The Good Place, episode seven

Michael explains all the ways that the universe has taunted him during his stay in the neighborhood. It’s all just proof that architects can’t live in the places they build. He calls Janet to help him leave, since you can only take a train and she is the only one that can operate it.

Back at the house, Chidi asks Eleanor if she said anything to make Michael think that this was a good plan. She hasn’t but she thinks this is for the best. Chidi isn’t so sure. They are still lying after all.

Eleanor goes to Tahani’s house to help set up for Michael’s retirement party. She figures it will cancel out the guilt. Michael walks in during preparation and tells them to cancel the party. Retirement isn’t something to be celebrated for beings like him. It’s actually a form of punishment, eternal torture. Tahani redesigns the party with a more somber theme.

Chidi pushes for Eleanor to confess. He gives her two options. Confess and save him or lie and send him to eternal damnation. Naturally she picks option three. Lie, but still save him. She calls on Janet to figure out a plan and comes up with one. Flipping Janet’s killswitch will strand Michael in the neighborhood. Great plan. ┬áChidi doesn’t think so.

He tries to explain to her all the ways that the plan would be bad but she figures the ends justify the means, like that super cool nice guy Machiavelli said. He can’t get on board with this. He doesn’t want to lie to everyone about destroying Janet.

Tahani is trying to thank Michael and its just upsets him more. He tries to explain his feelings, all the things he wanted to do and see, but its not use even if he does get to try a saltine.

Eleanor and Chidi are following Janet along a remote stretch of beach. She’s explaining the evolution of Janets, which is basically like growing up. They get to the fail safe button and Chidi is having second thoughts. Janet assures him that she is not human and does not feel pain. She will plead for her life if someone gets close to the button though.

Both Chidi and Eleanor try but can’t press the button, because of the pleading, when Jianyu shows up. He wasn’t having fun at the party so he followed them. He sees the button and reaches to press it. Chidi pushes him out of the way so he can’t, and hits the button by accident in the process. Janet falls face first and a video pops up in the sky.

It’s Janet, announcing that she has been murdered. Chidi asks Eleanor what to do. She says flee the crime scene so the three of them run away. Eleanor tries to coach Chidi in acting natural but its no use.

Michael is speaking about how awful the day has been at Janet’s funeral when Janet wakes up. She says hello, but that’s basically it. She’ll need a few days to update so his retirement is postponed. The guests all cheer.

Eleanor is glad they are in the clear and Jianyu has basically already forgotten about it but Chidi can’t let it go. He tells Eleanor that he’ll have to confess. She talks him into not confessing. He tells her that this will tear him up inside forever but he will keep the secret for her.

Michael holds another town meeting and says that this gruesome act is proof that he is not the only issue with the neighborhood. As he speaks, Eleanor watches Chidi’s barely contained agony about keeping this secret and decides enough is enough. She tells him she loves him and then stands up and confesses to being in the good place by mistake.

This was a great episode. There was a lot of Janet, which is always funny, and a sassy Michael putting Tahani in her place. The true highlight of the episode was that while Eleanor has developed some morals, her confession will change the entire premise of the show. It’s not about hiding the misfit anymore so I’m interested to see where it will go from here.

The Good Place is new Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.


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