Notorious, episode three

Oscar is in prison and has been denied bail. His late wife’s brother goes live on television and airs the couple’s dirty laundry, namely his affair with photographic proof. When confronted by Jake about what other secrets he might hiding, Oscar admits to an online affair as well.

Jake spends time trying to smooth things over for Oscar. He tells Sarah’s brother not to blame Oscar in the media because, he explains, this is only going to convince police not to look for her real killer. Jake’s assistant Ella also tracks down the actress that has been Oscar’s online girlfriend for the past few months.

Julia tries to come up with something for their next show during a staff meeting but has no luck. Later, Megan provides video of a charitable rock star that is in a coma raping an unconscious woman. The video is verified as legitimate and they go to air with it.

Louise, who as we’ve seen is rarely in a rush to get to set, is actually ready and eager to present evidence that Trinity, the rock star, is a predator.

Later, when at a bar discussing work the southpaw god of darts agrees to help Julia convince the rape victim to come on the show but the next morning the victim stops by his office to back out. Jake thinks someone from Trinity’s team provided a payoff.

Jake and Ella meet with the actress girlfriend only to find out that she has never spoken to him before. He was being catfished the entire time.

Meanwhile, back at LHN, several other rape victims have come forward to discuss Trinity. The broadcast ends with footage of a soldier being beheaded overseas, a story that had been mentioned throughout the episode which Louise was vehemently opposed to. It turns out before becoming a cable news anchor she had been a foreign correspondent in Afghanistan.

She fell in love with the interpreter of the platoon that she was embedded with, who was beheaded during her time over there, something she never told Julia despite working together for eight years because Julia has always been “a little judgy” when it comes to Louise’s personal life. The discussion ends on a tense note after Louise expresses just how obvious it is that Julia cares very little for their friendship.

As for Trinity, his coma was a result of being drugged by a mix of ketamine and GHB, which is what he had been using to drug and rape his victims. Which the victim in the video used to drug him.

And the catfisher involved with Oscar? His best friend and business partner Levi.

I think this show is growing on me. I liked but didn’t love it to begin with and now I’m much more interested in seeing what happens next. I could probably do without the Oscar storyline to be honest and just see the day to day behind the scenes of a cable news show. That side of this is fascinating. I liked this episode and respect that Julia stood her ground, job be damned.

Notorious is new next Thursday at 9 p.m.



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