Grey’s Anatomy, episode five

It’s hot because of global warming and the air conditioner is busted so Meredith is a bit cranky. Bailey isn’t though. In fact, she thinks it’s a “glorious day.” She’s got a liver transplant surgery for a patient that is almost 80. She’s been on the list forever and has finally made it to the top.

Kepner is back to work and excited to talk to people that can actually talk back and Bailey is spreading the joy by bringing DeLuca into the surgery with her.

Granny June Crowley is finally getting her liver after three years. The family is ecstatic and according to the DeLuca is a “hottie.”

Webber, Jo and Meredith are treating a patient with a heat stroke. Jo goes into her phone to find her sister in her emergency contacts while Meredith goes to track down a cooling blanket.

Riggs approaches Meredith about the broken air conditioner. He can’t fix it but his is working and he can help a colleague in need. She tells him he needs a cooling blanket.

Amelia is in the storage room when Meredith gets there looking for the blanket. She’s rummaging through the shelves and Meredith asks why. Amelia is pregnant. Meredith gives her a hug and says that Owen must be thrilled. She hasn’t told him. She hasn’t even peed on a stick yet. Meredith hands her the test and tells her to come back when she knows its legit.

Amelia tries to talk to Owen but Avery interrupts. He was paged for an emergency and has to find Kepner to hand off Harriet. Owen volunteers to take her instead.

Meredith blows up Amelia’s spot in front of Edwards and Maggie but points out she’s yet to take the test. Maggie congratulates her nonetheless.

Webber finds his patient’s sister and brings her into the room. Chelsea is in bad shape. The heat stroke compromised her liver. Worst case scenario she needs a transplant. Her sister offers to get tested to donate.

Owen can’t calm Harriet down. He asks Karev for some advice and when he hands off the baby, she quiets down. Maybe Owen just isn’t a baby guy.

Maggie and Edwards are working on a heart patient for a very tricky procedure. He’s a former astronaut so he’s used to risky situations. He’s ready to “buckle in.”

Chelsea’s sister is not a viable donor because she’s pregnant. Chelsea is now at the top of the donor list.

Amelia tells April about the pregnancy to get how to tell the father advice. April freaks out because Owen should know first.

Owen still can’t get Harriet to quiet down. He pages Ben for help but it’s to no avail.

Webber and Meredith need a liver right now to help Chelsea. She won’t make it till tomorrow. That’s when Meredith remembers the surgery that Bailey¬†mentioned. She asks Bailey and the three of them ask Granny June, fully expecting her to give it up. She shocks them. Her answer is a resounding “hell no.”

They all still can’t believe that June said no. Webber tries to appeal to Bailey but just sounds ageist.

Amelia and Maggie arguing over the rights to Edwards. Meredith tries to give them some perspective. And then brings up her dead husband. Maggie and Edwards go surgery to work on the astronaut.

Meredith and Karev are outside talking about livers and losing your job. She wants to talk to June again but Karev finally talks her into just sitting back down.

Amelia is in the bathroom when April walks. She’s freaking out about telling Owen because the last time she was pregnant she didn’t have to tell the father. He was dead.

Owen and Riggs talk about babies when something terrible happens. They have to change Harriet’s diaper and they talk about the fact that he and Amelia are trying.

Edwards and Maggie talk while they wrap up the surgery. It’s a success, until it’s not. He crashes and they try to get him back but are too late. He’s brain dead.

Bailey complains to DeLuca that Meredith stole the Joy of the day from her.

There is an upside to the death of the astronaut. He has a viable liver to donate to Chelsea. Meredith thinks Bailey was right. It is a glorious day.

Bailey updates Granny June’s family. So far so good. And they have a scarf they made for DeLuca.

Meredith is able to do the liver transplant surgery for Chelsea while several other surgeons watch from the gallery, including Jo and DeLuca.

Owen hands off Harriet to Avery. He tells her she was great, easy and Webber comments that he and Amelia should work on getting one of their own.

Amelia finally works up the courage to tell Owen that she might be pregnant. He is very happy.

Karev, Meredith and Maggie are standing in front of the open fridge. The air conditioner is still broken. They discuss the potential pregnancy.

Amelia takes the test. No dice.

I liked this episode because it really surprised me. The concept of someone else needing Granny June’s liver was so predictable but the idea that she actually said no really shocked me. I thought, as did many of the doctors, that she would just agree to help the younger patient. I also figured that it was too quick for Amelia to be pregnant. That will probably drag on all season.

Grey’s Anatomy is new Thursdays at 8 p.m.


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