Timeless, episode three

Lucy is at home trying to cope with all the changes that have happened that no one else knows about. Wyatt is doing much the same thing while Rufus argues with Mason about questioning people’s loyalty.

It takes some research but they track Flynn down to Vegas circa 1962 and are soon in pursuit.

While everyone in Vegas is enjoying the party, a countdown begins. It turns out they are witnessing the atomic test and see the unmistakable mushroom cloud in the distance. One man, Jack (Scott Bailey), has already seen it, after all he is the president.

Lucy tells her fellow travelers about her engagement as they wait to depart. When they land, it is just in time to see the test as well. Rufus thinks they are too late but the others explain the history of the Atomic City.

They have to protect JFK and catch Flynn but the concert that they will be attending is sold out. They try to

Rufus tracks down the Mason employee that they assumed Flynn had taken prisoner, Anthony Bruhl (Matt Frewer). Turns out he’s not a prisoner. He’s working with Flynn and he sends Rufus away.

Flynn lures JFK’s mistress Judith Campbell (Elena Satine) away but Wyatt is in pursuit. They end up fighting in a back hall. They get Campbell but Flynn gets away. They have some trouble getting her to cooperate.

Anthony and Flynn talk about necessary casualties of the mission. Anthony says that this job has destroyed his life. He’s lost everything. Flynn argues that he has as well. Rufus might need to die for the sake of the mission.

Lucy chats with CampbellĀ while they wait and try to figure out what to do next. Lucy thinks she’s fascinating and they discuss her life and why she does what she does.

Rufus and Wyatt talk behind closed doors about what to do. They decide to use the mistress as bait. Lucy is opposed. CampbellĀ is too important to history but Wyatt doesn’t care. He’s fed up and wants to lure out Flynn now.

Campbell and Wyatt set the trap and chat a bit while they wait. She says that he’s coming and he gets ready to fight Flynn when she double crosses him. Campbell meets Flynn on the elevator and agrees to help him in exchange for the pictures he has of her with JFK.

Rufus and Lucy go to see Wyatt and find out that Campbell double crossed them. Lucy figures out why she did what she did.

Flynn wants the keys from a general. She does it and gets the photos, as well as the negatives but he has another errand to run before he can drop her off.

Wyatt sends a telegram to his late wife from the past into the future in hopes that he can prevent her death. While he explains it to Lucy, Rufus runs over and interrupts. He figured out what Flynn is trying to track down. It’s not a person. It’s a thing. A pretty important thing. The plutonium core of an atom bomb.

They give chase to save Campbell and get the core away from Flynn. They succeed and Lucy asks if it was worth doing this for Jack and she tells her she wasn’t doing it for him. “I was going this for me.”

Lucy tells the boys that her efforts are for naught because she is found out eventually and torn apart by the public for it. She eventually died of cancer.

Rufus says it’s time to take the nuke back and picks up the suitcase. Not so fast though. Flynn switched them out. Our time travelers do not have the core. Flynn still has it.

They return to the present and report what happened to their handler, Agent Denise Christopher (). They explain about Flynn having the nuke and Anthony helping him.

Lucy comes across Wyatt on her way out of the base and finds him at the computer. He’s telegram was not a success. She goes home and talks to her fiance Noah (Daniel DiTomasso). She tells him she needs to straighten her head out and can’t do that with him. She’s going to stay with her mom in the meantime.

Rufus thanks Wyatt for not ratting about him talking to Anthony. He also asks Wyatt if he questions why they are doing this. Wyatt says he’s not supposed to ask why and Rufus responds by asking how he knows he’s doing the right thing. Wyatt has no answer.

Jiya (Claudia Doumit) tracks down the mothership. Flynn is back in Vegas but present day. We see him and Anthony in the desert. They dig up the bomb core.

I thought this was a good episode. I’ll admit I’m more than a little biased. I’m a huge fan of this period in history and have read dozens of books about it so to see it play out, with characters that have a modern perspective, was fascinating. I like that in all of the episodes so far they have used real, fringe people from these huge historically significant events to help the narration. This show just gets better and better every week.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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