Grey’s Anatomy, episode three

So Maggie ruined work by asking out Riggs and Karev is stuck in the clinic and Deluca’s eyesight is almost normal again and ARIZONA IS BACK.

There is a massive seven car pileup in the pit. A family on their way to the patriarch’s gravesite and now most of the family is suffering from what appear to be minor injuries.

The major patient story of this episode was the drama surrounding the car accident family. As it turns out, the accident was caused by a daughter of the deceased that had been running late. She hadn’t seen anyone from the family in about ten years and just wanted to tell her father she loved him. The miracle of the episode though is the matriarch who dies holding her husband’s hand while waiting for the morgue to come pick up the body and comes back to life an hour later.

Meredith is not taking any lip from anyone, including Riggs so when he tries chat about Maggie and giving a relationship a chance while waiting for the elevator, she shuts him down, not dealing with his nonsense. When he tries again later, she suggests he go out with Maggie and intentionally act like a jerk. They later commiserate over dead loved ones.

Bailey and Ben are dealing with Tuck fighting someone at school and by dealing I mean Bailey is mostly avoiding it. She doesn’t want to have to be the bad cop all the time but doesn’t see that Ben is willing to take on the roll because he too loves Tuck. He asks her to “deputize” him. She does and he uses the scared straight tactic to get Tuck to see the error of his ways.

Arizona comes back and she’s on a roll. She has words with Karev, though he isn’t necessarily interested in listening and is later quick to point out though that other people have been held to different standards. She assures Deluca that he doesn’t have to move out but the most touching moment comes at the end. She and Karev discuss the training she has given  him and how much she missed him in surgery, even if she is still mad at him. And he returns the sentiment while acknowledging that he will be the person she’s helped him become while serving his time in the clinic.

Kepner misses work. She turns up at the hospital and spends much of the day with Karev lurking and watching other doctors deal with patients.

Overall I liked this episode. I’m glad Karev is seeing the error of his ways and that things are settling down otherwise. Meredith and Riggs are amusing but it’s only a matter of time before they get together and then loads of drama will ensue with Maggie. It’s Grey’s Anatomy though so drama is a necessity.


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