Saturday Night Live, episode four

Tom Hanks is one of my favorite people ever. He can do comedy. He can do drama. He’s just great in everything.

Cold open:

Tom Hanks as the moderator Chris Wallace in this debate sketch was spot on. Kate McKinnon is so spectacular in basically every skit she does and Baldwin deserves an Emmy for this. There were a few lines that really stood out. His use of “Trademark” cracked me up and the best Baldwin, Stephen was priceless.


Tom Hanks is good. Referring to American as “a lot gayer than you used to be” was a popular and they summed up America as a place where you can see what can be stuffed inside a pizza crust.

Black Jeopardy:

That was pretty great. Leslie Jones and Kenan are treasures. Also, Tom Hanks. That’s all I’ve got. It was wonderful.

Halloween block party:

This was a lot more funny than I expected it to be. The reactions of Kenan and Jones were by far the best part.

CBS comedy:

This was so awkward. That’s what makes it good though.

100 Floors of Flights:

David Pumpkins is a total creeper. That’s what makes this great. I don’t do scary very well so this is about as bad as I can handle.

First Song:

Lady Gaga sounded good. I don’t have an opinion otherwise.

Weekend Update:

Jost summed it up best. “American Horror Story” debate edition. They tore into both candidates equally and it was everything. Leslie Jones stopped by to talk about hacking and she’s a champ when it comes to dealing with that. The girl at a party as portrayed by Cecily Strong wasn’t as annoying as usual so there’s that.


Amusing skit but it just didn’t really hold my interest.

Halloween short:

Had a lot of potential but I just wasn’t all that interested.

Second song:

Gaga sang another song. It wasn’t bad.


Hanks did an impression of frequent collaborator Ron Howard and I don’t know much about him in real life but the impression seemed to be pretty perfect and to make matters better we got Cecily and Kate McKinnon with accents.

I thought this was pretty good episode. Hanks is a good sport and although I didn’t like everything it flowed well and moved quickly.

Saturday Night Live is new Nov. 5 with Benedict Cumberbatch and Solange.


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