Lucifer, episode two

Lucifer is back after a two week hiatus due to the presidential debate. Previously, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) has acted a civilian consultant with the Los Angeles police department. He has primarily helped Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). As the first season drew to a close, Morningstar’s mother, Charlotte, escaped hell and is on the loose in LA. In the season premiere she finds her way to his apartment.

We find Morningstar doubting his mother’s story as to how she came to be in his presence. Morningstar’s mum inhabits bodies on either, she doesn’t have her own human form Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) claims to want to make amends and offers to prove the truth of her story to him. As they look around the hotel room she alleges she was attacked in, they find a body.”Liar liar, slutty dress on fire,” Morningstar chides as they assess what to do.

That entails escaping out the back door and leaving his mother at home with his helpful henchman Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) before reporting to the police station to find Decker. They end up being assigned the case of the body found by a hotel maid, in the very room that Morningstar fled just a short while ago.

She theorizes that this could be a case of a jealous husband while Morningstar finds a phone (that he had already seen earlier) that could help ID the people in the room. Decker’s ex-husband and fellow officer Detective Dan Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro) discovers a body in another room.

Decker assigns Espinoza with finding more information while she and Morningstar got to the law firm that the cell phone was charged to and question Brad Wheeler (Colin Egglesfield) about firm owner Charlotte Richards. Unbeknownst to Decker, Morningstar believes that this is the body his mother is inhabiting. Wheeler leads them to her husband who is at home with the couple’s sick children, where he’s been for several days.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Mazikeen is taking her time tormenting Mama Morningstar and at the station the discovered prints turn out to be those of a drug kingpin. Richards and the dead man were meeting in order to bring down a drug cartel.

After their serious chat, during which Mazikeen spills the beans about Morningstar’s deal with the Almighty about sending mommy dearest back to eternal damnation, the mother in question escapes with the means to disappear.

Morningstar and Decker try to track down Charlotte and the killer. After talking to the king pin, they find out that their top suspect is actually dead, but the chat turns up a new suspect that leads them right to Charlotte.

A recurring story in this episode was that Decker was treating her daughter Trixie a lesson by not buying her a new, very expensive doll, to replace the one she intentionally destroyed. She calls it teaching her a lesson but Morningstar sees it as abandonment and neglect, undoubtedly a byproduct of his own maternal relationship.

As the episode draws to a close, Charlotte confesses that she wants her home back and hopes to make up for her mistreatment of Morningstar earlier in his life now that they are both here on earth but he tells her there is no way to make up for what she’s done. She tells him that his father wanted to destroy him and she convinced him to send him to hell instead and offers to take her punishment by going back to hell, though she’d prefer not to. He is gracious and allows her to stay on earth. But the question remains. Was she being sincere?

This was a good episode. Charlotte’s fumbling at how to be human was amusing and the way that Decker and Morningstar banter and snip at each other is a great thing. The real standout of this season so far has been the comedic timing of Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia). She steals most of the scenes she is in, especially those with Morningstar because he doesn’t seem to know what to make of her.

Lucifer is new next Monday at 9 p.m.


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