How to Get Away With Murder, episode three

The opening flash forward is set six weeks ahead and features Oliver trying to wipe the data off of the cell that Annalise gave him.

Annalise comes downstairs in the morning to find Nate making smoothies for breakfast. She’s not about the blender breakfast. She goes to the prosecutor’s office about a potential deal and is shot down. She then finds out the client killed another girl, perhaps in addition to the victim for the trial taking place and Annalise needs to handle that too. His other lawyer had been blackmailing him with that information and Annalise brings the client and the blackmail money home.

Annalise and Nate come up with a defense that would accuse someone else with the murder of the other dead girl and get their client a plea deal for three years. She also gets a story on the front cover of the paper about what a good citizen she is which the dean sees.

Michaela is just having a bad day. She jumps at the chance to be first chair for the case of the week. It is a tabloid fodder case. After the prosecutor’s first witness, she wants to step down but Annalise won’t let her. Shortly thereafter Connor reveals that their mutual ex is now engaged. Later that night, Annalise kicks her off the case. She decides its time to blow off some steam with Connor, Asher and Oliver in Atlantic City, with the cash she swiped from the client. The adventure is not all fun and games.

Connor is still obviously into Oliver and while they are in Atlantic City tensions rise and Oliver accuses him of trying sabotage him, though he was actually defending him to a bigoted dude. Michaela ends up losing all the money. She’s forced to pawn her old engagement ring to get money back.

Laurel goes to Miami to visit her father and ask for help tracking down Frank. They have a few unresolved issues from.. well it seems like from her whole life really. He calls in a mediator for their conversation and that gets them nowhere. It turns out he’s been spying on her and tapping her phone. He later turns up at her hotel room with tres leches cake and tells her he knows where Frank is but they continue to argue about her place in the family and he leaves without telling her. Frank calls later that night with a message for Annalise but Laurel, aware that someone might be listening in. Before heading home she goes back to her father’s office and gives him the paperwork he dropped off the night before. She signed it to find out Frank is in Pittsburgh.When she gets back, she tells Annalise that her father asked her to sell her soul for the information, but she couldn’t do it.

The ending flash forward features Bonnie talking to the police about the charges pending against Annalise while Oliver leaves the phone within the police barricades. But that’s not all. As it turns out there is another body in the house!

This was a good episode. I’ve always liked that this show is very fast paced even if it is a little confusing at times. I feel bad for Connor. He seems to be trying and Oliver is being a toolbag. I also think that sooner rather than later Laurel and Wes will end up together, at least for a bit.

So who is dead? I thought it was Oliver so I’ve got no shot at this. Maybe Nate? Or Asher? I really have no idea. How to Get Away With Murder is new next Thursday at 10 p.m.



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