How to Get Away With Murder, episode four

Flash forward has Oliver freaking out, Annalise in prison and Bonnie doing what she can to get her out. She breaks the news that there was another person in the house but they don’t know who it is.

Four weeks earlier Annalise is out drinking with Eve (Famke Janssen) discussing the troubles in her life when two men approach them. The four end up drinking and dancing the night away before a drunk Annalise goes home to Nate.

Frank is waiting in a run down motel for a young woman to bring him a can of hydrogen sulfide

Laural tries to call Frank again and leaves another message. She tells him she changed her number for reasons she will explain in person.

She, Wes, Connor and Michaela walk into the courtroom and take seats in the back. This is Ashers’s case to try. Annalise shows up and is a bit worse for the wear after her night out.

The case in question is a juvenile accused of stealing money.

The prosecutor interrupts Asher’s opening statement to tell the judge that Annalise’s license has been suspended for “gross misconduct” because she hit a client. She tries to plead that the clinic is pro bono so they need assistance but it is of no use. Her license is suspended pending an investigation.

She tells Nate and he doesn’t seem to see it as such a huge issue. She could use the time off.

The case will go on as scheduled with Bonnie overseeing the case and the clinic is still in operation with Asher running this trial but both he and Bonnie point out that the problem would go away if Tristan returned the money. He insists that it is long gone.

Laurel goes to Frank’s fathers mechanic shop and tries to find out if he knows anything about Frank’s whereabouts. He doesn’t but he’s not surprised that Frank’s hiding considering what he’s been through in life. Laurel assumes he means with Annalise but he clarifies that he means prison, that Annalise and Sam saved him.

We see Frank working as a janitor under the assumed name Kevin in a prison in Coalport. He’s trying to gain clearance to an offlimits area.

Bonnie has convinced the court she works for the university so the case can move forward. Annalise thanks her for that and asks her to cover for her if Nate asks about their dinner the night before.

Oliver tracks down the money. Tristan bought all sorts of baby supplies for his girlfriend who is due in nine months. They can’t tell the court though because she would get in trouble. “Because she goes to your school?” Bonnie asks. “She works there,” he replies.

Bonnie and Asher bring one of his teachers in for questioning and don’t accuse her outright but ask questions to confirm it to themselves that she is the pregnant one.

Annalise has Eve over to drink wine and brainstorm about what to do with the suspension while Nate is at work. Annalise reveals that she blew her insurance money on a hitman to kill Frank.

Laurel is searching for Frank online when her phone rings from an unknown number. She thinks it might be Frank. It’s actually Wes’ girlfriend trying to plan his birthday party.

Michaela and Oliver uncover the fact that it was one of the university board members that sent the video that got her license suspended. She confronts the university president who comes right back at her.

Laurel is leaving another message for Frank when Wes walks up. He asks her what’s wrong and she gets defensive and then deflects. Asher asks Bonnie if Annalise is on board with the trial plan and Bonnie yells at him for doubting her.

Nate confronts Annalise about her cheating with Eve. She denies it but when he points out that she has an alcohol problem she gets angry and they fight. She yells at him to hit her and he calls her miserable and says that no one would miss her if she died. He storms out.

In the courtroom Bonnie has Tristan’s teacher on the stand. She badgers her about the identity about the unborn baby’s father, accusing her of raping an innocent young man and taking advantage of the circumstances. She pleads the fifth and the charges are dropped against Tristan.

Annalise gives a recorded testimony about her struggles with alcohol in light of the recent issues in her personal life, namely the death of her husband (season one) and when she was shot (season two).

Wes has a surprise party in his honor with everyone in attendance, though Connor and Laurel look a bit down considering they are at a party.

Annalise barters for rehab in order to get her license reinstated. She tells Eve about the strategy and then kisses her. She returns it for a moment before pulling back. She can’t do this. She’s met someone and is moving to San Francisco with her.

Connor and Oliver talk at the party about Connor’s promiscuity. He tells him he’ll stop if they can get back together but Oliver isn’t interested.

Bonnie comes to the house to tell Annalise that her father died. We find out Frank smuggled the hydrogen sulfide into the prison to kill him. Laurel overhears and admits to Bonnie that it was Frank. Bonnie tells her not to tell Annalise.

Flash forward to Oliver at the hospital the night of the fire trying to get information. He can’t get the nurse to tell him anything when Bonnie shows up. Before she can ask they see Wes’ girlfriend, who is a med student, run into the emergency room to tell the doctor that the patient they are working on is pregnant. The camera pans to show Laurel is the patient in question.

I thought this was a good episode. I’m curious as to why Frank decided to kill Bonnie’s father now and as more people get crossed off the list I really want to know who died in the fire. I think it’s Asher. That’s probably wrong but it’s my guess.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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