Lucifer, episode four

Two guys are hiking through a park to track down their lost drone. Along the way they find a body.

Lucifer finally has a cell phone and he thinks its spectacular. Linda does not. She wants him to focus on their session. He is distracted and is trying to avoid conflict. He leaves after having what he considers a breakthrough.

Lucifer thinks its time for Chloe to have some fun. She’s stressing too much and needs a distraction. He suggests going out for drinks. They have identified the body and have a lead on the last person to see her alive, an Uber driver. The victim has a mark on her wrist that is similar to those used at a nightclub.

They talk to the Uber driver and he says that she jumped out of the car. He tells her to check with the other guy he called. Ella texts Chloe that they have a lead. The victim has a hallucinogen in her system that takes a long time to kick in. It couldn’t have been the driver. She also has an ID on the other man she called, Davis Fitzgerald (Kiko Ellsworth).

Charlotte is muddling through being a human. Maze shows up to taunt her but she’s coping.

Chloe and Lucifer go to investigate the Davis’ house. As the approach, a man comes out the front door and tells them to go away. Oh yeah, and he’s holding a bloody knife when he does it.

Turns out Davis is making artisan sausages. He did speak to the victim the night prior. They fought because he was cheating on her with another waitress from his restaurant. While there Chloe wants to chat with Lucifer about what’s wrong with him. He makes a wager with Maze. He’ll giver her his convertible if she can get Chloe to go out and have fun.

Amenadial drops by Linda’s office to return a borrowed book and talks about a “physical problem” that is embarrassing and “stress related.” She tells him to relax and have fun, don’t overthink it.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the victim’s friend Naomi’s house. That is who she was with the night before. They find Naomi alright. She’s dead on the floor with the same mark on her wrist as the first victim.

Chloe shows up at Lux later that night with the report from Naomi. She wants to keep working and Maze knows the area where the girls were last seen. She takes Chloe there to ask around and they end up having a girl’s night with Ella and Linda. They share about their lives and drink tequila and do karaoke.

Chloe finds a guy with the hand stamp and starts asking questions. His girlfriend is quick to put a stop to that and naturally a battle royale ensues. Thanks in large part to Maze, Chloe wins and finds out what the stamp means. It’s a pop up sex party.

She finds out where the next party is and sends Lucifer and Dan in undercover. They get a tip from the bartender as to who was buying drinks for the victims the night before. A man named Yuri (Robert Picardo). He also tells them there was a third woman with the two victims

Chloe and Dan discuss what he found out at the party. Chloe finds out about the wager between Lucifer and Maze and is deeply offended. She texts Maze a picture of her flipping off the camera.

Chloe and Lucifer track down the third woman, the one that actually poisoned the victims. It’s their friend and neighbor Lily (Anne Leighton). They go to her house to confront her and find her packing. She’s going back to Nebraska. When they push she grabs Chloe and holds a knife to her neck.

She gives a speech about how she was the one who was supposed to have it easy and when Lucifer’s phone chimes, Chloe uses the distraction to break free and take Lily into custody.

Maze comes to visit Chloe at work. She’s surprised to find Chloe still mad at her. They have what can be loosely described as a deep conversation wherein Maze reminds Chloe that they are now going to be roommates.

Maze tells Lucifer she is moving in with Chloe and he is opposed but eventually let’s it go since he has no real say anyway. As more evidence of their shifting dynamic, the wager for the car is changed. Maze wants a drink. She wants Lucifer to get it for her. He does.

Amenadiel doesn’t understand why Lucifer would make a deal with their father. When he figures out it was for Chloe. He points out that their father might reconsider since Lucifer hasn’t held up his end of the bargain.

Chloe is on the phone with a real estate agent, making apartment arrangements when her car is suddenly hit by another car and spins out of control.

This was hands down my favorite episode of this show. It was firing on all cylinders. I loved the girl’s night premise but the casework banter with Lucifer and Chloe was great too. It was really funny but still serious when it needed to be and set up quite a few story lines that will presumably play out throughout the rest of the season (and maybe beyond), namely Chloe being a bargaining chip between Lucifer and his father as well as the Maze and Chloe roommate situation. Everyone was involved and I just thought this was great.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.


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