Supergirl, episode two

There’s a fire in a skyscraper in National City. Superman and Supergirl are on the job. A robbery? They can handle that. Hank is a bit upset with their showboating but Alex tells him to relax. He decides the armory is the place to do that.

Corben wakes up. He’s powered by the very thing that will kill his enemies. He will make the people from the organization Cadmus very happy.

Alex has a team ready to fight an alien combatant when Superman and Supergirl walk in. They already handled the bad guy but not before pissing off Hank and to some extent Alex.

Kara’s about to start her first day as a reporter at CatCo. Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez) will be her new boss. He’s a Pulitzer-winning journalist in his own right

Clark comes to sister night to tell Kara that he’s leaving. He has a life and a job and a girlfriend to get back to. “Besides, Metropolis needs its hero too,” he explains. As they say goodbye news of a jumper is on tv. They decide to head out for one more teamup.

It’s not a jumper though. It’s a setup! The man on the bridge is actually Corben aka Metallo. He catches Superman unaware and a fight ensues between him and Supergirl.¬†Just as he gets the upper hand, Superman swoops in to help.

Superman argues with Hank about the presence of kryptonite in National City. Alex admits that some was stolen a year ago and they never tracked it down. They are interrupted though when Cadmus broadcasts an open declaration of war to the city. Cat and Snapper watch as well.

Kara shows up in the newsroom to get her first assignment but Carr is having none of it. His newsroom, his hires. He doesn’t respect her appointment and tells her to get out. She tattles to Cat who isn’t interested. She expects Kara to stand up for herself. It’s time to embrace the change. Cat is leaving the company soon. She’s done all she can and needs Kara to “show that son of a bitch Snapper what she’s made of.”

The folks over at Cadmus have mixed emotions about the Metallo test. On the one hand he showed vulnerability, but in the end he wounded Superman. That counts as a success in the leader’s (Brenda Strong) book. It’s time for phase two. The insubordinate underling gets a turn in the chair.

Hank and Superman arrive at the Fortress of Solitude and chat about protecting their respective races, and neither means humankind. They run a diagnostic on what Metallo used to fight.

Kara tells Alex about being fired and everyone leaving. She suggests possibly moving to Metropolis and Alex is done biting her tongue. She’s sick of taking the backseat to Clark. She’s spent her whole life protecting Kara and would like a little recognition for it.

Metallo makes another appearance. The new suits Winn was working on aren’t reading but they have no choice but to risk it. They go, prepared to fight but its a setup. Metallo 2 (Rich Ting) is on the attack in Metropolis.

Alex is venting about giving up her life to protect Kara to Winn while he works on the new suits. He makes a joke about kryptonite residue and she realizes that this is the perfect way to find mole. They use a Geiger counter and track down a rogue agent Agent McGill (Sachin Sahel). When she follows him, she ends up kidnapped.

Cadmus tries to recruit Alex but she fights back. She’s outnumbered but backup shows up in the form of Supergirl. During a post fight heart to heart, Supergirl figures out how to fight the Metallos.

She explains that with backup they will be able to fight Cadmus. Winn unveils the new suits and gets the Superman seal of approval.

Supergirl and Alex team up to fight Metallo while Hank joins Superman in the fight against Metallo 2. Both teams win their respective fights and Supergirl sends a message to Cadmus headquarters.

Supergirl pays a visit to Cat as she ends her last day at CatCo. They chat about new beginnings and the excitement of not knowing what comes next.

James is on the move and Kara is worried its her fault. Turns out he isn’t going far. He’s taking over for Cat. Meanwhile Kara hands in her first story. An account on the dual Metallo accounts and Snapper eventually relents.

Superman takes control of all the kryptonite on earth as he leaves National City. He parts ways with Supergirl with a “to be continued” not a goodbye.

Supergirl sits at the beside of the alien John Doe, promising to be there for him when he wakes up. Well he does wake up, and tries to strangle her.

I thought this was a good episode. I just don’t understand how Alex can withstand the physical fighting with all these extraterrestrials if she is human. I’m glad that Superman and Hank are overcoming their differences and love when Winn fanboys. I’m sorry to see Cat go. She was probably my favorite character but hopefully she will pop up from time to time.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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