Chicago Med, episode four

Natalie and Jeff ride to work together, but to keep up appearances she drops him off so they walk in separately. Dr. Halstead and Dr. Shore take the same approach. Only Halstead calls Natalie on it so she returns the favor. Nobody is fooling anybody.

An older man, Edward Hall (Daniel Travanti), is brought in because he was found passed out in his apartment. He has a swollen neck and something wrong with his chest. He’s also in and out mentally, according to his much younger girlfriend. Dr. Rhodes comes in and orders tests but before he can be moved a man comes in and stops them. He is the patient’s son and he claims that his father doesn’t want treatment.

The issue is brought to Goodwin who discusses it with both the son, Tom Hall (Victor Holstein), and the girlfriend as well as  the hospital lawyer. With no advance plan made the decision goes to next of kin, in this case the son. Dr. Choi is not happy but Goodwin’s hands are tied.

Dr. Manning has a repeat patient, a little girl with cancer who has a fever of 103. She starts her on antibiotics and will run tests to see what the cause is.

While Maggie takes Jeff to “the farm,” April has a patient that wants to leave. Dr. Choi steps in to calm him down, which works for the moment. He explains the situation to Dr. Charles who offers a consult in the form of Dr. Reese.

Maggie leads Jeff through the ward with the long term coma patients. He asks what they can do there since they seem to be out of options. “Nothing medical,” she explains. They are there to paint the patient’s nails.

Manning’s cancer patient has some sort of antibotic-immune superbug and when she tells Halstead, he leads her to another patient that has the same bug. They might have an outbreak with no cure on their hands.

Another doctor is brought in to consult on the potential outbreak. Robyn Charles (Mekia Cox) is the daughter of the hospital’s very own Dr. Charles. She asks about the history of the virus at the hospital as well as of the patients with it and Manning says that she probably missed the diagnosis a few days earlier when her cancer patient had been in her care. Halstead disagrees and says that she did everything right.

Maggie tells Jeff the story of the patient that she visits at the farm. How she came in and why she visits her.

Reese goes to spend time with Dr. Choi’s patient. He’s 19 and has a bowel blockage. They chat about their mutual hatred of cold weather.

Dr. Charles comes upon his daughter boarding an elevator and he wants to chat. She doesn’t really have time for it though. There is an underlying tension to the exchange.

Choi checks in on Edward Hall and tries to get through to him about the importance of the surgery. Before he can get an answer, his son walks in and tells Choi to leave. Choi goes to Drs. Latham and Rhodes and asks them to present a united front to Tom Hall to explain the surgery and perhaps persuade him.

Reese is still in the room with Choi’s patient when he starts vomiting. She asks for Choi to be paged and starts treating him. Turns out he’s going through heroin withdrawal.

Jeff reaches out to someone her knows in the government and tracks down Maggie’s farm patient’s sister. She is given the hospital number to do what she wants with it.

Edward Hall crashes and in his gasping for breath Choi hears him express his wishes, “save me,” so they rush him to surgery.

Goodwin asks Dr. Charles what it’s like having his daughter back in town and at first he is agreeable but when she starts asking for more specifics of how they are getting along, he deflects. Reese interrupts to update on the patient.

She brings him into the patient’s room where his mother is now present. As they explain their diagnosis and try to ask him questions, she interrupts and won’t let him speak. They find it odd and request a few more tests to buy time and separate him from his more.

Manning tells her cancer patient’s parents about the course of treatment. The mother blames herself but Manning is adamant that it is not her fault.

Choi observes Hall’s surgery. He asks April if she heard what hall said in the room. She did not but tells him he did the right thing. They are there to save lives.

Cancer patient crashes. She can’t breath. Halstead and Manning rush in and try to find the problem. The infection spread to her throat and is blocking her airway. Manning has to cut into it there to alleviate pressure. She does and the patient’s mother runs to hug and thank her, but Manning still feels guilty.

A patient turns up at another hospital with the same superbug. They will need to wake up Halstead’s patient to try and talk to him and figure out the pattern. Once he’s awake, they ask permission and he agrees. After a few tense seconds, he stabilizes and they begin questioning him.

The heroin patient and his mother are waiting for him to be discharged when Reese goes back to check in. Whenever the mother turns away, the son shakes his head that he can’t go with her and Reese catches on. When he starts coughing she orders a chest x-ray so he can be taken away from his mother to talk freely.

Halstead, Manning and the young Dr. Charles are discussing where the potential pattern could come from. All of them have been themselves or been in contact with someone that has been to the hospital recently.

Goodwin comes to talk to Maggie about the farm patient. Her sister did reach out. She requested all support be ended immediately.

Manning updates the cancer patient’s parents and then Dr. Charles brings her and Halstead to Goodwin’s office to discuss the link. It’s the endoscope. There is a groove on the tool that was harboring bacteria and when Manning says they have to tell the FDA, Goodwin informs her that they already know.

Halstead points out that there must be 1,000s in use throughout the country and Goodwin tells them that that is why the FDA hasn’t said anything. They are trying to avoid mass hysteria. “Cost-benefit analysis” Goodwin calls it.

Before walking away, Dr. Charles tells Manning that she and Halstead are “good together.”

Reese and the elder Dr. Charles find what seems to be a tracking device in the heroin patient thanks to the x-ray. Charles thinks that he might be the victim of sex trafficking with his “mother” actually being his pimp. Reese jumps up to stop him but unless he explicitly states a desire to leave, they can’t extract him. They watch her drag him to the car and drive off.

Manning walks into the break room to find Rhodes researching other fellowship programs. He doesn’t know if he can handle two years of Latham. She invites him to meet them on the balcony later that evening.

Choi checks in on Hall. He’s doing surprisingly well and is aware that he is his girlfriend’s “gravy train.”

Maggie, Jeff and Goodwin gather in the farm while the patient is unplugged and they wait as she passes on.

Rhodes goes to the balcony and finds Manning playing music with Latham and a few other doctors. Jeff is there watching. As is Halstead. The whole scene is lively and fun.

Maggie is at Molly’s by herself. She looks down the bar and sees Reese also drinking alone. She waves her over and they sit quietly together.

I love the little cameos of all the people with in the Chicago universe on these shows. The doctors turn up on PD or Fire and the paramedics are always making their way through the ER, in this case Gabby Dawson bringing in a patient. Overall, I thought this was a pretty good episode. I’m upset that they couldn’t save the heroin patient from sex trafficking but maybe he’ll come back? I’m not all that interested in the Dr. Charles/his long lost daughter story line. It seems like they are going to bring up the possibility of Manning/Halstead again too. Everything about the farm is heart-wrenching and that was sad for Maggie.

Chicago Med is new Thursday at 9 p.m.


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