Westworld, episode four

Dolores and Shaw are talking about the events of her last cycle. She’s questioning this world and her place in it. He wants her to play a game called “The Maze.” If she finds the center of it, she can be free. She wants to be free. She wakes up to start a new cycle and she is not at home in her bed as usual but rather in a field with a gun.

Maeve and Pennyfeather are chatting in the saloon when Maeve starts to glitch. She can hear and see things that aren’t there. Presumably they are from the lab or past cycles. A guest goes on a ramapage, shooting all the hosts in the saloon, except he doesn’t. It was all a memory. She was conversing with Pennyfeather the entire time. She leaves to go try and put the pieces together. She looks for a scar on her abdomen from a shooting but there isn’t one. She looks at a drawing she has of a lab tech in his suit and when she goes to hide it, she finds several identical ones.

Hughes, Cullen, Shaw and Stubbs are discussing the stray from the last episode. Cullen wants to take possession of said host and Shaw agrees to it. Hughes tracks him down after to tell him that she’s upset about that decision. The hosts are acting strange. It’s more than just a glitch and she wants to figure it out. Shaw tells her that’s not the case. Hosts don’t have imaginations, people do. She’s seeing things in their behavior that don’t exist.

William and Logan argue about what to do about Dolores while trying to find the bandit. She can’t come with them so William wants to call the expedition off and take her back. He and Logan argue about what to do.

The man in black and Lawrence are trying to track down the maze when they come across a woman bathing in a river and her men. They decide to look for “something of value” together.

Dolores is confronted by a man, possibly someone that works for the park, trying to get her back to “her daddy’s ranch” and she says that her father is dead. The man grabs her to take her back  but William intervenes. She opts to stay with him. She apologizes for causing a rift between him and Logan but he says he’s glad she turned up.

While she and William talk about wanting more out of life, she remembers the techs that have stopped by the ranch at the end of a cycle to help rest her family.

The man in black is approached by a fan of his foundation in the park. He tells the guy to back off. This is his vacation. The man in black bargains with the woman and goes off on his own. He locks up the deputy and talks to Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) as Lawrence is led to face the firing squad. He blows the lock off Hector’s cell and they leave, saving Lawrence as well. He returns to the woman and leaves Hector there.

Maeve is still having trouble with her cycle. She is flashing back to the techs. She and Pennyfeather discuss Hector and the bandits.

Shaw and Cullen are getting ready for bed when she mentions that she has to talk to Ford. He gives her a few tips on dealing with him.

She and Ford discuss the new narrative and an extension on putting it in play. The board is concerned about the complete overhaul of the park. He takes her to lunch and she describes coming to the park as a child. He talks about the history of the park and trying not to let it just turn into a money grab. He says that they know everything about the guests, as well as the employees, before telling her to get out of his way.

His narrative will be completed, and it won’t be a retrospective.

Dolores wants to help William but he tells her to stay back. He can’t get hurt but she can and he doesn’t want to risk it. He and Logan. along with their guide, make moves on the bandit they’ve been tracking. They engage in a shootout before Logan takes charge and wins the battle.

The man in black and Lawrence continue on their journey and come across Teddy, he’s tied to a tree and asks to be put out of his misery.

Logan shoots their guide and goes for a ride with the bandit they caught. William continues to defend Dolores.

Hector and his men roll into town and light it up. He wants something from Maeve and she’s willing to give it to him in exchange for answers about the techs. For each answer he provides, she gives him a number from the combination for the safe. The legend has it that the tech is basically a religious idol for some of the villagers within the park.

She wants him to cut her so that she can see if it leaves a scar. He won’t do it. He doesn’t wound defenseless women but she continues to argue with him until he agrees. When he does, she digs into the wound and finds the bullet from when she was shot.

“What does it mean?” he asks. “That none of this matters,” she replies before kissing him.

I liked this episode because I like that Ford didn’t take any crap from his corporate overlords on the board. I also really like that Dolores isn’t the only one questioning what’s going on. She’s being led to these conclusions by Shaw, however inadvertently that may be happening, but Maeve is doing it all on her own which is really great. I’m also starting to subscribe to the popular theory that William is a younger version of the man in black and that the show is running on multiple timelines. I guess only time will tell on that part.

Westworld is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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