The Real O’Neals, episode two

Eileen and Murray are out on a date. They are enjoying some conversation when he looks over her shoulder and sees Pat, picking up a to go order. Murray had recommended that restaurant to him because they are besties now.

The kids are at home on the couch watching tv. Well, Kenny is. Jimmy and Shannon are talking to their significant others via dating apps. Kenny wants someone to text too. They suggest an app and when he is taking a picture for his profile (of his calf which is obviously his best physical feature) Eileen walks in dressed in her New Year’s cardigan. They call her on it and she says she was out drinking with friends but they don’t buy it. So she changes the story. She was out measuring the hedges. Much more plausible.

The next day Jodi stops over to ask about the date. Eileen tells her it went well. They are taking things slow because she hasn’t told Pat she’s dating yet. She decides to soften him up by making his favorite breakfast and letting him sit in the living room to watch the Bears game.

Jimmy is freaking out. His girlfriend hasn’t texted him back since the night before, when she was at a party. Meanwhile, Kenny checks his app. He didn’t get any swipes! While Jimmy is in a panic about Lacey, Kenny comes up with a plan. They’ll go visit Lacey so Jimmy can make a big romantic gesture, and Kenny can take advantage of the change of venue to find a guy for himself.

Shannon is having a bit of a dilemma herself. She decapitated the boy she likes, Ethan (Christopher Avila), in their computer game and he didn’t regenerate. What’s worse is that he won’t respond to her messages either. Jodi suggests giving him a call but Shannon isn’t having it. She declares it over.

Eileen and Murray are planning their next date when she decides to help Pat out some more. She brings him a beer and rubs his back.

Jodi took Shannon’s situation into her own hands. She proudly “lured a 15 year old to the house under false pretenses on the Internet.” Shannon is less than pleased but Jodi leaves them alone to go make snacks. Before she can, Pat corners her. He thinks Eileen wants him back and is distressed. He decides the best course of action is to find her another man.

Jimmy has flowers to give Lacey for his big romantic gesture as he and Kenny walk across the college campus. Jimmy is intimidated by all the guys around but Kenny is very pleased with it.

Shannon and Ethan sit outside on the porch silently. Jodi brings them nachos but after a few more minutes, he leaves.

Pat goes to speak with Murray in his office about an idea he had. He later brings Murray by the house in an effort to set them up.

Jimmy gets undressed and is laying in Lacey’s bed with her favorite yogurt waiting for her to come back to her room but when the door opens it isn’t her.

Kenny is still freaking out about not getting any swipes. A helpful RA named Rob (Abraham Lim) gives him some pointers about his profile to help him. He also asks why it’s so important to Kenny who explains coming out and having a less than stellar time of it. As Rob replies, Kenny gets a swipe. Rob grabs his phone and tries to explain that his self worth shouldn’t be based on that.

Then Jimmy runs by in only his boxers, yelling that they have to leave. He’s being chased by a group of angry women. Kenny follows him out.

Eileen and Murray can’t believe their luck. A date at Pat’s suggestion puts them in the clear. Not so fast. Eileen wants her post-divorce friendship with Pat to work out and that can’t start based on a lie. She has to come clean.

Jodi apologizes to Shannon for getting involved but Shannon says it’s okay. She learned that he’s interested and that she gets him flustered. She wouldn’t have found that out if they weren’t in the same room.

Eileen and Murray tell Pat they’ve been seeing each other all summer, in the meat aisle no less. He’s upset, but moreso with Murray. He leaves them alone and Eileen suggests still trying to go to dinner but according to Murray the “Cheesecake Factory” is for celebrations.

Kenny and Jimmy are on their way back to the house when Lacey texts Jimmy. He asks Kenny to read it out loud. Sad face, skull and crossbones, and fire emojis. Jimmy is upset but Kenny tells him that they can’t be so hard on themselves.

This wasn’t a bad episode. I’m more entertained by the family dynamic as a whole though so I wasn’t all that invested in any of the stories. Overall it was just okay.

The Real O’Neals is new Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m.



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