he helps them. He goes to pickpocket Owen’s wallet while they clean the room.

Owen is having a drink with the reporter that was allegedly killed and tells him that the test he is running. Not so fast though. Owen faked a picture that would get the reporter into some trouble with his wife. He wants some information the reporter won’t give him.
Doyle gets the wallet but the cops are already in the lobby when he goes to switch the name on the suite. He also sees Shelby but he has to handle the room situation. He gets upstairs to find out that the room in question is actually in his name. Raina tipped them off and the four of them set Doyle up. He’s led away in cuffs while they watch.

In the future Will is looking into Miranda. It seems that she’s innocent and Will tells Shelby to take him to Miranda. Alex kneels but before they can shoot her one terrorist shoots the other and then helps her escape.

Raina and Shelby talk about how much she wants to be an agent and not a handler. Raina tells her to stop taking unnecessary risks.

Owen asks Alex about the mission and how it feels framing an innocent man. She tells him she doesn’t feel guilty. He admits to having reservations about her and Ryan joining his class. He tells her that he sees it was a good move for her but is still hesitant about Ryan. He asks her if she wants to learn from him. She says she does.

Ryan talks to Leigh in the kitchen. She misses her life and her kids and he talks her off the ledge, while getting her fingerprints in the process. Alex comes in a compliments him but before their conversation can get any further Doyle walks in. It’s time the three of them had a chat.

He got out of jail because he is an MI6 agent on a partner program at the CIA. He wants to know what their deal is and no one is going back to the farm until he knows what’s up. Alex tells him they are CIA and FBI and that they are investigating Leigh but that they need to get in touch with their supervisors before they can reveal more. He tells them to call.

Shelby meets with Leon at the diner.

Will calls Miranda and tells her that he’s in. He also tells her he showed Shelby she’s innocent. Alex runs into Lydia who seems to have escaped from being a hostage.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. I liked the set-up with everyone working together to frame Doyle. I also really loved the conference call with the pay phones. I don’t know why but that cracked me up. I feel like they really want us to think Doyle is in on all the bad things in the universe so I don’t think he’s a bad guy now. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Quantico is new Sundays at 10 p.m.


Westworld, episode five

Ford tells an old host the saddest thing he ever saw. When he was a boy he and his brother wanted a dog so their father got them an old greyhound. They took it to the park one day and took it off the leash. The dog spotted a cat and chased it. He caught it and tore it apart, but then he didn’t know what to do. He’d spent his whole life chasing he didn’t know what came next.

Dolores is having more flashbacks while standing in a cemetery. William asks her if she’s okay and she asks if she did something wrong. He says that he thought he heard her talking to herself and she says it must’ve been the wind.

Logan tells William that the park is losing money and his company is considering buying it. Apparently the park was planned by two men and right before the opening one of the partners killed himself. Lawyers looked into it but nothing more could be found. No one even knew his name. They find some soldiers, those that continue to fight for the Confederacy.

The man in black is moving with Lawrence and Teddy. He keeps talking in riddles and Lawrence can’t understand him. The little boy Ford walked with earlier this season finds them and the man sends him for water. Then he slits Lawrence’s throat and strings him up by his feet, catching his blood in a bag.

Two techs are racing to see who can repair their hosts faster. Maeve is among them.
Teddy wakes up and the man in black talks to him. He apparently fed him Lawrence’s blood and now needs his help. Teddy is reluctant but the man says that they have Dolores and that is motivation enough for Teddy to help.

Dolores continues having flashbacks. She talks to William about choices and changing her life. Logan has set up more shenanigans for the next day but William says no because Dolores wouldn’t like that. Logan tells him to knock it off because she is just a doll. She walks in the square and hears voices before passing out.

She wakes up talking to Ford. He asks her about dreams. He asks her if she remembers him as he used to be but she says no. He asks about Arnold and asks when the last had contact. She says it was 34 years ago. He asks what she and Arnold talked about. She tells him that Arnold wanted her help destroying this place. Ford apologizes for bothering her but says that there is no one else who knows back then. She asks if they are very old friends and he says he wouldn’t say friends. Dolores then tells someone that Ford doesn’t know and that she didn’t tell him.

One of the techs stole a bird from another department and was trying to set it up to get himself a promotion. His partner catches him and yells at him. They have to get to work on the hosts that’ve been brought in. He’s unsettled to find Maeve, again.

Logan and William go to meet Elizor, who in another cycle was Lawrence. They are re-purposing hosts. Dolores hears more voices and talks nonsense to Elizor. He agrees to introduce them to the Confederates if they steal some things from a wagon Union soldiers are bringing through the area.

They do as asked and things seem to be going according to plan before Logan gets cocky. Then the soldiers fight back and William takes them all out. Logan is ecstatic but William is just in shock.

Hughes is trying to re-calibrate a host when she sees the stray being carted down the hall. She barters for a few minutes alone with it so she can run some diagnostics and finds a transmitter in his arm. She brings it to Lowe to tell him that someone has been stealing data from the park.

Logan and William are at a party talking about joining the Confederates. William isn’t interested but Logan is so he demeans and berates William until he gets aggressive, then tells him that’s what this is all about.

Dolores wanders away and finds a lady reading tarot cards. She looks up and the lady looks like her. She tells her to follow the maze and when Dolores asks what’s wrong with me the lady says that she is unraveling.

She finds out that Elizor was playing them and tells William that they have to run now. He tells her he’s done running and playing this game. She tells him this isn’t a game and that the voice in her head is telling her that she needs him and that they have to run.

They see that the bad guys have Logan but they leave anyway. The Confederates corner them and William shoots one before they grab him. Dolores shoots the rest because she pictured herself no longer being a damsel. They run and make it on the last train.
They find Elizor on the train and agree not to shoot each other. Dolores tells the voice that she’s coming.

The man in black and Teddy walk into a bar and sit down. Ford joins them and they talk about all of the story lines and finding the center of the maze. Ford tells him that if he wants to know the moral of the story he need only ask, but the man tells him that the person he would’ve asked died 35 years ago. He almost took the park down but the man feels he had a hand in saving it.

The tech goes back to work on the bird again. He gets it up and running and it is flying around the room. It lands, on Maeve’s finger and she tells the tech, Felix that’s time for them to talk.

I thought this was a great episode. It explained at least some things about Arnold and it seems that Dolores is capable of hiding things from Ford which probably isn’t good for him long term. I’m also really interested in the transmitter that Hughes found in the stray host.

Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m.

Notorious, episode six

Julia heads into the county jail to visit Oscar. He’s called her to arrange an interview. He wants to go on the air to talk about Jake. She agrees and he goes on live from the jail with Louise, during which he accuses Jake of the murder of his wife. Louise points out that this affair would also serve as motive for Oscar but he dismisses that, saying he didn’t know about it until now. The segment ends and Julia gets a call from Jake. He thanks her for the heads up and says that he still plans on working for Oscar.

Julia’s boss stops by to talk about the story that the competition. Callie Connors (Missi Pyle) is covering a missing girl and Julia says she can get the parents. Jake represents them so he sets it up for the next day.

Ted and Laurie Parker (David Burke and Julia Ann Emery) are in Jake’s office prepping for their first national interview. He points out all of the quirks and tics that they have that might not play well to the audience. Before they leave, Ted asks Jake about the Oscar Keating situation and Jake assures him that the firm is invested in their case. Ted then tells Jake that they were offered $100,000 by Connors so they are going to do the interview there instead of with Louise. He advises against it but they say they need the money so that’s that.

Jake breaks the news to Julia and she is upset. He tries to explain it to her but it’s no use. Her boss wants to make a donation to the search fund that matches Connors offer in an attempt to lure them back. They lost the ratings war for the first time in seven months. He’s not letting it happen again.

Jake goes to visit Oscar in priso to get him to rehire him. Jake explains that he can attest to Oscar not knowing about the infidelity and that by presenting a united front it looks better for Oscar. They debate the issue before Oscar eventually agrees.

Megan comes in to Julia’s office. She’s having no luck tracking down someone to talk about the missing Emily Parker but she did find a shocking statistic. Nearly 600 girls go missing in L.A. every year. Of course most don’t look like Emily or have the upper middle class resources of her parents so they slip through the cracks. Julia decides to use that as the story.

Louise opens with information about missing persons before presenting Silvia Baez (Patricia De Leon). Her daughter Rosa went missing the same night as Emily Parker and the police haven’t exactly been helpful. Louise ends the episode with a statement that she, and the network, will make an effort to be more inclusive in their coverage and she hopes that other networks will as well.

Ella searched for Emily online and found a profile name on a cheerleading forum that she then looks elsewhere for. She finds it on an online stripping site which Emily used to make some extra money.

Connors responds to Louise’s call for inclusion by claiming to know what happened to Rosa. She blames it on her boyfriend Braydon Lucas (Tye White) and labels him as a felon and a thug. Julia decides to track down Braydon and he is not the warm and fuzzy type. Julia thinks he might know something and has Megan tell Ryan to trail him for a few days.

At Jake’s office, Emily’s friend Samantha (Jess Gabor) is explaining the stripping website to her parents. She says that Emily always thought it was safe because she didn’t have to meet the guys. Jake says its possible someone tracked her down through that. Jake asks if Samantha told anyone else. She did. A producer from Connors’ show. Jake says he will talk to Connors and try to get them not to air that story.

Gilford stops by the to talk to Jake. They discuss Oscar hiring him back and then move on to the topic of Sarah. She had scars consistent with giving birth so Gilford wants to know where her child is.

Jake goes to talk to Oscar but he doesn’t want to know anything about it. Every day that goes by he knows his wife less and less. Jake calls Sarah’s brother Alan and tells him to come by later to talk.

Julia goes to the fast food restaurant where Rosa worked and asks her boss Miguel Ortiz (Roberto Sanchez) a few questions. He seems to be forthcoming though he doesn’t really provide any information. Julia notices a camera on the way out and he says that she’d need approval from corporate which won’t be available until next week. They part ways and he heads to his office while she manages to get the video footage.

Megan and Julia review the footage and find that she had a bit of an altercation with a man about an hour before the end of her shift. They are able to get a partial license plate so she takes it to Gilford. He agrees to track it down and bring in the guy. He doesn’t mind being used by her, he says, but he wants it to be mutual. When she mentions the show, he counters with dinner and she agrees.

Connors airs the cam girl story. She seems to turn on the Parker parents in the process as well.

The police questions Gavin (Joshua Dov) about the argument at the drive thru window with Rosa and as it turns out the place was a front for a drug den. There was a secret code with the menu to get drugs, which is what Gavin had been in the market for.

Jake asks Alan about Sarah’s baby and he reveals that she gave birth while she was in high school. The family was very devout and it was never spoken of again.

Louise updates viewers on the Rosa case. Police have raided the restaurant and Ortiz is now out on bail. Ryan turns up at the office to tell Julia that Braydon is trying to get money together fast. To skip town? she assumes but Ryan doesn’t think so. He hasn’t packed a bag or anything.

Julia goes to see Braydon again. She asks if he is trying to collect ransom. She tells him she thinks that he wants to help Rosa and she does too. He tells her he thinks they’re too late.
He explains that Sylvia knew about the drug trafficking and basically offered Rosa up to Miguel. Rosa wasn’t making any money for her time there, Sylvia was so Rosa started to skim money from the registers so that she and Braydon could run away. Miguel found out and set up a ransom situation with Braydon but he’s still short. Julia tells him to go to the police.

Jake tells the Parker parents to keep at it even though people are not exactly being supportive anymore. Julia talks to Sylvia. She tells her she knows about the Miguel set up and says that this is all about money to her. Sylvia says she will do anything to help.
Jake goes to a storage locker rented by Sarah and finds out that it is co-registered in his name. He looks around and finds nothing of consequence though there are mementos of their relationship such as a photo from Spain in 2008.

Sylvia goes to talk to Miguel, while wearing a bug with Gilford and Julia listening in. She plays the part of concerned mother well, inclduing real tears and gets him to admit to where Rosa is being held. They go and get her back and she and Braydon leave town.

Jake shows up at the studio for his interview with Louise and he is upset. On air he admits to one night of weakness with Sarah before they are interrupted by police who arrest Jake for the murder. Gilford comes into the control room. He tells Julia that they received a tip about the storage locker and when they went to look at it they found the murder weapon.
Connors updates her viewers on the Emily Parker case. Her body was found. She was the victim of a brutal homicide only a few hours prior to the update.

I feel like this show had a lot of potential. It was just handled wrong. It wasn’t officially cancelled but the episode order was cut instead of expanded so its done. The convulted Keating story is what really bogs it down. If they had stuck to a case by case type setup of the Louise show it would have been better I think.

Notorious is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Grey’s Anatomy, episode six

Amelia and Owen are talking when April interrupts. There is a call for an accident with two ambulances heading in. They go outside to meet them.

Karev is taking care of a pregnant woman in the clinic. She’s been feeling fine and is surprised that despite being pregnant she’s lost weight. This alarms Karev and he tells her they are going to run some tests. She asks if she needs to call her baby’s daddy and he tells her that a little company couldn’t hurt.

Catherine Avery is in Bailey’s office talking about Karev. She doesn’t understand why someone charged of a felony is still employed by the hospital. Bailey says that he’s innocent until proven guilty but Catherine thinks she’s too lenient and tells her to get rid of Karev.

Several doctors are treating a man that was in a car accident with his son, Robbie (Micah Nelson). They were cut off and the father hit the median to avoid the other car.

Karev needs a surgeon to look over his pregnant patient but he can’t get anyone on the phone so he tells her and the father to sit tight while he goes to find someone.

Owen tries to talk to Amelia about their almost-pregnancy. She doesn’t want to talk about it. She also doesn’t want to try anymore. No need to rush she says. He tells her that’s okay but seems confused.

Bailey and Webber talk about Catherine’s visit. They both feel that people should be granted second chances. Karev finds them and tells Bailey he’s been paging her. He needs to best to come and confirm that the pregnant lady has cancer.

Bailey and Jo consult and though its too soon to tell if its cancerous she has a mass on her pancreas.

Avery, Ben and April are operating on the father, Bob (Cliff Chamberlain) and chatting.

Word travels throughout the cafeteria about the return of Leah Murphy (Tessa Ferrer). She slept with both Karev and Arizona and dragged the hospital through harassment lawsuits. She was trouble and now she’s back.

The biopsy shows that pregnant lady does have cancer and that treatment needs to be started right away. It will include heavy radiation, which the fetus would not survive.

Karev says that there has to be some other option and pushes Bailey but she tells him that he is on thin ice and needs to back off.

Amelia updates Robbie on his dad’s condition and they talk about his being scared. He is upset but when he starts to calm down he seems disoriented and passes out. They rush him to get a CT. His mother Laurel (Laurel Garner) turns up just as they rush him away.

Bailey goes to update the cancer patient and her options are death and more death. She can’t handle it but Karev suggests a different surgery that is far more radical. It would buy her enough time to deliver the baby but that’s pretty much it. She’s interested but Bailey pulls Karev aside to yell at him again and tells him to know his place.

Amelia and Jo are operating on Robbie when he crashes during the surgery. She flips out.

Murphy explains her life after she left the program. She doubled down at another hospital to get better and read an article that Maggie had written. After that she knew she wanted to work with her and when she found out she worked here she tried harder still and was able to earn her second chance.

Bailey talks to the pregnant lady about scheduling the DNE but she’s interested in the surgery Karev suggested. Bailey tells her that doing that would be sacrificing her life for her child and the patient says she’s interested in it.

Karev comes in to talk to the patient and finds out that she’s been moved to pre-op, for the surgery he suggested. He talks to the father to calm him down.

Amelia goes to let Robbie’s parents know what happened. After everything is explained, Laurel tells her husband it should have been him as she cries. Amelia runs into the lounge to get away and Karev is sitting there. He tells her that she can talk if she wants. They stare at each other for a minute before she tells him that she had a son when she lived in LA. He was born without a brain so he only lived for 43 minutes but she got to hold him before all of his organs were donated.

She talks about waiting for the pregnancy test results and how excited Owen was but she felt just the opposite. She felt like she was dying and she was relieved that the test was negative. She thinks Owen will hate her for this and Karev can’t tell her otherwise.

Arizona has an awkward encounter with Murphy.

April and Avery are nervous about Harriet in the car as the leave the hospital, especially after what happened to Robbie.

DeLuca doesn’t want to talk to Jo anymore. He saw her talking to Karev and it bothers him that she picks the bad guy.

Catherine stops by Bailey’s office again but this time Bailey stands up for Karev and Catherine says that its fine. She says that the fundamental flaw in the way they are teaching residents. The problem may be Webber.

Karev comes into Meredith’s room and flops on her bed. He talks to her about all the things that are important to him that he wants to do before he goes away, such as waffle Sundays.

I liked this episode. I’m glad that Bailey stood up for Karev in the end and was surprised to see Catherine plans to go after Webber. I felt really bad for Amelia with the Robbie case, moreso after she explained her own past. It should be interesting to see her explain it to Owen.

Grey’s Anatomy is new Thursdays at 8 p.m.

Chicago Med, episode six

Reese and Joey (Peter Mark Kendall) are walking to work and he is explaining something from the lab to her but she’s distracted. She mentions to him that she can’t shake the feeling that she is being followed and he blames it on her time in psych.

At the hospital, Choi points out to Maggie that they are being overrun when a little girl is brought in. She’s a cancer patient that is jaundiced and speaking nonsense. Manning suspects liver failure which would cause brain swelling. She and Choi intubate and call for all sorts of tests while rushing her upstairs.

Maggie tries to suggest diverting patients to other hospitals but Goodwin isn’t interested. Halstead is treating a patient that is showing an irregular heartbeat and stomach pain. He orders a few tests and then moves onto the next patient.

Rhodes and Latham are talking to a patient after he received a valve replacement and Rhodes gives him the all clear but Latham takes a moment to listen and says that they need to redo the surgery. Rhodes tries again but still doesn’t hear a problem and suggests a test instead. Latham says they can test him in the OR and goes to change into his scrubs.

Choi and April are talking to a little girl that has a foreign object lodged in her stomach. She has eaten something that can’t be metabolized but doesn’t know what it is. They ask for permission to sedate her and put a scope down her throat to pull it out. Her mother agrees to the treatment.

Manning is consulting with Dr. Abrams (Brennan Brown) about the cancer patient. He agrees that there is brain swelling and that she needs it drained. They go to tell her parents, who cry at the prospect of brain surgery.

Choi is outside trying to order lunch but the truck only serves chicken, which feels wrong to him since he got his parrot. Reese is in line and she still feels like she’s being watched. When she turns around she sees someone lurking and goes to find out who it is.

It’s Danny Jones (Nick Marini) the young man that came to the hospital for heroin withdrawal that was being sex trafficked. He can’t handle it anymore and wants to kill himself. She wants to help.

Maggie tells Goodwin she has tracked down a few more beds but she thinks ICU is holding out on her. Goodwin suggests going there and having a few words with those nurses.

Reese talks to Dr. Charles about Danny’s case. He tells her that he needs to be brought to an appropriate psychiatric facility but she wants to help him personally. She says he feels a connection to her and that she cares about him. Charles tells her to step away because her health and safety are important to him. His levels are all just slightly off and he wants to run a CT to find out more.

Latham and Rhodes complete the second surgery and Rhodes is shocked that Latham was right. He can’t believe how talented he is at hearing murmurs.

Choi pulled some sort of metal object out of the little girl’s stomach and brings Manning in to talk to the girl and her mother about it. It turns out the object is a prototype robot. The little girl and her friends are trying to create devices to advance science and medicine, and she was testing it on herself. Choi and Manning think it’s crazy and the mother is furious.

Maggie is still on a mission to find more available beds but comes across a room that is nicknamed “the red room” because several patients have died in there recently. Doctors won’t use it, including Rhodes.

Halstead has run a CT on the stomach pain patient and hasn’t found anything specific. The man says the pain stopped so he must be all better and can go home but Halstead tells him that no pain is a bad sign. He needs surgery and sends a nurse to page Rhodes.

Abrams and Manning administer the draining procedure and she goes to tell the parents. She may need a liver transplant but Manning believes she will make it through this.

Rhodes says the test are inconclusive so he won’t operate on Halstead’s patient. Will won’t let it go though and says that he knows there is a problem because he felt it with his hands. Rhodes agrees to the surgery because of his experience with Latham hearing things he couldn’t earlier.

Manning goes to talk to Dr. Charles about the cancer patient. She thinks that she gave the parents false hope because she wants to have that hope herself. She is worried she’s too invested in the case but he tells her that that’s exactly what her parents would want.

Charles finds Reese and talks to her about his work at a private practice before coming to Med. He had a patient that he spent a lot of time with, that he thought was making progress, but that ended up jumping off a roof. He questioned his own abilities and eventually got out of that business and into emergency treatment. He reiterates that meeting with Danny outside of a clinical setting is a terrible idea but he doesn’t want to dismiss her involvement in the case.

Rhodes puts Halstead’s patient under and runs a dye test to find that Halstead was right. They need to perform surgery.

Charles takes Reese to see Det. Lindsay at district 21 to talk about Danny’s case. Erin explains that traffickers control people like Danny in a number of ways, psychologically as well as drugs and torture. She also warns Reese to be careful because if the fact that he wants to get out spreads, he may be killed.

Manning rushes into the cancer patient’s room to find Abrams already running tests. The brain swelling affected her brain stem and while they tell her parents, she crashes. They try to revive her but are unsuccessful.

Choi goes to visit the science obsessed little girl at home. He thinks that the lab she is working in in her basement is remarkable.

Reese goes to talk to Danny and tells him he shows signs of depression but it might just be a product of his environment. She says that if he was living in better circumstances he might feel better but he balks at the idea of leaving. He needs the heroin and is scared of the traffickers. He runs away from Reese.

Manning is sitting outside and is upset about the cancer patient. Choi comes over and expresses his condolences. He talks about his home visit with the science patient. He talks about how advanced things are now and that these little kids are the future.

Maggie brings in a Hawaiian friend of Rhodes to read the “red room” and he goes about fixing it.

Danny is brought in by paramedics and Choi is called to treat him but Reese is paged as well. He is bleeding from his right side, a self inflected wound, and he keeps calling for Reese. He was trying to cut out the chip. He wants to live. He wants to get away from the traffickers.

Manning goes to visit the kids in their basement lab. She’s impressed by both the setup and the remarkable work they are doing. She suggests they give working on cancer a shot.
The shaman clears the red room and Maggie says she will now be sending patients there. Rhodes asks the Hawaiian if he believes there was anything wrong in the room and he says yes. The physics of the room was changed by all the grief and he had to fix that.

Choi removes Danny’s tracking chip and Reese takes it outside where she drops it in some flowing water in the gutter which washes it away. Charles warns her that this is only the beginning.

Rhodes commends Halstead on his diagnosis and asks how he knew. He explains that he learned it during his residency from a doctor that didn’t need scans to figure things out. Rhodes says he knows someone like that.

Halstead goes to visit an older doctor by the name of Rowan in a home for the elderly. She seems to have Alzheimer’s. He tells her that what she taught him saved a man’s life and he thanks her.

Manning works with the kids in the basement lab. Reese visits with Danny in his hospital room and Rhodes does to the library to practice listening for murmurs.

I liked this episode. I’m hoping that this isn’t the end of the Danny story line. I’d be interested in it crossing over to PD so that intelligence could take down the trafficking ring. It’s nice to see the younger doctors paying their respects to their mentors and learning from them and the idea of kids being so advanced in science is fascinating. I do feel bad for the parents of the little girl that died though.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.

This is Us, episode five

A young Rebecca watches as her mother caters to her father while he watches the game. She tries to talk but is told not to interrupt said television viewing. Adult Rebecca is in a bar with Jack. He’s focused on the football game but she doesn’t want to be her mother so she asks him to explain the game to her. It’s clear she’s a fan of the game, and not of kids.

Morning at Randall’s house is a bit tedious now that Kevin has been bumming around. He doesn’t do blueberries so now the kids don’t either and he’s a bit of a pain for Randall. After William and the girls have left, Beth asks Kevin when he is leaving. He complains about his swanky hotel suite being lonely and Randall jumps at the chance for some privacy. Kevin is on kid duty.

Kate brings Toby breakfast in bed and the discuss their plans for that night. He wants to go play mini-golf after their meeting but she says she can’t because she has to watch the Steelers game. He says that they can do that instead but she is insistent on doing it alone.

Flashback to Rebecca and Jack at a bar on Super Bowl Sunday. She is singing before the game. Miguel and Shelly (Wynn Everett) show up, late and talk about thir kids. Rebecca reiterates not wanting kids of her own.

Jack confronts Rebecca about not wanting kids. He says that they have always put the conversation off to discuss it “later” and that later is now.

Randall and Beth are getting ready to head to the hotel for the night and she is freaking out. Kevin isn’t helping matters by making inappropriate jokes about childcare but eventually they leave and Kevin is in charge.

A woman is sharing at the meeting and Toby passes a note to Kate. He invites her to a Steelers watching party, for just the two of them.

The girls get bored watching movies and need a celebrity judge for their Barbie fashion show. They try and recruit Kevin but he really needs to learn his lines so he suggests they help him instead.

Randall is super excited about their fancy accommodations and he breaks down the schedule of events for Beth including burgers in bed when she interrupts him to tell him she’s late. She can’t bring herself to go to the drug store for a pregnancy test and she’s freaking out and needs his support.

Kate shows up at Toby’s and finds out he invited another friend over as well. Shooter (Reggie Watkins) is a big sports fan so why not have a sports party.

Miguel is trying to engage in conversation with Jack but its no use. He’s upset about the kids issue so Rebecca finally relents and has the kids conversation. She’s “not there yet” and is trying to explain that to him when they are confronted by a drunk guy. Jack punches the guy and Rebecca storms out.

Randall and Beth go to get a pregnancy test and have a bit of an argument in the store. This ruins his dream plans to have an early retirement in Charleston.

Kate is frustrated because she just wants to watch the game but Toby wants to chat and wants her to get to know Shooter but she just wants to watch the game.

Kevin is running lines with William and the girls and they start asking questions about the play and death. Kevin puts his foot in his mouth when he tries to answer them and eventually just sends them to bed.

Jack talks to Miguel about wanting kids and Miguel says that Rebecca is right. The life they have now is over when they have kids. Miguel asks him if the kid issue is a dealbreaker. The Steelers score and he runs to kiss Shelly. Jack is alone at the bar and Rebecca is alone outside.

Randall and Beth are waiting in the hotel bathroom to look at the test. They discuss what it would be like having another kid and how they would make it work.

Kevin and William talk about Kevin. William asks why he always doubts himself and says he needs to give himself more credit. They discuss the play.

Jack leaves the bar to look for Rebecca. He finds her and tells her that if its between her and kids, she wins. He talks about wanting to be a different kind of dad than his father. She explains that she sees their future with kids but she doesn’t want to change what they have right now.

Toby goes to Kate’s house to ask what all that was about with her ditching out on his sports party earlier. She explains that she grew up watching the Steelers with her dad and that when she moved out west she kind of stopped but in 2006 when they were in the AFC championship she just really wanted to watch with her dad, so she did and they won the Super Bowl so now its just something she does with her dad.

He says that he sounds like a cool guy and he’d like to meet him and she says okay and walks over and picks up an urn. Kate admits that she knows it sounds crazy but football is a big part of her family. She was conceived in a bathroom during the Super Bowl.

Kevin goes to the girls’ room and shares a secret with them. When he first reads a script, he paints how it makes him feel and he shows them the painting he did when he first read the play. Then he explains both it and how he interpreted the play to the girls.

He talks about family and how it evolves and some people die, like his dad, but they aren’t gone. Life is messy and magical and wonderful and this is us. We also see Randall and Beth find out she is not pregnant and Randall cleans up William’s room.

This was a pretty good episode. I like Kevin when he’s not being a goof but is really trying, as he was with the girls at the end but my favorite is still Randall. I’m glad we found out more about Rebecca and Jack. I think it was kind of obvious that Jack had passed but it’s interesting that Kate has the urn. Do they all have urns? Is it just a symbolic urn or is he actually in there?

This is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

Conviction, episode four

Hayes’ arrest and the coverup are the top news story of the morning. Jackson gives her a pep talk before she heads to work. Wallace is at the office and when she asks if she’s fired he basically responds with not yet. His job is safe despite his involvement and she has to go and try to plead her case during a live primetime interview in four days.

She heads to the conference room and asks the team to present a new case. They don’t have one prepared because they thought she was being fired. Tess comes up with one though. Their first female client. Penny Price (Teri Polo) is serving a for murder. She was convicted of poisoning her son Owen (C.J. Dube).

They spend time watching her vlog and see the way her autistic son treats her but are still hesitant about how to approach the case. His death was declared the result of salt poisoning from downing a bottle of soy sauce. Tess’ belief is that the death truly was accidental.

Sam and Maxine go to visit Penny in prison. She has a bruise on her face because people in prison don’t like child killers. Sam is harsh on her as she tries to explain what life was like for her while she was raising Owen.

Hayes goes back home to prep for her interview with Jackson while Frankie and Tess go to visit Dr. Jane Soto (Sheila McCarthy) a toxicology expert that consulted on the case. She was never called to the stand. They talk to her and find out that he didn’t die of salt poisoning. He died from an injection of insulin. He was definitely murdered.

Sam is still pretty adamant that Penny killed Owen. Tess wants to find proof that she didn’t. She suggests the father Greg (Tim Guinee) and then goes to follow up on that. Jackson comes to the office to continue prep with Hayes but they are interrupted by Tess and Maxine. Greg’s alibi is false. Hayes and Tess go to visit him.

Hayes talks to Greg and he admits to having an affair while Tess talks to Penny’s daughter Emily (Molly Brown). She talks about how hard things have been but how good of a mother Penny still is. Now its on Emily to hold the family together.

They talk to Greg’s mistress, Candace (Mary Ashton) who explains that she gave Greg an ultimatum the day of the murder because she wanted a family of her own. He stormed out, well before the time that Owen died. His alibi is a bust.

The team tries to figure out if it is possible for Greg to have slipped in unnoticed but it doesn’t seem likely. Tess and Frankie head to the Price house to run a simulation. Wallace stops by the office for an update on the case, and to find out how Hayes is holding up with the interview prep.

Tess and Frankie do a mock run through of what Greg would have done that day. He didn’t have enough time to administer the insulin and get out of the house unseen. He isn’t the killer. Moreover, there is no evidence that Penny isn’t.

The team meets again. Greg has been ruled out but that doesn’t mean it was definitely Penny. They still haven’t tracked down the home health aide Eduardo Peligro (Edsson Morales). They have found someone commenting on Penny’s vlog that seems to be him though. Tess drafts a warrant to bring to a judge and Hayes goes for more prep with Jackson.

Tess gets turned down and calls Hayes, who isn’t upset about ditching prep again, to talk to the judge. Judge McCutcheon (Michael Pemberton) isn’t anti-privacy as he claimed. He’s anti-CIU but Hayes drives a tough bargain. She backs her argument up with a legal precedent and he relents.

Hayes rushes to the interview and is ready to rock and roll. Dan Harris is already on hand and he tries to rile her up and he is successful. She tries to maintain the charade but can’t do it. She eventually speaks from the heart about how she is where she is because of the privileges afforded to her based on her last name. Since she has it, she might as well use it to benefit those that don’t though right?

After reviewing his e-mails and texts, they find that Eduardo had access to insulin and that the day after Owen’s death his sister was in a diabetic coma because she missed a shot. They track down him down in East Harlem and Maxine and Hayes go to pay him a visit.

He claims that he was hoping for Owen to be moved to a facility and that he loved him like a son. He even says that his sister Jazmin (Ana Golja) and Emily were good friends. She confirms this and says that Emily would hang out at her house because it was less stressful than home. She was there the day before the murder, and knew about Jazmin’s diabetes.

Hayes crashes Emily’s visitation with Penny. She confronts her about murdering her brother and she starts to cry and confess but Penny tells her to stop talking. She that she killed Owen with the insulin shot and will tell that to any judge and any jury to save her daughter.

Hayes goes to give Wallace an update on the case. He thanks her and then dismisses her somewhat abruptly. She thinks she knows what the problem is and hands over her letter of resignation but that’s not it at all. She’s a hero on twitter for keeping it real but now Wallace is under investigation. He tells her to leave.

Hayes is leaving the office with a tree for Jackson, because extending a single olive branch wouldn’t be enough, and Tess is still there. Tess says she had to take care of her mom when she was younger after her aunt was murdered. She says that not everyone gets a second chance.

Hayes gets to her apartment building to find out she isn’t allowed upstairs. Jackson has instructed the doorman not to let her up and many of her belongings are piled in the lobby. She walks outside and starts to cry.

I thought this episode was very predictable. As soon as they established that Penny had a daughter it was easy to figure out she did it to save her mom and that Penny would take the fall for it. The fact that Wallace is so nasty to Hayes annoys me because he should’ve expected the investigation either way. Overall I was not impressed with this episode at all.

Conviction airs Mondays at 10 p.m.