Chicago Med, episode

April and her brother are helping with the medical tent at the marathon while Halstead and Nina run. April and Noah (Roland Buck III) get called over when someone is run over while running. He needs immediate attention but there are no paramedics available. April doesn’t know what to do.

She calls Goodwin for advice who tells her to wait for Will. Noah doesn’t listen. He tried to intubate him.

Manning gets a patient that is a small girl who is experiencing sudden hearing loss. She calls for some tests to try and figure it out.

Jeff and Choi get a patient that is an elderly woman with heat exhaustion. Jeff almost blows the call though when he doesn’t take the time to look at her medical history.

Rhodes complains to Goodwin about being overbooked.

Halstead does some crazy on the fly surgical stuff to try and save the patient in the field. He manages to clamp a bleed with his hand but if he tries this for more than 20 minutes the patient will be paralyzed, or worse.

Choi doesn’t understand why the patient crashed. Maggie tells Jeff to run to some supplies to Halstead at the aid station.

Manning tells her patient’s mother that the testing machine is backed up. The little girl keeps asking for her father which confuses Manning. She asks the mother and finds out her husband died a few months ago while away on business and she hasn’t had the heart to tell her daughter yet.

Goodwin tells Rhodes about what Halstead is doing in the field. Naturally Rhodes gets upset.

Choi asks his patient why she reacted to what should have been her regular medication. She says that she dropped some in the toilet and was too embarrassed so she skipped some doses. Choi laughs along but asks Dr. Charles to consult.

The paramedic should be there momentarily so there is relief at the aid station. One problem, the patient has already been clamped for 24 minutes.

Charles meets with the elderly woman to determine what the problem is.

Halstead hands off the marathon patient to Rhodes who makes a few comments about the calls made in the field.

Goodwin meets with a divorce lawyer to sign off on a legal separation from her husband. They’ve been living apart for months.

Drs. Charles and Reese try to talk to the little girl’s mother about helping her tell her daughter about the death of her husband. She blows them off and they both suspect she’s lying.

Rhodes and Halstead discuss the move to use the bypass machine in the field. Rhodes says he’d never play poker with Halstead because that was a “hell of a gamble”

Choi tries to piece together his patient’s case and delicately mentions both malnutrition and selling medication. The patient is highly offended his insinuations. They are interrupted by her neighbor stopping by to drop off her purse.

Manning’s tests reveal indicators of child abuse and Reese couldn’t find anyone in the region by the name she gave so the three of them confront the mother. She admits that her husband isn’t dead but was abusive so she kidnapped her daughter.

Manning, Charles and Reese bring the situation to Goodwin who says that it is there duty to alert the authorities and let them sort it out.

Choi sees his patient’s neighbor in the hall and talks to her about the monetary issues. He thinks that she might have been trying to keep up appearances and his neighbor seems to agree. He enlists her help.

Manning lets the mother know that they have alerted the authorities and that she might want to have a conversation with her daughter to prepare her. She notices that the little girl is having trouble coloring and checks her hands and fingers to clear a few things up.

It turns out the hearing loss isn’t a result of the abuse. She has a condition which causes very soft, easily breakable bones. In all likelihood she might not have been abused at all. The mother regrets her actions.

Halstead and Rhodes are observing the marathon patient and Will is freaking out that he messed up the guy’s life. They wake him up and run some tests to find out he is going to make a full recovery.

The mother gets taken away by police but Reese is still having trouble wrapping her head around it. She even calls her mother to tell her she appreciates her.

Jeff is feeling sorry for himself because all he did was run some stuff across the city. Manning points out that it saved a life.

Goodwin and Rhodes go out for drinks near the river. Aloha.

I liked this episode a lot. I generally like when Rhodes and Halstead work together because even though they clash at every turn, they do seem to genuinely respect each other. I felt really bad for the little girl with the hearing loss because that alone is traumatic but the whole situation is just overwhelming. Also, I like seeing the human side of the doctors, when they aren’t all just rushing from case to case so I liked Reese a lot in this one, though honestly since she started working with Dr. Charles she’s fast becoming my favorite.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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