Frequency, episode one

So everyone knows the movie that served as source material for this new CW show right? The one from back in 2000 with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel? No? Just me? Okay. Well there was a movie called Frequency and it is pretty great and they used to air it a lot on TNT or one of those networks but it hasn’t been in the rotation for a while. Anyway, in the movie, set in 1999 Quaid plays Caviezel’s father. Only the problem is that his father, a firefighter, died in the line of duty in 1969 when he was just a kid. They communicate via an old ham radio and work together to save Quaid from dying in the first place. There is admittedly a lot more to the movie than that but that’s the gist of it and that’s kind of what the show takes from it, at least in this first episode.

Detective Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) is an NYPD detective whose father Frank (Riley Smith) died while working undercover in 1996. He was killed while working undercover. Overall, she’s got a pretty good life. She’s respected at work. She’s celebrating her birthday and she’s about to meet her boyfriend, Daniel Lawrence’s (Daniel Bonjour), parents. He is someone that her boss Satch Rayna (Mekhi Phifer), who happens to be her father’s old partner, thinks Frank would’ve liked.

Daniel hooks up her father’s old ham radio during a storm and by a stroke of fate the old junker starts working. She’s actually able to get in touch with someone named Frank in Queens. They chat about the 1996 Yankees vs Braves World Series (which is ridiculous because who in Queens would ever be rooting for the Yanks. That’s Mets turf.). Raimy notices the similarities between her mysterious radio buddy and her father but let’s it slide.

After there are one too many coincidences between her predictions and the game, Frank gets in touch with Raimy again and they realize their connection. After their late night chat, she takes the time to look into the case that was her father’s last. There are a few things that don’t add up and they realize that he was set up!

She warns him about his death and tells him to be careful before going to talk to the other officers that were involved in the investigation back in ’96. As it turns out the deputy chief of police Stan Marano (Anthony Ruivivar) was responsible for the undercover operation that resulted in Frank’s death.

Raimy is able to provide him with enough information to save Frank’s life. As he lives beyond the moment he originally died everything changes. Raimy now has memories of a life growing up and joining the force with her father there to guide her but not everything is sunshine and daisies in 2016. Julie Sullivan (Devin Kelley) Frank’s former widow and Raimy’s mother died in 1996. She was murdered by the serial killer that Frank had been investigating when he was killed. Oh and that dreamy boyfriend from earlier in the episode? No idea who Raimy is now.

Overall, I liked this pilot a lot but I kind of figured I would going in because I liked the movie so much. My biggest gripe is actually the idea that a family in Queens would be rooting for the Yankees as opposed to the Mets. It’s unrealistic. I thought that the cast was convincing enough though no one really stood out as exceptional yet. It’s only the first episode. I’m sure they will in time. I’m definitely going to stick with this one, at least for the time being.

Frequency airs next Wednesday at 9 p.m.



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