Westworld, episode three

Dolores and Lowe are chatting. He verifies that no one else has run diagnostics since he last did. They read a book together, with her reading aloud and she notes that they tend to read books about change.¬†“People read about what they want most and experience the least,” he responds. She asks about his son and he makes her explain why she did that. “Personal questions are an ingratiating scheme,” is her reason.

Back at home she hides the gun she dug up in the yard and is shown remembering a time with the man in black. William is strolling through town when he sees someone apprehend a man from a wanted poster. He makes his way over to investigate the posters and the man escapes and takes Pennyfeather hostage.

William points his gun and tries to shoot the bandit but can’t. The man fires at him and then William does shoot and kill the man. Pennyfeather wants to “express her gratitude” but William again turns her down.¬†Logan tries to take him into the saloon to celebrate but William opts for an adventure.

Cullen approaches Lowe to discuss her concerns about Ford and the upcoming narrative in the park. Hughes is running analysis on the hosts that have glitched, trying to figure out the problem. It seems as though he attacked hosts that had killed him in other cycles, almost like he was exacting revenge.

Stubbs and Hughes are headed into the park to track down a missing host. He tells her the only thing stopping the hosts from hacking them to bits is a little bit of code.

Flood strolls into town and gets into a gun battle, which he wins. He then strolls into the saloon and comes face to face with Maeve, who seems to remember her adventure in the labs.

Dolores and Flood repeat his chivalrous display from the beginning of the first episode, including the ride out of town. She asks him to leave town and he responds “someday” which she isn’t interested in. She doesn’t want a platitude that means never. She wants to go now. He has some things to take care of before he can go away and then escorts her home. Something’s amiss and he runs ahead to save her father. Gunshots. Fade to black.

Flood talks to Ford before being sent back into the park. He thinks he has to protect Dolores but his real mission is to keep her in the park. Flood never bothered to give Flood a backstory but he decides to change that. He gives him both a backstory and an adversary, Wyatt (Sorin Brouwers). The story, as all good ones are, is rooted in truth.

A few newcomers give Dolores a hard time but Flood intervenes. He scares them off and then teaches Dolores how to shoot. When she tries to pull the trigger, she can’t. The sheriff comes upon them and tells Flood there is word Wyatt is nearby. Flood has to help track him down.

Stubbs and Hughes come to a group of hosts that are stuck in a loop because of the one that wandered off. Stubbs mocks the idea of the backstories but Hughes defends it. She also looks

Flood and the sheriff discuss Wyatt and how Flood came to know him. The group comes upon two men that have been tortured and tied to trees. While inspecting the bodies, Wyatt and his group open fire. Flood, Sheriff Pickett (Brian Howe) and ___ pursue them.

Stubbs and Hughes are still looking for the missing host and following what appears to be a map in his left behind wood carvings.

Ford is asked by Lowe to chat and while he agrees he also takes a moment to point out that the hosts don’t feel cold or ashamed or anything else unless they are told after a lab tech tries to cover

The glitching host and the original host to play Dolores’ father were both having imaginary conversations with a man named Arnold. The only Arnold involved with the park was the man that had originally been Ford’s partner. He wanted to create consciousness in the hosts, not just the illusion of it.

He played god to the hosts, acting as what they considered the literal voice of a higher being. He ended up dying in the park and it is his code that the hosts are still answering. He forgot that the hosts weren’t real.

Lower takes the time to reach out to his deceased son’s mother. They discuss how hard it is to keep going. He says he doesn’t mind the pain because at this point it’s all he has.

Hughes doesn’t understand why the missing host would carve Orion in the wood. He wasn’t supposed to “give a shit about stars.” She takes a moment to herself and ends up finding the missing host. Hughes sends word to Lowe that this host might be having independent thoughts as well.

Flood and the Sheriff continue their search. They are ambushed.

Lowe talks to Dolores and tells her he needs to reset her. He shuts down her scripted responses. She’s trying to figure out who she is and when she does, she thinks she’ll be free. She doesn’t know where that response came from. He tells her sometimes parents have to let their kids go and see what happens. She asks if he still wants to reset her. He says no and sends her back on her loop.

She notices when she is repeating the staged lines and glitches. She sees the host that had been her father before. The cycle takes a turn when the man brings her into the barn and shuts the door. She finds that she has a gun and then remembers the man in black. She shoots the kidnapped her and makes a break for it.

Stubbs climbs down into the rock crevice that the host is trapped in. He starts to saw the host’s head off but the host wakes up from sleep mood. He escapes Stubbs’ hold and climbs out. He picks up a giant rock and seems about to smash it into Hughes but instead bashes his own head in.

Logan and William are in the woods by themselves. Logan is complaining about missing out on the fun in town. Dolores stumbles out of the woods and into Williams arms.

This is one of the best shows on television right now. I was interested in pretty much every plotline and I’m fascinated in whatever is going on with Dolores. I also think that Stubbs is a robot, probably Hughes too. Really I think everyone but Ford is to be honest. I don’t know. I can’t even begin to guess what will actually happen but that’s what makes this so good.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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