Saturday Night Live, episode three

Emily Blunt was in a movie called Wild Target a few years back and it was absolutely hysterical so I was pretty excited to see how what I loved in that dry British comedy would translate into the sketch show.


Cold open:

We get rolling with the second debate and this two are just spectacular. I could watch Baldwin and McKinnon for the entire episode and let’s be real, there is no shortage of material for them to work with.


Emily Blunt does a singing monologue because she wants to bring the happy energy up. She hands out cookies and puppies and is joined by various cast members throughout the number.

Elegant Evenings:

This was pretty funny but seemed to just go on and on. And Blunt broke toward the end of it which made it funnier. I think they need to use Leslie Jones more often.

Digital Short:

This was good. There was nothing about it I disliked. And they were all pretty on point with the impressions.

Ann Arbor Short Film Festival:

I half expected Vanessa Bayer to be someone’s mother in the audience. This just wasn’t all that funny. I did chuckle at the plug for The Girl on the Train at the end though.


This cracked me up. As they started listing characteristics I was waiting for the ball to drop and they didn’t disappoint. The reactions, especially the facial ones, of the women made me laugh and then the kicker at the end about guys shopping for “normal clothes” was good too.

First song:

Bruno Mars brought a party with him and sounded good doing it.

Weekend Update:

This seems to be the only place outside of the cold open that there is ever any real coverage of the election and usually they do a pretty good job but the guests are what really make or break it for me. I love the old Russian lady that McKinnon brings out every once in a while but usually I’m not a fan of the child actor that Bayer plays on occasion. She had the best line of the segment though, calling NBC out for the settlement with Billy Bush over the Trump Tape.

Burger King:

This was dumb. I didn’t laugh at all. They even brought Bruno Mars into it.

Biggest Sink:

This made me laugh because why do people have huge ostentatious sinks in otherwise generic bathrooms? What are they trying to say?

Honda Robotics:

There were a few points when I chuckled, namely when the Emily Blunt robot was right in McKinnon’s face and almost made her breakm but overall it was just another sketch that happened.

Melania Moments:

I like these segments and I’d like to think that Melania does long to touch sand.

Second song:

Bruno Mars is extremely talented.

The Great British Bake Off:

I’ve never seen the PBS show that this sketch is based on but I was very amused nonetheless. I laughed quite a bit at this.

Hamster cage:

Umm, what?

Overall, this was a good episode though there were certainly a couple of sketches that I wasn’t super fond of. I though Blunt did a great job and it seemed like most of the cast was included in the various skits tonight. I’m just surprised that they aren’t using the election to fuel more of the sketches.

Tom Hanks hosts on Oct. 22 for the ninth time. Lady Gaga will be the musical guest.


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