Chicago Fire, episode two

Grant is bleeding out when Herrmann calls an ambulance. Stella rides along when it finally shows up while Severide stays behind to answers questions for the police. Grant is still bleeding.

At the hospital, Stella answers questions in the waiting room while Grant is in surgery. A doctor comes out to say he’s stable. Charge attempted

Dawson and Casey are getting ready to go to work, discussing getting a nanny for Louie. He says that

Severide deflects questions about Grant as Stella comes back to work. Boden even makes sure that the guys know to quit the discussion. Jimmy is rude to the chief and Herrmann wants to have words with him. Boden tells him to stand down.

Travis Brenner (Scott Elrod) stops by the house to thank squad for helping out last week. He invites the guys to a party. Severide won’t commit but the rest of squad is in. Otis wants to invite Brenner to Molly’s for some publicity but he leaves before Otis has the chance.

Sylvie wrote for Mouch but he is not having it. In fact he rips it apart as he reads it

Severide finds out that Stella has opted not to press charges. It’s not so black and white to her. She knows Grant though and will handle it. He argues that that’s what created the problem. The alarm goes off. Squad is called out.

The problem is on a boat. One of the crew members got his leg caught in a pulley mechanism. They don’t have time to disassemble it and will have to turn it on in reverse to get the leg out.

Cruz runs the machine and they ultimately save the guy’s leg but not before Severide’s hand gets pretty bruised up. He’s more fed up with Stella about the Grant situation and tells Dawson who goes to Stella about it.

Severide tells Dawson about Stella not wanting to press charges against Grant. Dawson approaches Stella about it, telling her that Antonio will help but Stella doesn’t want to hear it. Connie interrupts when she brings Louie to Dawson. Apparently his sitter had other obligations.

Another alderman shows up to push Matt to back his Magnificent Mile beautification proposal. Matt is hesitant but the other man brings up how Casey helped Dawson get around the foster system so she could help Louie and Matt is forced to relent.

He does to talk to Dawson and sees that Louie is at the firehouse. Connie is helping and as it turns out her sister is a nanny. They schedule an interview.

Sylvie and Dawson respond to a call and find an apartment with an open door and a blood trail. It’s not nearly as serious as it seems. A woman was bit by her dog.

Slyvie wants back in on Mouch’s writing project. He was on his way to apologize and ask her back as well.

Severide talks to Stella as they leave the firehouse. She tells him it’s not his problem and then goes to see Grant at Dr. Charles’ office who recommends that Grant voluntarily commits to a facility to get clean. He doesn’t want to but Stella insists while telling him she’s out “for good.”

Casey deals with the alderman at the council vote. He makes it clear to Matt that he is going to lord this over him for a long time.

Severide goes to the party. He gets to the front of the club but his name is not on the list. While he’s there Travis shows up and brings him inside.

Matt gets home from the vote to find Gabby cooking dinner. She tells him how great the meeting with Connie’s sister Bonnie went. He talks about the alderman and she tells him “whatever it takes, do it” because she is not losing Louie.

Jimmy is at Molly’s with a girl talking about his brother. The conversation takes a turn and he starts talking smack about Boden. Herrmann is done putting up with it. He tells Jimmy off.

The team from truck goes to Boden and tells him that they won’t ride with Jimmy. He’s a danger to himself and others. He agrees to call his superior about taking Jimmy off truck.

Everyone is out on a call when the truck in the accident catches on fire. There are unmarked chemical drums on the truck. Boden orders 81 to tow the car with a victim out of the way. Jimmy decides to take matters into his own hands runs toward the car. The chemicals on the truck explode and Jimmy catches fire.

While Dawson and Sylvie work on Jimmy, squad rescues the victim from the car. While the gear did its job, Jimmy’s face and neck are severely burned. He loses his left eye.

Everyone stays in the waiting room as Boden goes to see Jimmy, except Severide who leaves because he “has a thing.” The episode ends with Boden sitting at Jimmy’s bedside.

I thought this was a pretty good episode. I like that Stella stood up for what she thought was right with the Grant situation. He has a better shot at getting clean if he does it voluntarily. I like the Louie stuff too but I don’t like all this Alderman Casey drama. I think that the Mouch and Sylvie writing story line is pretty funny. I’m sorry to see Jimmy get hurt but he was being a jerk so he kind of deserved it. There’s a reason Boden is a chief. He knows more about what calls to make. Also, the Severide partying thing is going to get old really quick.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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