Frequency, episode two

Raimy is in the medical examiner’s office in 2016. She is in front of the remains of her mother, who has been confirmed as a victim of the Nightingale serial killer. “She’s not dead yet,” Raimy says as she leaves the room. She hurries home to reach the Frank of the past on the ham radio and tells him that in saving his life, her mother has died. Something has changed.

Raimy tells Frank to warn Julie but he is hesitant to do so. He leaves the hospital a hero.

In the present Raimy blows of her best friend Gordo (Lenny Jacobson) to get to work. She has a single focus and that’s catch the killer.

Frank is attending a party in his honor but he isn’t in a partying mood. He has to figure out a way to save his wife. When Satch shows up and tells him to relax and smile, he volunteers for the Nightingale task force.

He escapes to the garage and finds a young Raimy fiddling with the radio. She asks if he and mommy will live together now. Meanwhile, inside Julie and Satch are talking about adjusting to Frank being back home.

Julie brings Frank blankets so that he can be more comfortable sleeping on the couch and he talks to her about the killer, warns her that it is dangerous and he seems to be targeting nurses.

We see Maya Gowan (Alexandra Metz) leave a bar. She is fine at first but suddenly starts staggering. She can’t walk or see straight. Someone approaches from behind and offers to help. It is a man in a mask. He tosses her in the back of a van.

Adult Raimy is pitching all sorts of suspects to Satch but he just tells her to go home and get some rest.

Frank and Raimy chat on the ham about what their plan will be moving forward. He wants to know if he is supposed to rat out Stan. He goes to the police station to give his statement about the night of the shooting and runs into Stan. He offers to help track down possible hide outs of the gang leader that they were trying to catch. Stan declines.

When Frank is talking to Internal Affairs they let him know that they have already spoken to Stan and that there is no record of a sting. He changes his story to suit the narrative.

Adult Raimy goes to the house of one of her suspects, Thomas Goff (Michael Charles Roman) to ask him a few questions. They get her nowhere.

Frank, Julie and Raimy are having dinner before Julie goes to work. After she leaves and Frank puts little Raimy to bed he talks to adult Raimy on the ham. He admits that he just wanted one normal night before he told Julie about the killer. She tells him he needs to step up his game and suggests he track down Goff.

Frank plans to bring in the gang leader he was tracking while undercover. Present day Raimy reminisces about the boyfriend she lost in the time shift, Daniel. Her mother had introduced them. She tracks down Goff’s victim, Lisa Boyle, and tells her there might be more victims. That gets her talking.

Frank and Satch go to Goff’s house and are turned away by his mother, Marilyn (Melinda Page Hamilton) but before they leave the property they hear power tools in the garage and head over to investigate. Goff is inside with Gowan trapped in a lower level. He closes the trap door and goes outside to talk to the detectives but before he can say anything his mother gives them the number of the family lawyer and sends them on their way.

Adult Raimy mentions Goff to Satch again and this time he says that he and her father looked into him but there was nothing there.

Back in the garage, Gowan has escaped. She and Goff scuffle before she hits him in the head with a wrench and runs off into woods.

Raimy goes back to talk to Goff again only this time a different man answers the door. He says there hasn’t been anyone named Goff at that address since the ’90s. She goes home and tries to get Frank on the ham but can’t and ends up yelling at Gordo.

Frank gets a call that the gang leader is going to come in and for Frank to meet him. Stan waylays Frank at the office and the gang leader gets killed in a hit. When Frank gets home he tells Julie she is in danger and that they have to take precautions. She tells him that she “will figure this out” and then tells him this isn’t working and that he has to leave.

He tries to convince Julie he isn’t crazy and that he has been looking out for the family and takes her to the garage to talk to Raimy through the ham. He and Julie both talk but Raimy, who is there listening, does not respond.

After Julie has left he and Raimy talk. She can’t tell her mother cause every time the do something, it changes something else. She is adamant about tracking down Goff and Frank promises to do everything he can to save Julie.

Frank moves out and Raimy goes to bed. We see Gowan running through the woods in the night when Raimy sits up. She’s had an epiphany. She drives back to Goff’s house and finds the trap door buried in the yard where the garage used to stand.

I understand the logic but I really wanted Raimy to talk to her mother through the ham. I don’t think that Goff is the killer mostly because it is so early in the season. I’m sure there will be more to the Frank/Stan feud but I am not all that interested in that. I like that they use time appropriate music in each scene. It helps set the tone.

Frequency is new Wednesdays at 9 p.m.


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