How to Get Away With Murder, episode five

Flash forward: Doctors are doing an ultrasound on Laurel while Meggy (Corbin Reid) updates Bonnie and Oliver. Bonnie gets a phone call, which really doesn’t reveal anything.

Three weeks earlier Bonnie is handling the father’s affairs and as she leaves the funeral home Laurel calls. She asks about Frank and Bonnie gets off the phone quick because she just found Frank.

Connor is explaining that none of the “Keating Five” are fit to date “civilians” and we learn that Annalise is still suspended.

Speaking of, Annalise is getting her hair done (BY MARY J. BLIGE) and chatting with the girls in the beauty shop, just passing the time.

Bonnie confronts Frank about shooting Wes’ father, which he admits to doing. We flashback to 11 years earlier. Frank is in prison and he gets a visitor. It’s Sam Keating. He wants to help Frank get out of jail.

Sam presents the case to Annalise and convinces her to take the case. She meets with Frank to discuss a way to get him out for parole.

Bonnie is in the shower when Frank interrupts her because her phone rang. It’s Annalise. She is just checking in but Bonnie lies, saying that she is with her sister to get off the phone.

Wes and Co. find out that a replacement will be hired for the pro bono clinic and while some of them are concerned about Annalise, for the most part they seem glad to be rid of her.

Annalise goes to AA and the president of the university is there too. Annalise confronts her after the meeting but she tells her to give it up.

Bonnie tries to convince Frank to come home. She says that Annalise will forgive him and welcome him home if he apologizes about the baby.

In a flashback, Annalise thinks Frank is trying to stay in prison and thinks Sam is just projecting his need to be a father on him. Meanwhile present day Annalise is getting her act together. We see her and Sam’s relationship throughout the years as she moves around the house.

Simon Drake (Behzad Dabu)¬†accuses Connor, Michaela, Laurel and Asher of stealing his laptop and tries to grab Laurel’s bag. Michaela gets in his face and tells him to back off.

Wes meets Meggy’s father and has an awkward conversation about his own parents.

Annalisa leaves a drunk voicemail for Nate, telling him that’s he’s lucky he got away when he did.

Frank tells Bonnie that he can’t go back and asks her to run away with him. He says neither of them have any good memories in that house and that they can run away and have a family together. She doesn’t respond so he says he was just teasing.

Sam goes to talk to Frank in prison tells him the murder was an accident but Frank tells him otherwise. He says it was premeditated but he’s crying which Sam says is proof he’s not a sociopath.

Present day Frank is having a nightmare so Bonnie wakes him up. She cuddles up to him and talks about what life would be like if they ran away. Nothing like real life. Frank kisses her and it turns to more.

Laurel can’t focus while studying with Connor and Wes goes to see Annalise. Nate listens to the voicemail but mostly ignores it. Annalise gets sick and Wes takes care of her.

Turns out Michaela did steal the laptop and had Oliver hack it looking for an outline they need to study. No sign of that but instead it does show that Simon is the one that got Annalise suspended in the first place.

Wes cleans Annalise up and puts her to bed, all the while listening to her ramble and apologize to him.

Annalise visits Sam in jail to go over the case again, now that she’s agreed to take it. She throws up and Frank makes a crack about her being pregnant.

The group tells Annalise that it was Simon that made the posters. She confronts him and tells him that it’s up to him to do what he wants.

Simon decides to give the outline to group as a way to make up for getting Annalise suspended. Wes says that he is going to make copies and leaves the room. Laurel walks into the stairwell and finds Wes sitting there.

He tells her he is going to break up with Meggy and that she is special. He also ppoints out that Frank is gone. She tells him that Frank isn’t gone.

Bonnie goes for coffee and comes back to the room to find Frank gone. She cries.

Annalise presents her potential lawsuit to the president at the university. She lays out her terms and the president agrees. She also tells Annalise that she won’t be able to do this alone and that its okay to ask for help.

Wes wants Laurel to tell Annalise about Frank and brings her to the house. She won’t do it but when Annalise turns up and asks what’s the matter Wes starts to throw her under the bus. Since she’s forced to talk Laurel admits to talking to Frank, saying that he is with Bonnie right now and accusing Annalise of putting out a hit on him. Bonnie walks up¬†behind them and when they notice her they stop talking.

Flash forward to Bonnie on the phone in the hospital. Meggy promises to update Oliver and then hurries away. Oliver tries to call Connor. No answer. He tries again and a woman answers. Turns out it is Michaela’s mother. Michaela is alive and hasn’t even heard the news. Oliver breaks it to her.

I liked some parts of this episode. It’s always interesting to learn more about the character’s backstories so the flashbacks to how Annalise and Frank met were good but most of the present day stuff just didn’t hold my attention. I actually kind of was rooting for Frank and Bonnie to just run away but no such luck there.

How to Get Away With Murder is new Thursdays at 10 p.m.


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