Chicago PD, episode two

Last week’s episode featured Lindsay covering (and possibly hiding a body) for Voight with the commander, Burgess being assigned a new partner, and Halstead suggesting that he and Lindsay possibly move in together.

We kick off the new episode with Burgess and Tay chatting while on patrol. I like this budding partnership and I’m happy to see it continuing. Duty calls and they give chase to two suspects in what appears to be a car robbery but can’t catch them. Their requested backup, which turns out to be Atwater and Halstead working overtime, shows up and the group pursues again. In this mainly black neighborhood they find the car’s owner, a white man beaten beyond recognition and his fiance is missing.

While the man, Nathan Ward (Sam Straley) is recovering the hospital, the Intelligence unit is pounding the pavement trying to track down the missing fiance, Sarah Murphy (Amanda Raudabaugh). Atwater is able to find a lead to Ward’s heroin dealer. The neighborhood in question is referred to as “right off the heroin highway” so the team is not surprised that drugs are involved.

Basically, Ward used fake money for the heroin and then got beat up when he tried to get another fix. While he was otherwise occupied, Murphy was taken from the car by ex-con Kenneth Waddell (Antonio St. James) known for sexual assault. After Voight negotiates with a gang leader, the unit is allowed to investigate inside a housing project. Halstead uses his Army Ranger training to take out Waddell and Murphy is saved.

Speaking of his time in the service, Halstead is also confronted with the possibility of his Ranger buddy and the unit’s tech wiz Mouse (Samuel Hunt) re-enlisting and shipping back to Afghanistan.

Elsewhere, that pesky commander that tried to keep Tay in the abyss of assignments for all eternity turned up at 21 to have words with Platt about undermining his authority. She stands her ground and he leaves in a huff.

Love is in the air for “Linstead,” Lindsay and Halstead exchange “I love you”s for the first time and agree to move in together.

The rest of the unit helps in the search for Murphy but otherwise doesn’t feature prominently in this episode. I thought this was an interesting one. It’s not the first time that PD has touched on race relations between the police and citizens of the city. They tend to end up with the cops’ actions being justified in the end and the community rallying together, which is obviously not always the case in the real world. It will be a shame to see Mouse leave but he wasn’t getting a lot of screen time anyway so it makes sense. Tensions remain high between Lindsay and Voight and I’m excited to see when that will boil over.


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