Westworld, episode two

Dolores wakes up in the middle of the night and wanders the property. She appears to be confused.

Logan (Ben Barnes) and William (Jimmi Simpson) arrive at Westworld for the latter’s first visit. Logan speaks as though he’s a seasoned vet. William is questioned about his history and seems very uncomfortable with the whole situation as his guide Angela (Talulah Riley) helps him get acquainted with the rules of the park.

Lowe finds Elsie Hughes (Shannon Woodward) in the lab going over footage of Abernathy finding the photograph and having what one would think is an existential crisis about it. She begs to be able to rebuild the robot but that is against policy so she can’t. She’s worried that the glitch is for lack of a better word contagious and wants to examine Dolores. Lowe denies the request.

William, now dressed in an appropriate western get up, complete with a white cowboy hat, finds himself on the train into town. Logan tells him that the park seduces everyone and it is the answer to the question he’s been asking himself, “who he really is.”

We come upon a hanging. Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.) is at the gallows with a noose around his neck. The man in black turns up to have a word and trouble ensues.

Maeve Millay (Thandie Newton) is talking to a guest at her saloon but he gets bored and moves on while she’s talking. We cut to her in the lab. Her numbers are down and if they don’t spike soon she will be decommissioned.

Lowe is creating new hosts and discussing the process of playing god with Ford while Logan and William finally disembark from the train and William is a bit overwhelmed by the park.

Dolores is in town but finds herself zoning out. She looks into the reflection in the window and it cuts to her having a secret conversation with Lowe. They discuss the fact that she thinks differently.

The decision is made to decommission Millay. Stubbs notices that she has developed a tremor and seems out of sorts.

Logan and William are at dinner but William can’t seem to get the hang of life in the park. Logan falls back into familiar (read: violent) patterns. He stabs a drunk man’s hand and threatens to shoot people at a neighboring table. He later partakes in sins of the flesh while William tries to clean the blood from the drunk man’s hand off his hat. One of the prostitutes tries to appeal to him but he says that he has a girl waiting back home.

Ford is on a walk in the park and comes across a little boy (Oliver Bell) and invites him to join. The boy accepts.

The man in black threatens Lawrence if he won’t help him find the entrance. He ends up shooting a bartender to prove that he’s serious. A tech brings the rampage to Stubbs’ attention and asks if they should stop the man. No, Stubbs says, let him have whatever he wants.

The man continues to shoot everyone Lawrence knows until he agrees to help in order to spare his daughter. Ford and the little boy continue walking and start to imagine things along the way. He shows the boy that “everything in this world is magic” by messing with a rattle snake and then sends the boy on his way after telling him never to return.

Lowe and Cullen sleep together. Millay is given a boost and sent back on rotation. We also find out that any “dreams” the hosts have are actually memories from other cycles that weren’t properly erased. When back at the saloon she sends a man on his way with Pennyfeather and then turns to chat with Flood, who is shot shortly thereafter.

That night she lays down for bed and promptly has a nightmare about a fight between a cowboy and Native Americans. She was nearly scalped during the encounter but is able to flee to her house with her daughter instead. One of the others is scalped though.

She hides in the house with her daughter and a man comes into the house with a dagger. It’s the man in black. She realizes it’s a dream and uses her count backward from three trick to wake up. It works only she wakes up on the operating table at the lab. She uses a scalpel to scare away the techs and flees.

She makes her way to another building where she finds the hosts used during the last cycle being hosed off in a glass room to be reused, amongst them is Flood.

Dolores again wakes in the middle of the night and goes outside. She digs up an old gun in the yard. Sizemore is telling everyone at the lab about the new narrative. After polite applause Ford tells him no because this isn’t what the park is about. It’s not for “the garish but the subtleties, the details.” Ford has been working on a narrative of his own.

This was a good episode. I was surprised that it maintained the quality level from the first episode, and that it introduced several new cast members to this already large ensemble. I am probably more interested in the hosts as they become aware of the world around them as opposed to the more technical side of the park but I’m figuring at least one of the techs will be killed by the hosts so they are necessary.

Westworld is new Sunday at 9 p.m.




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