Lucifer, episode three

Lucifer is having a good time with his flavor of the week when he gets interrupted… by his mother. It’s an instant mood killer and he is forced to flee to the police station shortly thereafter.

The tension situation between Chloe and Dan is seeping into the way the two interact with Trixie so Dan suggests they find time to discuss it later because they are called to a case.

The case in question is that of a man burned to death with a very common accelerant, so common it can even be found in crayons. Ella is able to figure out where the fire started, right at his crotch.

They get a lead at his place of work and talk to his boss/ex Leila who points them to Tommy Smith (Harry Katzman) because of a prank pulled at a company retreat. Tommy admits to killing Nick.

The confession is quick and when Lucifer and Chloe step out of interrogation they come face to face with Charlotte, who has the patrolmen eating out of the palm of her hand. Lucifer reprimands her and sends her on her way but not before Chloe notices that he seems to have a history with the woman in question. Before that conversation can go any further though they get a lead on a new victim, one that was tortured and killed.

The official cause of death is asphyxiation because of apples. When Chloe remembers that the first victim left an apology message on his phone she decides to check the new victim as well. She finds the phone and it has a sex tape cued up, the crime this victim is being punished for.

The suspect in this case is the victim’s ex, a former schoolteacher that lost her job when the video was uploaded online. Chloe wants to track the lead but Lucifer decides that he isn’t interested because the perpetrator is doing such a good job with the punishments.

Linda and Maze are at Lux enjoying a drink and talking. Charlotte walks in and Maze wants to punch her. Linda stops her and tells her to “use her words.” She decides that’s a good idea and leaves to talk to someone.

Chloe tells Dan that she thinks that all of them going on a camping trip together would be bad for Trixie. Back at Lux, Lucifer confronts his mother and she points out that he didn’t always punish humans, that this is just who his father wanted him to be.

Chloe goes back to the Wobble office to find out how content is moderated and finds Lucifer already there doing the same thing. They come to the conclusion that the moderators are the only ones with access to everything so the killer must be one of them.

Maze goes to talk to Amenadial about protecting Lucifer and he agrees to help. It is his duty as older brother after all. Chloe and Lucifer figure out that the boss that they’ve been speaking to Leila Simms, is the original moderator and when they go to her office she’s gone.

Amenadial goes to talk to Lucifer and finds Charlotte instead. They talk and she tells him she is ready to go back to hell and that she loves him. The police receive word that Leila will kill herself on live tv which doesn’t fit the killers MO so they know she is being set up. It turns out it is Adam Wiser (Tarun Keram) from the HR that has been killing everyone and tried to kill Leila as well.

Chloe wants to go on the annual camping trip after all but Dan has had a realization. They need to get a divorce.

Lucifer goes home to find out that Amenadial is going to go against their father and not take their mother to hell. Lucifer is going to punish her by making her stay human, in the life of the woman that she was been inhabiting.

He kicks her out and she gets mugged. She fights off her attacker to find that she is very strong.


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