Grey’s Anatomy, episode four

Things have been rough for Karev and now he is at work early, work being the clinic, restocking supplies because the lawyers tell him that will look good. He needs to appear to be a valuable member of the community. Meredith is all about solidarity but doesn’t make a move to help him.

Owen and Amelia are in bed talking about how to “raise the children” and what to tell them about the afterlife. She is freaking out because she doesn’t know him at all. He is mystified as to what is happening.

Riggs asks Meredith to “hang out” and she responds that she doesn’t hang out. He feels that since he let Maggie down gently. Ben and Avery talk about helping with babies and how exhausted Avery is.

A glider plane accident brings a man and his wife into the hospital via helicopter. The man is parapalegic and has severe injuries, as does his wife. They both ask about each other while being treated and when they are near each other, the man apologizes.

Karev is treating a patient in the clinic with an infected abscess. When he gets ready to set up an IV his nurse boss tells him to page surgery. He responds that he is surgery and the nurse boss tells him that in here he’s not.

Bailey updates Deluca on the medical side of his trial and warns him against talking about it inside the hospital. He explains that that shouldn’t be hard considering nobody talks to him anyway.

Amelia is still fretting over not knowing Owen well enough. She doesn’t know how old he was when his dad died. Riggs chimes in that he was almost 10 and Amelia leaves still upset.

Edwards is in the break room when Kepner shows up “six hours early” for her appointment with Arizona. She can’t sleep at home because she is a guest in Jackson’s house so she naps at the hospital.

Karev is getting a crash course in clinic 101. It’s not a hotel and they need the beds so the protocol is hurry through the bare minimum and get people out.

Meredith, Owen and Riggs are looking at the scans from the wife in the accident and while Own thinks surgery is necessary, he is outvoted. He goes to Amelia to complain and she continues to question him on details of his life. He asks why all this matters and she explains that there are things he doesn’t know about her either. Things he might not like. When he questions that, she makes a quick getaway.

Arizona, DeLuca and Jo talk about his surgeries and when Arizona wants to ask about the trial he says he can’t talk about it, chief’s orders.

Karev sneaks into a room in the clinic to chat with Meredith. Maggie and Amelia turn up shortly thereafter complaining about their lives. Karev asks for advice about his alcoholic patient and Amelia says pamphlets won’t help. The nurse clinic boss catches them and reprimands Karev.

Back on duty, he tries to talk to the alcoholic and when that doesn’t work he yells at her. Webber intervenes and takes Karev away. But wait! They planned this. Now Webber can go talk to the girl and maybe make some progress.

Meredith talks to the husband from the accident and when she tries to bring him into his wife’s room, she finds that Owen was right. Her stomach is full of blood and she needs to be rushed to surgery.

The good cop bad cop plan in the clinic doesn’t work so well. She sees through it and trys to leave. When Webber grabs her arms, it pops her shoulder out and she needs x-rays on the bones. Bailey is not pleased.

Jo tries to chat with DeLuca again but Bailey comes down the hall so they scatter. During surgery Avery complains to Ben about April while she does the same to Arizona, who suggests moving out to a fully healed April.

The nurse boss yells at Karev for making him look incompetent. Then Jo shows up for the requested surgical consult and yells at him for making her do his grunt work. He gets fed up and storms out of the clinic. He is on the bus waiting to leave when he looks out the window and figures out what’s wrong with the clinic patient.

He finds Webber and points out the rare disorder that she seems to have and Webber agrees and tells Karev to tell the patient. Karev can’t but asks Webber to because the diagnosis is more important that the credit.

Amelia is still worrying about not knowing Owen. She tells Edwards and then lists the things she knows about her.

The wife from the glider crash wakes up and Owen talks to her about the surgery. When he turns to leave she asks when the anesthesia is going to wear off her legs. He, Riggs and Meredith consult the x-rays and find that she is now paralyzed from the waist down. Owen goes to tell the patient and Meredith asks Riggs if they were right in waiting. She’s blaming herself and thinks he only sided with her because of his feelings for her. He takes offense and they argue.

DeLuca and Jo decide to not talk to anyone, together.

Avery comes home and he and April finally talk about feeling like they have to walk on egg shells around each other. She says that she will move out and he tells her he doesn’t want her to. She doesn’t want to either.

Amelia and Owen go to bed. He tells her that she can tell him anything and she’s that she knows. Long pause. Then she tells him about a man she used to love, that she used to love taking drugs with, who died from asphyxiation on his own vomit after he OD’ed. He tells her about choking Cristina. She asks if they’re okay and he says they are. She asks if their kids will be okay and he says they’ll be amazing. She can’t wait so he suggests not waiting.

Meredith talks to Riggs. She can’t do what they did today where she second guesses everything. Meredith wants to just be colleagues. He asks why they can’t be friends. Maggie overhears that last bit and they agree to all be friends.

Meredith picks up Karev at the clinic and asks how his lawyer meeting went. He tells her he’s going to jail and she points out that he’s “remarkably upbeat.” He caught a one in a million case today so it’s all okay.

I liked this episode. I like that Karev still seems to be growing as a person even though he had the major setback. I was also amused by the Amelia worrying bit, until it took a dark turn. I really don’t care about Riggs though so the love triangle is starting to drive me nuts.

Grey’s Anatomy is new Thursdays at 8 p.m.




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