Timeless, episode two

April 1865 – Mr. Booth is in a bar discussing how he plans to be on stage soon. We cut to him shooting someone, President Lincoln, in the head and fleeing.
Present day
Lucy is on her way out the door. Her mother is worried about her but she has to go. She gets back to Homeland and tells them her sister is missing. She’s told that there is nothing in her dossier to indicate that she has a sister.

They chase Flynn back to 1865 and he has already been in contact with Booth by the time they get there. Lucy is knows quite a bit about Booth and knows his schedule so she knows to wait for him in the Ford Theater during the day when he comes to collect his mail. She meets Robert Todd Lincoln.

Meanwhile Rufus wants to save Lincoln to change history, for the better, and Wyatt is on board. They all know they can’t do it though. They spy on Finn with Booth and have to exchange gunfire to escape. Wyatt gets shot in the process.

Lucy gets invited to the play by Robert Todd Lincoln and agrees to go. When she tells her time traveling companions, they tell her to save Lincoln but she says she can’t because the present is how things are supposed to be. “My wife is supposed to be dead?” Wyatt asked.

She goes to the show and with tears in her eyes meets Abraham Lincoln. Meanwhile Wyatt and Rufus move to track down the accomplices. Rufus is able to save the vice president and Lucy is able to save Grant but not Lincoln.

They make it back to the present day and though details are changed there are no major historical changes so they are told to “take the win.” In other news, Lucy finds out why her sister doesn’t exist in the new timeline. Because her parents weren’t together which leads her to the conclusion that if she exists, her parents in the original timeline weren’t telling her the truth. Her father wasn’t actually her father.

Rufus has to keep spying for Mason and Lucy is apparently engaged. Things have changed again an no one knows what to make of it.

Overall I think this episode was a big drop off from the pilot. I liked the historical side of this a lot but they know they can’t change things so for Rufus and Wyatt to complain and try to make Lucy feel bad really annoyed me. It wasn’t a bad episode but it was not nearly as good as the first.

Timeless airs Mondays at 10 p.m.


2 thoughts on “Timeless, episode two

  1. Pami says:

    I would like them to go back in time to the birth of Jesus for a Christmas episode.

    And then also to when Abraham Lincoln was president for a episode.

    Love the show.


    • I think that Jesus might be a little too far back but I’d be interested in seeing something overseas. They seem to be focused on American history but perhaps the Renaissance or something like that will make an appearance.


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