Saturday Night Live, episode two

I haven’t seen Hamilton. I know people that have and for the most part they seem to describe it as something akin to a religious experience. I think Miranda is talented and from what I’ve seen he can be pretty funny and you have to assume that there will be at least some singing/rapping which he has proven to be pretty good at.

Cold open:

I was surprised by the fact that they seemed to be going with the vice presidential debate for the cold open. They had Beck Bennett as Mike Pence and newcomer Mikey Day Tim Kaine but after a few jokes it quickly cut to a CNN interview of Trump. Alec Baldwin returned to portray Donald Trump in spectacular fashion. He is just on point with the speech patterns and the gesticulating so any inconsistencies are overshadowed. Cecily Strong was great as the CNN interviewer, appropriately mortified as he said he didn’t just “grab it” but could also “bop it, twist it and pull it.”


Everyone knows how bizarrely similar Hamilton is to the current political climate right? And how hard it is to get tickets? And how catchy and innovative the songs are? So those jokes, in the form of a parody of a song from the show itself as Lin-Manuel Miranda shocked exactly no people. It was a good bit and Miranda was funny so on the whole I have no complaints, even if it was completely predictable. The Lorne appearance was funny too.

Pine Ridge Campground:

I didn’t think this one was all that funny. It wasn’t very long which is I guess a good thing but on the whole the jokes about their singing and impersonations were just kind of boring and the fact that they were brother and sister just made it creepy.

Digital short:

The Crucible cast party was funny. It reminded me a lot of “Twin Bed” which is not a bad thing. I laughed at this quiet a few times.

Substitute teacher:

This was not great. I thought that the class reactions and interruptions were okay but on the whole the classroom sketches are kind of played out and with the exception of Pete Davidson, maybe, none of these cast members look even remotely young enough to be in school

Day off:

Kellyanne Conway must have a really rough schedule. I never actually considered the fact that the person responsible for damage control has to be on their game 24/7 so it was amusing to see this skit taking that on. Kate McKinnon is great as the put upon campaign manager that just can’t get a moment to herself. I did laugh as this skit just got progressively more nonsensical.

First song:

They sounded good and it was pretty cool that they had a string section on stage with them.

Weekend Update:

I find Colin Jost and Michael Che hysterical. The back and forth about Trump audio leak was great. Especially when they pointed out how surprising it is that this is the straw that broke the metaphoric camels back for other republicans. The guest appearance by Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon as undecided voters was great. Fallon was a little spotty, especially with the accent, but Fey was phenomenal.

The Music Man:

This is a skit that happened. That’s all I’ve really got to say about it. The adult townsfolk were amusing but on the whole it was not great.

Phone booth:

I’ve never been to North Dakota but I’m willing to bet that that’s a pretty accurate description, at least that’s the impression I’m under, especially the “mounds of yellow and orange food.”

Stranger Things:

This was the best sketch of the night. Hands down this cracked me up and should’ve been a lot earlier in the episode. Kenan and Leslie Jones were great and I would watch regular installments of that easily. I don’t know what else to say. It was great and I loved it.

Second song:

Twenty One Pilots sounded good.

Melania Moments:

This one was pretty funny. It seems as though these “moments” will be a regular installment toward the end of each episode. I’m okay with that.


“He died as he lived. Sassy.”

Overall, I think this episode was not that good. The parts that were good, namely the monologue, Update and the Stranger Things sketch, were great but there quite a few sketches that I just wasn’t all that interested in. My biggest gripe though is the lack of Bobby Moynihan.

Saturday Night Live is new next week with Emily Blunt as host and Bruno Mars as musical guest.


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