Chicago PD, episode four

We open with Erin and Ruzek in uniform at a concert. They are working overtime and talking relationships. While they are chatting shots are fired and they run outside to cover it. They call in a black SUV but nothing more than that. The vehicle in question drove through the crowd on the sidewalk but they didn’t see anything more.

Atwter is tasked with clearing the scene and finds another victim in the alley. Another patrol rolls up to help and while they call in for a medic Atwater attends to the victim.

The rest of the unit turns up to help find the shooter and find the owner of the SUV. He has a prior for a hate crime. Voight and Burgess go to his house and take him into custody where he is then questioned by Antonio and Voight.

He claims his car was parked in a crappy lot on the west side and he was at home the whole night. Halstead interrupts the interrogation to let Voight know that there is a banger rapper claiming on Twitter to be in a gang war with another gang.

While they are discussing this a call comes in about another gang shooting. Voight and Olinsky assess the new scene and decide that it might not be related after all. There are no witnesses to this crime but the rival gang is lurking at the crime scene.

Ruzek brings footage of the shooting that was posted live online to Voight for him to see. The unit concludes that one of the gang leaders might be to blame for manipulating the entire situation.

Ruzek goes downstairs and meets Mouse’s replacement. She believes in analytics, and wants to eat the food in the fridge. While out alerting the neighborhood about the gang threats, Burgess comes across the younger Atwater, Jordan (Ahmad Nicholas Ferguson).

When talking to the parents of the first victim, Halstead and Lindsay ask about his gang history. His parents aren’t interested in talking about that. They think that the police have made up their minds about the case. “South side of Chicago, murder’s always free here,” the father says.

Atwater talks to the concert promoter and basically tells him not to take matters into his own hands. Burgess takes Jordan home and tells him not to hang with those people. It’s not who he is.

Jenny, the Mouse replacement, comes into the squad room to explain what exactly she has been trying to track down. She found that there was someone intentionally fueling the gang war through Internet posts. She also acknowledges that she used to work in the Ivory Tower and has read a lot of allegations against Voight. “They’re all true,” he says.

The track down the IP address of the master manipulator and Olinsky and HalsteadĀ head there. The current renters check out but the place has been rented frequently so it could be anyone using the wireless from outside.

Tay and Platt tell Atwater that Burgess has his brother. The victim has bled out and dies in the hospital. Atwater gets physical with the gang leader about kids dying just to line his pockets.

Jenny and Ruzek are able to figure out where the target might be and chase the gunman. Olinsky and Antonio try another location and track down a gang member from a third gang. They arrest him and Voight accuses him of the original murder.

He claims he has an alibi for the time of the murder. He was out with his girl. He tells Voight to “get to it” and when Voight asks what he means he explains “when you take the cuffs off and act like I punched you.”

The team meets about other potential suspects and when Halstead explains that they can only find it through facial recognition Voight takes matters into his own hands. Atwater volunteers to go with and Voight tells him to stay put.

He goes to a bar where a gang leader is hanging out and tells him to snitch or he’ll come after his. He does. The unit meets in a nearby garage to catch the man in question, Alex. After the team coordinates Halstead takes down the new suspect. He’s just a kid himself. They arrest him and check his ID. He’s a junior high school student.

Ruzek and Atwater pick up gang leaders from the to rival gangsĀ and bring them to talk to Voight out near the lake. He tells them they both got played by a third gang. He tells them they have a suspect in custody.

Voight comes back to the squad room later that night and finds Atwater cleaning up. They talk about how difficult the job is. “You have to care and not care I guess,” is Atwater’s assessment and Voight wholeheartedly agrees before telling him that he’s glad Atwater is in his unit.

Atwater drives home from work and observes the vibrancy and life that the community has to offer. He finds Burgess still at his house keeping an eye on Jordan. Atwater sits down with his sister and Jordan comes in to plead his case. Kevin says nothing, just takes both of them to get food.

I liked this episode. It dealt with more realistic issues that face real world police officers and people in cities than a lot of the other episodes tend to do. I liked that we got to see a pretty Atwater-centric episode too because I am a fan of his and we haven’t seen much from him this season. I did miss the more mundane comedic moments that tend to happen when the unit is all together but I think it’s good that they mixed it up.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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