Chicago Fire, episode one

So the last of the fall season premieres is actually one of my favorite shows. The finale last year was pretty intense and I’ve been ready for this one for a while so without further ado…

The episode opens with Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) in bed together. After some early morning cuddling, Severide leaves and Stella checks her phone. She finds out Grant (Guy Burnet) left without being discharged. She finds his hospital bracelet in her room.

Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Gabby Dawson (Monica Raymund) are avoiding more serious discussion while wait to leave for work. She tells him that nothing needs to be decided right away. They take Louie to Chris Herrmann’s (David Eigenberg) house because his wife is going to keep an eye on Louie. Herrmann notes that “family looks good on them.”

At 51, Boden (Eamonn Walker) asks Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) about Jimmy’s (Steven R. McQueen) whereabouts because he missed the ceremony for his late brother the night before.

The house responds to a fire call where kids are trapped on a school bus. While trying to extract the kids, a nearby car explodes and Casey and Dawson need to take cover. They end up saving both boys.

Back at the station Stella tells Severide about the AWOL Grant and Boden and Jimmy discuss him moving back to truck. Connie (DuShon Brown) also delivers a message to Casey. Susan Weller (Lauren Stamile) stopped by for him while they were out. She’ll come back.

When Stella goes out to her car to get something she forgot, we see that she has a stalker, Grant hiding out in the bushes nearby. Severide comes out to talk to her, both unaware of their audience.

Brett finds firehouse fiction that sounds an awful lot like 51, though there are a few differences. She begins reading out loud, much to the joy of Otis (Yuri Sardarov) and Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and the chagrin of Mouch (Christian Stolte)

Seeing Dawson walk into the bunk room appearing distressed Herrmann follows. She asks how he can run into fires knowing that he has kids home counting on him. He tells her that that is the hardest part of the job but that people need firefighters. She points out that she and Casey are running into the same burning buildings though. Herrmann hugs her and tells her she is “a great firefighter and a great mother.”

Susan wants to apologize for kissing Casey. He tells her its forgotten but when she presses him about his political future he tells her he is going to concentrate on being a firefighter among other things.

Grant texts Stella telling her he is heading to a friend’s house to stay. She tells Severide about it and they agree that this is good news. The friend is on the wagon and that will help Grant long term.

Jimmy is called into Boden’s office and told that he won’t be getting back on truck anytime soon. He hands the chief an envelope before leaving. When the chief comes out to ask Jimmy about it, he blows up. Telling the chief he will have his badge and that it is his fault his brother is dead. Boden suspends him and kicks him out of the house. Casey, Severide and Boden meet in his office and the chief tells them Jimmy filed an official complaint. There will be an investigation into the way he handled the fire that took Jimmy’s brother’s life.

Gabby talks to Matt about the possibility of leaving truck. He points out that she worked very hard to get there. “And they can never take that from me,” she replies. Kelly stops by to drop off some toys for Louie and also makes a suggest that has been a long time coming. He will move out and Dawson, Casey and Louie can move into the apartment.

Brett figures out the author of the firehouse story. It is none other than Mouch himself. She offers to assist him because the story needs a woman’s touch and “there isn’t a trashy romance novel she hasn’t read.” Herrmann, Cruz and Otis think Connie is the author in question.

Matt and Gabby approach the chief about her rejoining ambo “until the Jimmy thing blows over” which he gratefully accepts. Herrmann asks Severide if he needs an apartment since there will now be a vacancy above his garage. He declines.

On a call Dawson and Brett have some trouble with a victim because while they are administering treatment he crashes. Help shows up in the former of Detective Antonio Dawson, (Jon Seda) Gabby’s brother. He helps Brett in the back of the ambulance because the victim is his CI.

When they are back at the station Brett mentions to Gabby that Antonio is “in good shape” a phrase that surprises Gabby but before she can comment further Mouch pushes her out of the way. He needs to confirm Brett will be discrete before agreeing to her coming aboard as his writing partner.

Mrs. Herrmann comes by the station to drop off Louie. She has a meeting

Severide takes squad for a ride. They go to Jimmy’s house and Severide tells him to knock it off and be a man. Jimmy is having none of it. Squad gets a call to come save someone at a pool party. There’s a guy trapped on a light pole. The party is at the house of an Instagram celebrity (Scott Elrod).

The chief is told in no uncertain terms that Jimmy is no longer suspended and is back on truck.

Brett and Gabby are having drinks at Molly’s to celebrate a successful day when Antonio stops by to tell them that their victim will make a full recovery. He and Brett also flirt, which Gabby awkwardly observes.

The chief comes by and thanks Gabby for going back on ambo for the day. He asks her to make the move permanent since Jimmy is coming back to truck and she immediately agrees.

Stella is at home alone taking out the garbage. Grant confronts her and starts yelling at her while waving around a kitchen knife. He makes a move toward her just as Severide arrives. The two of them scuffle and Severide grabs something out of a nearby dumpster to use in defense against the knife. He swings and Grant and makes contact. He hits his neck and Grants starts bleeding profusely as Severide and Stella look on in horror.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. It sort of reintroduced the important story lines from last season and set some new problems in motion. Grant is probably not coming back and based on the preview, it looks like Jimmy lands himself in the hospital too. I’m glad that Gabby and Casey are moving back into the apartment that they originally found together, with Louie no less so they have a new family vibe. The Brett/Antonio storyline will be interesting to watch too. He’s one of my favorites from PD, though he is moving to Justice when that starts. I’m curious to see what happens with Severide next week.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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