The Good Place, episode six

Eleanor is freaking out. She agreed to help Michael figure out what is going wrong with the neighborhood but she is what is making things go wrong in the neighborhood. Chidi tries to explain contractualism to her.

She decides she has to figure out a way to both help and not help him. Michael tells her he studied the idea of friends, even watched all ten seasons, and now in this stressful time that is just what he needs, a friend.

Tahani asks Jianyu to go to the spa with her. He has been using a magic eight ball toy to sound profound and is freaking out about spending a long time alone, chatting with her. She’s like Nala from The Lion King after all. He begs Chidi to join them and act as a buffer. He eventually agrees, though Tahani isn’t pleased.

Michael is convinced something in the neighborhood is amiss and that is causing the problems. He’s started to examine the rocks in hopes of finding a problem and Eleanor just thinks he seems crazy. She wants to help him but doesn’t want to be found out so she suggests he take a break and rest his mind. He relents.

At the spa, Chidi is still trying to convince Jianyu to talk to and be nice to Tahani. It just gets more and more uncomfortable as the outing continues and Tahani gets upset.

Michael and Eleanor go out for frozen yogurt and have a chat about the importance of not breaking a promise, and how much trouble he’ll be in if the neighborhood fails. They go to karaoke, play a claw machine game and go bowling.

After the spa day Chidi finds Tahani alone at the Tea for Two cafe. He sits down and they strike up a conversation about the various things they have in common.

The next morning Eleanor turns up at Michael’s office with more fun things to try. No need though. Her plan worked and the day out cleared his head. He figured out the cause of all the problems in the neighborhood. People are unpredictable and the chaos in the neighborhood is a result of someone behaving in an unexpected way. The problem isn’t a rock. It’s a person.

Jianyu tries to be thoughtful and though his intentions are nice, he flubs the execution a bit on a gift for Tahani.

Michael is getting nowhere in narrowing down the suspect list for the neighborhood chaos and he becomes depressed. He gives up and puts on a hoodie before curling up in a ball on the floor. Eleanor gives him a speech about how she is his friend and has his back no matter what he wants to do.

Chidi helps Jianyu find the perfect gift for Tahani, one “only her true soulmate could find.”

Michael hasĀ figured out the problem and called a town meeting. The problem… is him!

I liked this episode. I like that Eleanor is growing as a person, as we can see from the flashbacks to the way she interacts with Michael. I think it would be interesting if Chidi and Tahani were actually soulmates but that got lost in the shuffle with the screw-ups in the neighborhood.

The Good Place is new Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.



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