Chicago Med, episode three

Maggie and Dr. Halstead go to her family reunion picnic and as she leaves, Maggie’s sister Denise crashes her car. When they reach the car, she can’t see. He gives her a steroid and her sight comes back. She tries to leave immediately, a clear sign that something might be more might be happening.

After some tests, it turns out she has cancer, in her prostate. Denise is actually transgender and when trying to finish the exam Halstead unwittingly offends her. Maggie comes back into the room when Denise tries to check herself out and the two have a heart to heart about how her transition has impacted the whole family. She decides to stay in Chicago for treatment.

Dr. Rhodes is working when a patient comes in that is a very well connected man in the city. He has to perform a rare procedure on the man’s heart that actually involves the patient being dead and then brought back after the repair is complete. Goodwin reprimands him for not consulting an attending doctor. When he then discusses the surgery with Dr. Latham, he has to justify his choice and is met with skepticism. The surgery is supposed to take only 30 minutes. Any longer and it runs the risk of serious complications so as the deadline draws closer, Latham gets more vocal with his criticism of Rhodes.

Dr. Choi has a patient that has a second degree burn and a is seven months pregnant. Only thing is, it turns out she’s not pregnant so Choi calls in Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese for a consult. When they talk to the couple, Charles gets the impression that the husband knows something is amiss. It turns out the wife has a condition known as hysterical pregnancy in which her body tricks her into believing she is pregnant when she’s really not.

Dr. Manning and Jeff are working on a patient brought in via ambulance that doesn’t speak English. He is from somewhere in southeast Asia and they go online to find a translator. Because the region has so many dialects it isn’t that obvious what he is speaking and the cultures that they took to test won’t be back for a while so Manning is stressing. She turns to Halstead for a advice and he suggests looking through the history. As it turns out, their patient isn’t carrying some exotic disease he brought from overseas. He has the measles.

In non-patient news, Manning and Jeff continue to grow closer which is kind of adorable and Halstead strikes up a conversation with Dr. Nina Shore at a bar. Goodwin agreed to Rhodes being placed on the “Top 40 Under 40” list for Spotlight Chicago magazine.

Overall I liked this episode. I’m a big fan of Will and Maggie being best friends and would like to see them hanging out more. I also love that Reese joined Dr. Charles in Psych. I also am a fan of the play between Latham and Rhodes and think that this will be interesting moving forward.

Chicago Med is all new next Thursday at 9 p.m.


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