Notorious, episode five

Julia is freaking out, understandably so. She called 911 while in the house with Levi and was pretty much in shock the whole time. She was covered in his blood and just stood there waiting for police to arrive. She has to report to the police station the following morning to give a statement.

Jake is on the steps of the station telling the media he plans to demand the release of Oscar because since Levi killed himself he was obviously the killer all along. He wraps up when Julia walks by and asks to go over her statement. She blows him off.

Sarah Keating’s brother Alan calls Jake. He just saw the press conference and wants to know if Jake really thinks it was Levi then he asks to meet up.

The district attorney, Max Gilford (Adam Rayner), talks to Julia about what happened with Levi and if it connects to Sarah’s murder at all. She says that she doesn’t think so. They are interrupted by his assistant. She brings an envelope that was found in Levi’s desk. Its the pictures of Jake and Sarah in bed together. He ends the conversation with Julia who tries to invite him on the show. He declines but she is persistent. He agrees to lunch.

At the office Megan and Louise watch Julia. She’s acting weird. Louise asks if she wants to talk but she just jumps into the plan for the evening’s show. They ask about the video Levi sent her but she says it won’t air.

Jake talks to Bradley on his ride into work. They are going to take advantage of Levi’s suicide and try to hurry up the case against Oscar. As Jake pulls into his parking spot he sees a woman standing in it, a pregnant woman. She tells him she doesn’t want the baby and when he offers help she tells him its not that simple because… this isn’t her baby.

She’s a paid surrogate. The biological parents bailed and now she can’t raise the kid but isn’t legally allowed to put it up for adoption. The case “hits close to home” for Jake so despite Bradley’s recommendation he agrees to take the case.

Ella and Ryan are in bed together. He’s trying to start something but she looks at the clock and sees that she is late for work.

Megan confronts Julia about her mental state. She tries to reach out by relating a story that she had when she was just an intern that turned out to be wrong. Julia gave her some sound advice but “maybe she was wrong” is what she says now.

Jake goes to see Maggie Sherman () at the surrogate agency to try and track down the parents for Jenna (Sofia Vassilieva). Sherman isn’t budging though. She thinks the situation is unfortunate but won’t compromise her clients by revealing their names.

He leaves her office, calling Ella as he goes. He sends her to the county clerk’s office to find the petition filed for the surrogacy. Jake then goes to meet Alan. He says that Levi was complaining at the Keating wedding reception about how wrong Sarah was for Oscar. He gives the video to Jake who then presents it to Julia.

She declines the rights to it. She’s done enough to smear Levi’s name but Jake doesn’t understand. It’ll protect his client and the situation was corporate sabotage. Julia explains that that’s not the case. Levi was actually in love with Oscar. No segment.

Back at the office, Gilford is in Jake’s office. He doesn’t want the media circus. He just wants to try the case in court. He also admits they are looking into other people in Sarah’s life and acknowledges that she was having an affair. Jake reads between the lines and know that he’s been caught.

Jake goes to Julia’s office to talk it out. He says that he can’t imagine what it was like to see Levi pull the trigger. She cuts him short because Gilford is there to see here. They are doing lunch.

Julia is pitching an appearance on the show. It’ll be great for his career. It’ll help establish him. It’ll let him help dictate the story. Gilford reluctantly agrees. He also admits he wants the lunch to be more than just work. She doesn’t dismiss the notion.

In court, Jake is representing Jenna. She became a surrogate to pay off college debt. The judge is sympathetic but won’t oppose attorney/client privilege. He doesn’t force Sherman to name the parents.

Gilford is live with Louise. He’s calm and composed until she ambushes him with the Levi video. He handles it well but when the segment ends he has a few words for Julia. He thought she was a news producer but it turns out she’s just a mouthpiece for Jake. Julia doesn’t back down though.

Julia and Jake meet and talk about Levi and Gilford. He has a story for her. Jenna’s.

Jenna and Jake go on the air with Louise and explain the situation. She namechecks Sherman and also reads a passage from a letter she received from the parents. Oh and then her water breaks.

Back at the office, Sherman won’t budge so Jake and Bradley are going over their options when a couple walks in. Mary and Arthur Gower (Carly Nykanen and David Stanbra) wrote the letter. It’s their baby but they didn’t abandon it. They paid up front and were told Jenna has a miscarriage. Sounds like Sherman is up to something fishy.

Jake takes the couple to see the baby and Jenna. Everyone’s all smiles when they get another visitor. Someone from Family Services. Since the Gowers are adopting it and not the biological parents, and Jenna is not the biological mother, they don’t have the rights to go through with this. They have to put the baby in foster care.

Jake is pissed. He goes to give Sherman a piece of his mind but when he gets to her office he finds out she pulled a runner.

He goes to his office and goes through a box of mementos from his own time in foster care. Meanwhile Julia scrubs the blood off her shoes and finally breaks down and cries.

Jake worked all night and found a case similar to this situation that occurred in Boston. He looked into Sherman’s background and as it turns out there are no registered attorneys by that name. She’s been running this scam throughout the country.

Julia goes to Gilford’s office to apologize for blindsiding him. They talk about how tough their jobs are and how they both can’t escape work, even at home.

Ella and Bradley track down Sherman at the train station. Apparently she was running low on cash and decided to double down on the one baby to make twice the money. Oh and the biological parents? Sherman bought the sperm and egg from a clinic in Prague. The Gowers are pressing charges.

Oscar gets his meal through the slot in his door and its not just food on the tray.

Louise gives an update on Jenna’s case while Jake explains the legal side of things. Jenna is the de facto parent and can give the baby up for adoption or to the Gowers, which she does.

Julia, Louise and Megan go out for happy hour. She takes the time to apologize for being mean to them. They are okay. Louise even called Gilford and told him to come by. Julia buys him a drink.

The paperwork is all worked out and Gowers can take the baby home. Jake and Bradley toast to a job well done and to being awesome brothers when Ella walks in. Oscar needs Jake. It’s urgent.

Jake gets there and Oscar confronts him about the picture he found on the tray. Jake apologizes and Oscar punches him and then fires him. Gilford is watching from the control room. He’s the one that slipped the picture to Oscar. It was a setup to see if Oscar knew. He didn’t and now the DA has another suspect, Jake Gregorian.

I thought that this was a pretty interesting episode. I’m glad that Julia wasn’t back to her normal self immediately after such a traumatic incident but it looks like she will be next week. I’m also glad that Jake got caught. I’m also intrigued by the new DA. What’s his deal? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Notorious airs Thursdays at 8 p.m.



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