Pitch, episode three

We open with Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) stepping up to the plate against the Cardinals at Petco Park in the midst of a beanball war. The pitch is delivered and we hear “look out” from the announcer before the screen cuts to black.

After the title sequence we find Mike Lawson (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Amelia Slater (Ali Larter) in bed together. A phone buzzes and the two are up and starting their days. She has to run but before she does she points out, in a tone that implies this conversation has happened quite often, that they can’t tell Baker about this.

Buck Garland (Jack McGee) is walking through the parking garage at the ballfield when Frank Reid (Bob Balaban) pulls up to discuss how he’s feeling about the changes being made.

The team is in the locker room preparing for the day’s game when Lawson and Blip Sanders (Mo McRae) come in and drop off a delivery for Baker, champagne and an invite to a party from rapper Drake, which she is teased for. Tommy Miller (Ryan Dorsey) points out to Baker that he is now eligible to come off the DL which means someone will have to be sent down to the minors. More importantly though, the team is playing the same pitcher that sent him there to begin with by breaking his hand.

Baker and Lawson go over their game strategy and she points out that it’s time for retaliation. She should be hitting one of the opposing batters today but Lawson says no because she lacks power. On her way out of the training room she receives a text from someone named Trevor.

Flashback to Baker in the minors in Texas sitting at a bar with Sanders and his wife Evelyn (Meagan Holder). A stranger sends over a drink. It turns out to be a player from the team they just beat, Trevor Davis (Shamier Anderson). He tries to chat but Baker shoots him down.

Garland and Al Luongo (Dan Lauria) are chatting about the owners all being at the stadium while they watch Miller test out his arm. Oscar Arguella (Mark Consuelos) comes by to see who gets sent down and then tells Luongo that he’ll handle it because off all that is happening.

Arguella is doing just that and going over what’s necessary with Rhonda (Kelly Jenrette) when he comes around a corner to find his daughter Daniella (Isabella Day) on hand to see Baker pitch for the first time.

Since he wants to go out on his own terms, Luongo picks a fight with the home plate umpire and gets himself tossed before the game even starts. Garland is in charge now.

Flashback to Baker and Davis out to eat in Texas. He tells her he is done playing baseball and after the season is going to go get a degree and move on. He doesn’t want to spend his life playing minor league ball. So he’s not a ballplayer. So she isn’t breaking her code to date him. And date they do.

Baker is on fire on the mound but she wants to prove herself when the opposing pitcher Falcone (Andy Hnilo) throws way inside on Sanders. Luongo is setting up to have something of a last supper in the clubhouse. He invites Maxine Armstrong (Wendie Malick) to join him but back on the field Baker ups the anti by hitting Falcone, creating quite the target on her own back.

Slater is mad because this will hurt potential endorsements but Baker seems to have earned some respect from Miller. Luongo seems to have worked out a strategy for salvaging his season. He points out what a PR nightmare it would be for him to get fired, how bad it would make the club and Baker look and Armstrong sees his side of things.

The Cardinals bring in Greg Mount (Justen Naughton), a pitcher that leads the league in hit batsmen, to face Baker.

Flashback to Davis and Baker at a golf driving range. He tells her he wants to be a normal couple with her cheering for him in the stands and she agrees, after some convincing. She goes to see him play and after he gets a base hit and gets called off the field.

Present day we see the scene that was set up at the top of the episode. The pitch, nor any of those that follow, hit Baker because the catcher, Davis from the flashbacks is scared of hurting Baker and she calls him on it.

Flashback to Baker and Davis chatting after his game. It turns out he was pulled because he was traded to the Cardinals AAA team. They had been scouting him, which means he knew he was staying with baseball for a while and had being lying to Baker.

Baker doesn’t get beaned but instead walked on four pitches and has some words for Mount. Davis jumps in and gets in her face so she shoves him back and Miller comes flying out of the dugout to tackle him! A bench clearing brawl ensues and in the end Baker and Miller are ejected from the game.

Armstrong and Reid discuss the idea of getting rid of Luongo. He stands by his decision and she promises to take him down if he tries. Reid tells Luongo to ignore the rumors that he’s being canned.

Arguella spent much of the episode looking for a translator to tell Woo-Jin (Daniel Chan Kim) that he was being sent down but Luongo steps in and does it himself, in Korean. Arguella also has to break the news to his daughter that he and his wife are making their separation official and getting a divorce.

Davis meets up with Baker in the tunnel after the game and wants to apologize for how he acted in Texas. He also tells her that his phone was hacked and that all the pictures they took together might be out there now. He tries to make plans with her as friends because “everyone needs somebody” but she shoots him down and ends up having a heart to heart with Lawson instead.

I like this episode solely because she turned down Davis in the end. I was worried that they were going to set up some big romantic subplot and that would undermine the strong female character that Baker is developing into. I’m glad she stood her ground on this. I also like the mentor relationship with Baker and Lawson and was glad to see her garner some respect from Miller. She deserves her spot in the big show. Overall, I’m surprised by how much I like this show.

Pitch is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.




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