Frequency, episode three

Raimy tells Frank about Goff case, that things have changed in the intervening years since she visited the first time, before bringing Goff to his attention. He tells her to track down some evidence.

Gordo stops by to check up on Raimy and she apologizes. They discuss the idea of a service for her mom.

Satch stops by to talk to Frank, back in 1996, and Frank says they have to go back to Jersey to the Goff place.

Raimy is looking into the disappearance of Maya but the search seems fruitless.

Frank and Satch walk around up to the Goff property and are confronted by Thomas’ mother. Frank storms by her to investigate the shed but finds nothing there, though it reeks of bleach. Outside he finds a barefooted print in the mud.

Present day Raimy continues trying to track down Goff and updates her search on Maya.

Frank calls in a search team and K-9 unit to search the woods near the Goff house. He tracks her down, though she is unconscious at the time.

Raimy refreshes her search and finds that the Maya cause is closed though Goff is still missing. She and Frank of the past talk about the interrogation of his mom. She tells him to step up his game because she wants her mom back.

She invites Gordo to go out for drinks but he has to take care of his kid. She ends up going by herself and we get to see a flash back to when Raimy and Daniel were just getting to know each other.

Frank is talking to Maya while she’s still in the hospital. She picks Goff’s photo out of a line-up. She tells Frank and Satch that Goff treated her like a pet. She also says that she thinks he could be the guy from the news, the Nightingale killer.

Julie has to work so she is leaving Raimy with Frank for the night. She’s nervous because this is the first time they’ve done this. He is more worried about her safety with the killer still on the loose. They both promise to stay in touch.

Adult Raimy is talking to Mariyln Goff in the interrogation room. She claims to have not spoken to her son in 20 years. Raimy accuses him of being the killer but she denies it. Raimy continues to press the issue but Marilyn doesn’t crack.

Frank is making food for Raimy only, she doesn’t really like that stuff anymore. He’s a little behind on the times. They talk about his being shot. Then they go out to the garage and have a dance party, which is exactly what’s going on when Satch walks in.

They’ve got a lead on Thomas Goff and have to run out. Raimy is less than pleased. She wants to come too but that’s not an option. Frank promises to make it up to her.

Adult Raimy is on a stakeout. She sees something that sparks her interest and pursues a man into a creepy basement. She finds a man down there and confronts him. Tells him he’s under arrest and when she looks away to grab her handcuffs he attacks. They scuffle and she eventually wins and brings him in.

Frank and Satch are on a stakeout of their own.Frank feels guilty about leaving Raimy and finds out that Julie is actually on her way to pick her up. Satch says that if this lead pans out it’ll all be worth it. That’s when they see Goff. He runs and they give chase.

Raimy questions Goff about his guilt and about the women. He says he doesn’t remember their names. She beats him up.

Frank keeps chasing the young Goff, right into traffic. He gets hit by a car.

Raimy rushes home to see if her mother is back. She’s not. The place is just full of flowers now.

Raimy and Frank discuss the Goff case. He wasn’t the Nightingale because her mother isn’t back. He feels as though its a job well done because they got a bad guy off the streets but she isn’t having it. She was convinced her mother would be back and is now disappointed in the outcome. She blames Frank for letting her get “wound up.”

She’s upset and Gordo comes over to talk about the service the following day. She tells him she isn’t going and he says he will play bodyguard. She still isn’t interested but they decide to go for a drink.

At the bar, Daniel walks in and he and Raimy have an exceedingly awkward conversation. Gordo is appropriately uncomfortable.

Julie confronts Frank about ditching Raimy for work. “It’s always the job,” she says. They argue about his being there for Raimy, missing holidays and birthdays and how much Raimy missed him. She needs to come first, Julie explains.

Adult Raimy and Satch talk about going to the service. He tells her she will regret skipping it but she stands her ground. He leaves and she keeps working on the case. She looks up Maya’s Facebook and actually manages a smile.

Julie takes a glass of wine outside on the porch and sits down to drink it. We see that she’s being watched… by the Nightingale.

I really thought that Goff was going to be the killer and it would take all season to track him down so I’m pleasantly surprised that things turned out the way they did. Things between Franks and Julie are definitely going to get worse but I figure the adult Raimy will figure out the case before she gets killed.The conversations via ham are my favorite part of this show though.

Frequency is on Wednesdays at 9 p.m.


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