Quantico, episode four

The hostages are being moved to a dark, seemingly underground room. Raina is singled out and led away for questioning.

Shelby is presenting to a team of people trying to stop the hostages. Her speech is interrupted by another video from the hostage takers. It’s Raina speaking. They will release the hostages in exchange for a hacker that received a presidential pardon.

One year earlier: They find a bug in Alex’s room and want to end the operation but brass tells them that they can’t. There is someone recruiting agents early and if they don’t cut it off now, the bad guys will become the agency. Miranda tells them to keep their heads down this week.

Everyone in the house is going about their morning business. Getting ready for the day. Ryan has to sign for a package, which turns out to be from the government. In class they are now learning to control their emotions.

Present day Alex gets to Raina and they talk about the terrorist’s plan. Although there are more than 1,000 hostages, they only seem to care about a select few. They come up with a plan to send a message to Miranda. Back in the office, Miranda wants to agree to the trade.

The class takes time practicing their emotional control and naturally Ryan is excellent at it. They are going to an event at Langley for the real test later that evening. Alex decides this is a blessing in disguise. They can use the monitors to flush out the mole.

Miranda and Shelby track down the hacker that the terrorists want. They find him but he isn’t willing to come quietly so Miranda “arrests” him to get him to cooperate. She gets him in the car and tells Shelby to wait. Miranda talks to him about turning him over to “them” because he didn’t do what he was supposed to. It seems they are both in cahoots with the bad guys.

Raina approaches Lydia to fight the terrorists together. Lydia wants to save as many people as they can right now and figure out the rest after but Raina is reluctant though she eventually relents.

At Langley Alex and Ryan go over their plan and she is a bit surprised at how well this is all working. The candidates are chatting and feeling various levels of stress. Alex tries to get digital information from Owen but can’t stand near him long enough.

Miranda negotiates the transfer and while the hostage move to safety she hands off the hacker to Raina, who tries to give her their coded message. She doesn’t seem to get it and starts to fall back. Alex, who was observing from a nearby window, fires shots into the area to cause a panic.

Ryan’s mail that morning was a key to a PO box left to him by Liam. He gets distracted when Lydia brings it up and take his frustrations out on Alex. She tries again to hack Owen but still isn’t successful.

Present day Miranda watches Raina lead the hacker into the building without doing anything while the released hostages run for cover.

Owen and Lydia go over the emotion test that they ran at Langley. They tell the recruits to embrace their emotions, not try to conquer them. They manipulated their day so that they would be stressed out. Ryan didn’t get anything from Liam, Leon doesn’t have an escaped convict after him, Dayana isn’t in danger of being disbarred, etc etc.

Ryan confronts Lydia about Liam and Alex meets with Owen to ask if she thinks he even belongs at the farm. He says he’s the one that recruited her in the first place. She is finally able to finish downloading the hack.

Miranda organizes the release of the people that were being held hostage. She sets up debriefing interviews and then they will be on their way. Shelby is not pleased. There could be terrorists among them.

Ryan and Alex meet to go over the information they got Owen. Ryan admits that their test didn’t get his weakness right. It’s not Liam or authority. It’s Alex. He worries about her and needs to figure out a way to do this alone even when she’s right there.

Lydia and Owen talk about his being pulled out of the field and why that happened. She pretends to be a mole for a higher up, but is actually helping her father.

Ryan and Alex figure out who has been spying on them. It’s the new lady, Leigh (Heléne Yorke)

Shelby checks her e-mail. There’s one from the hacker, telling her Miranda is in on it. Inside the hacker tries to stop the terrorists, and is shot for his efforts.


I really want Shelby to be the one to take this whole thing down. She tried so hard last season but was basically just a pawn for the Haas family so I’m glad she’s over that and I want her to be the one to handle this. I still don’t trust Doyle but I’m growing fond of Leon. This was a good episode. I’m interested to see how Alex will help Raina moving forward.

Quantico is new Sundays at 10 p.m.



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