Quantico, episode three

Present day we see Miranda receive a text from the hostage takers that they will get Alex.

One year earlier: Alex and Ryan go over each of their fellow recruits with their respective handlers and basically have no leads. They are given a bug to plant on the candidate most likely to be a bad guy. In CIA class they are learning about assessment. Operatives should know what’s going on around them at all times and who everyone is.

Present day: Shelby thinks that the group they were investigating a year prior is responsible for the hostage situation. She wrote a full report on all the candidates that Alex researched. She tells her fearless leader (and possible traitor) Miranda about it and then hands it over. Alex dresses in the hostage taker and makes her way to join their ranks.

One year earlier: Miranda is coaching Shelby and Nimah on how to be handlers. You have to know your agents and be their friends. They have to be comfortable talking.

The class is learning to assess situations and the new girl is excellent. They learned it in a controlled environment. They partner up for the next test and are shoved into vans with hoods over their heads.

Present day: Miranda puts Shelby’s flash drive in her computer and security alerts start chiming. People rush into the office. Meanwhile in the hostage room, Ryan decides that the best strategy will be to create a diversion. He just needs to find someone who hates him. Luckily, Doyle is in the room. A virus contaminates Miranda’s computer.

The class is dumped in the woods. Sebastian and Diana argue and go separate ways. As do Ryan and Doyle. Alex and Leon stick together and chat a bit. Ryan comes across Diana and they end up talking. Owen and Lydia discuss CIA careers and her using her skills to get involved in more important conversations within the organization.

Present day: Alex overhears the hostages planning to track her down. Ryan picks a fight with Doyle and tackles a hostage taker, one that turns out to be Alex.

Doyle teams up with the new girl to find their way out of the woods and Leon admits to being arrested on purpose to expose the power struggle within the cartel run prison system in Mexico.

Present day: Alex is led away and fights back. She unmasks the hostage taker and it’s some random woman.

The class messed up. It should’ve taken about 20 minutes to get back if they used their new training but no one bothered to do so. It ended up taking them all more than four hours.

Alex and Ryan decide to bug Harry but when they speak with their handlers Alex is outvoted three to one. Leon should be bugged.

Alex and the unmasked woman continue to fight. The struggle gets more desperate and Alex ends up killing her.

Lydia asks Owen if he had her brought here on purpose. They argue and she leaves. Once outside she makes a call and asks what she’s supposed to do now, to whomever is on the other end of the line.

Ryan plants the bug but as it turns out there is already a bug on the farm. The faction is onto them.

Shelby’s computer is destroyed by virus as well so it looks as though the report will never be distributed but Shelby is quite the overachiever. She has a hard copy of the report too, which she brings in for distribution.

Nimah tries to question the hostage takers. She wants to know where Alex is and where they took Ryan. They tell her to back off before they kill her. Just then a body falls through the glass ceiling. It’s a hostage taker with a sign reading “2 down” attached. Nimah knows Alex is alive.

I like this show a lot because I like the format. I don’t like this show because sometimes I feel like they think the audience is dumb. They take a whole episode to spell out why they should be bugging Leon and we all know that he won’t be the bad guy. I don’t know who the bad guy is but I’d guess Doyle at this point.

Quantico is new Sundays at 10 p.m.


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