Pitch, episode four

The episode opens with a meeting of league personnel about the idea of adding Ginny to the roster of the all star game. The promo video has gone viral with the #putherinthegame blowing up everywhere. The board agrees to take it to the commissioner.

Lawson and Slater are just getting up and he is having trouble getting dressed because he is in so much pain. She suggests sitting out the game but he says no. After a few more minutes of conversation he can hardly stand and agrees to go to a meeting about being a post-game analyst instead.

Ginny begs Evelyn Sanders not to go out of town during the game because she doesn’t want to be stuck alone with her mother. The Sanders family is planning a trip to Disney World though. As Ginny and Evelyn go inside, they find Blip on the phone with Lawson. He says that Lawson is sitting out of the game so Blip expects a call from the front office to be the Padres rep. He and Evelyn are excited. While they laugh, Ginny gets the call instead.

Ginny offers to pull out of the game so that Blip will get selected. He tells her not to be ridiculous. She even goes to Luongo’s office to discuss it and he tells her to “take the pity date” and play in the game. She agrees.

Now that she’s on the roster, Ginny has a number of things that she’ll have to do as promo during the break. Which means less time with her mother Janet, who is not pleased with this development.

Lawson is getting stomped on with his divorce settlement and talks to his lawyer about it who suggests he starts to seriously look into life after baseball. He says he has been. He has a phase two, broadcasting, but his first run through on that does not go well.

Rhonda is trying to run interference with the GMs while Oscar is in Amsterdam making an effort to sign a Cuban defector. Easier said than done because the Yankees GM is there meeting the player too.

Ginny and Lawson watch Home Run Derby from the dugout which does nothing to calm her anxiety about pitching in the game. She mentions that she would prefer to go over the lineup with him as opposed to dinner with her mom and he offers to come to dinner. She takes him up on it and she mentions that her agent is coming as well, the one he’s been sleeping with but she doesn’t know that.

Meanwhile, Blip gets a call while in Orlando that he made the game. Dexter Fowler pulled out and he gets the spot. Evelyn isn’t jumping for joy though. She’s actually in tears that he’s letting baseball ruin their family vacation.

At the restaurant while waiting to be seated Ginny tells her mother that she invited a few people to join them. As it turns out, her mother did as well. Her boyfriend Kevin (Darius McCray) came out since Ginny won’t have any time to spend with her.

As it turns out, Janet and Kevin have been together for about a year. He had been married until around then. Oh and they were wondering if Ginny had an extra ticket to the game so Kevin could go. She doesn’t but Lawson is quick to offer one up.

We flash back to a young Ginny talking excitedly with her mother about the school dance. Her father comes in and says she has to pick, baseball or the dance. She picks baseball.

Back at dinner, Kevin tries to bring up Ginny’s father in a complimentary fashion and she tells him not to. She and her mother argue and Ginny leaves. Janet and Kevin do as well. Lawson and Slater talk for a few minutes about his lack of broadcast skills before leaving as well.

Lawson, Blip and Ginny get introduced in front of the hometown crowd and the game is underway. There is no sign of Janet or Kevin at the stadium. Lawson is already changing into his shirt and tie when Ginny gets brought in to pitch. Still no Janet or Kevin. Ginny lets up a home run

Flashback to young Ginny looking around the hall at school. She sees kids having a normal school experience and rushes home, to find her mother flirting with Kevin in the family kitchen. She turns and runs back out.

Oscar meets the Cuban defector and uses his own rags to riches story as a way to appeal. It apparently works because during Lawson’s broadcasting debut, the story breaks and he only has one thing to say. “That guy is not taking my job.”

Young Ginny doesn’t want to spend any time with her mother after that and throws herself into baseball.

After the game, Ginny goes to her mother’s hotel to confront her about missing the game. Janet tells her she didn’t feel welcome and asks what happened. Ginny tells her she doesn’t know. She was young and didn’t know how hard this was for her mother but offers to get breakfast before her mom leaves.

Blip flies back to Orlando and apologizes. After watching some coverage about the Cuban defector, Lawson calls Ginny.

I really don’t like Janet. I’m sure you are supposed to empathize or whatever but she really annoys me. She’s just selfish. And where was Ginny’s brother? Why wouldn’t he come to see his sister in the freaking all star game. I liked that Lawson and Ginny appear to be legitimate friends now though. I’m glad he seems to have her back.

Pitch is not on next week but airs Thursdays at 9 p.m.





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