Black Mirror, episode three

We see a woman in a parking garage. She is pacing and panicked. She keeps checking her phone.

A teenage boy, Kenny (Alex Lawther), is doing dishes and cleaning tables at a fast food restaurant. He takes a break and chats with his coworkers in the alley behind the place, chatting about a girl. After work he rushes home to go online. He’s sister, Lindsay (Maya Gerber), borrowed it without asking and now it has a virus. He downloads an antivirus to clean it up.

The next day he changes the lock on his door. His mother leaves for a date and tells him to keep an eye on his sister. They both spend the evening in their rooms. He spends the time looking at pictures and jerking off.

Afterward he goes to get cleaned up he finds a message on his computer. An unknown messenger has a video of what he just did and they will post it online if he doesn’t give them his phone number. He does, and they tell him to wait for a message with more instructions.

The message comes the next day just as he gets to work. They tell him to get to an address in 45 minutes. It’s nearly an hour away. He tells his boss he’s sick and rides his bike as fast as he can. He arrives and gets a message to wait. He does and a man on a moped (Ivanno Jeremiah) turns up. He’s also following orders from messages and tells Kenny to listen to the instructions after giving him a box.

Kenny gets a message to confirm receiving the package. He sends it back and they send him another address to drop the package off at. Along the way, he opens the box and discovers its a cake. When he tries to deliver it, the man won’t take it. Kenny texts back and they tell him what to say to get in the room.

Once inside, he explains the situation to the man named Hector (Jerome Flynn), who then gets a message and gets roped into it as well. Kenny sends a picture to them of Hector and then gets another assignment. He has to go with Hector via car to a new location.

Along the way they stop for gas and run into Karen (Natasha Little), who knows Hector through their children. She asks for a ride and he agrees. Along the way, they receive messages that they are going the wrong way and that they need to hurry up.

They make it to the next place and receive more messages. They dig through the cake and find a hat, sunglasses and a gun. They find out one of them has to rob a bank while the other is the getaway driver. By default, Kenny has to be the robber and he freaks out.

He goes through with it, wetting his pants in the process. When he gets outside, it appears Hector has driven away but a few moments later he comes flying back up the road and Kenny jumps in the car.

They make a getaway, while abiding all the traffic laws, and when they get to the drop point they receive separate instructions. Kenny has to bring the money to a drop point and Hector has to destroy the car.

Kenny walks into the woods and finds a man (Paul Bazely) standing there. He’s been instructed to set off a drone and then fight Kenny. The winner gets to take the money as a prize. Oh and the fight? It’s to the death. Kenny tries to kill himself with the gun from the bank robber but it doesn’t work. The man tackles him.

Hector makes it home and checks on his kids before going to his bedroom. They sent the information about his rendezvous with a prostitute to his wife. The other people were ratted out as well. Kenny apparently wins the death match and is walking out of the woods when his phone rings. It’s his mom. Police are at the house. Those pictures he was looking at in the beginning were kids. The episode ends with him being surrounded by police cars on a wooded road.

You had to assume this wasn’t going to end well for any of these people. The threat to expose their sexual depravity wasn’t going to be enough to get them to stop. I mostly just feel bad for these people’s families. On the whole, this episode wasn’t as good as most of the others.


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