Chicago PD, episode one

I’m a sucker for a Dick Wolf procedural. I can’t even front about it. If I’m flipping through the channels and find SVU on, I’ll probably watch it for half the day before I even realize what’s happening. These Chicago shows are no different. I watch all three and when Justice joins the roster, I’ll watch that one too. Of the three though, PD was the first one I watched. I’ve since caught up with Fire and started Med when that first aired but for whatever reason this is the one that first caught my attention.

When we last saw the District 21 Intelligence team, most of them were on one side of the city on a wild goose chase while Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) took out his son’s killer near the silos. Surrogate-daughter and team member Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush) was not fooled by Voight’s misdirect and confronted him but it was no use because he took the shot as she drove away.

Now as we head into season four it is a sweltering hot day in the city and the team’s newest case is the victim of what Chicago Fire‘s Lieutenant Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) deems to be arson. Identified as Evan Burner, the dead man, has been recently in touch with a police officer. As it turns out his sister, who was very reluctant to help the police at first, was busted for possession and the arresting officer tried to coerce her into going undercover to break up a drug ring. Burner went in her place and thinks took a turn for the worst.

Meanwhile, with the departure of Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty) at the end of last season, Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) needs a new partner on the beat. Enter Julie Tay (Li Jun Li). Fresh off what is described as the worst beat in the city, which she was relegated to for turning down the romantic overtures of her superior. Basically Platt (Amy Morton) saved her. Because of course Platt would save her.

The team busts the drug lord that killed Burner but all the while Lindsay is distracted. She’s being borderline harassed by Commander Emma Crowley (Barbara Eve Harris) as to why her phone shows up with Voight’s near the silos at the time of the suspected murder at the end of last season.

She maintains both of their innocence but the situation obviously puts a strain on things between her and Voight. She vents about it to her partner, both on and off the job, Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and he asks her to move in with him. After visiting the silos by herself one more time, Lindsay talks to Crowley again who promptly turns up to take Voight’s gun and badge. Did Lindsay snitch? After Crowley’s team digs up the area around the silos and finds nothing, it’s obvious she did not.

The episode ends with Voight turning up at Lindsay’s door. He tells her that she is all he has left and she thanks him for saving her when she was 15. She says she was just returning the favor.

I thought this was a good premiere because it ties up some of the loose ends from last season. Obviously Voight killed the guy and if she wasn’t, before Lindsay is now definitely an accomplice. The tension in their normal father-daughter relationship will undoubtedly play out throughout the rest of the season, or at least until they are busted because they definitely will be. I like Lindsay and Halstead together so if they aren’t going to break up again next week actually moving that relationship forward makes sense.

There wasn’t a whole lot of involvement from the rest of the team. There was a brief mentoring moment between Antonio Dawson (Jon Seda) and Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) which was nice but those are now numbered as news recently broke that Seda will be leaving to PD to join the cast of Justice when it premieres.


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