Lucifer, episode five

We see the back of a man walking through a neighborhood. A woman and her son are arguing in their house when a car swerves down the street. It hits an oncoming car, driven by Chloe.

Back at the house, Chloe has to convince both Lucifer and Trixie that the accident was just that an accident. She also gets a call about a new case.

The body is a former action star turned karate teacher in Hollywood with a drug problem, Wesley Cabot. He was hit over the head with a golden nunchaku award. Lucifer is a big fan. When Ella talks to him about his being a fan, he sees someone he recognizes walk by.

He goes outside to investigate and finds his brother Uriel (Michael Imperioli). He came to either collect their mother or reverse the work done to save Chloe. He enlists Amenadiel to help him, much to the annoyance of Maze who thinks he should turn his mother over.

Lucifer tells Chloe to be unpredictable and then Dan interrupts. He has a lead on the Cabat death. His ex-wife Jamie Lee Adrienne (Charisma Carpenter) was at his place earlier that morning. She received a bizarre voicemail and went over to try and find out what it meant but he was already dead. Her current husband, Kimo Vanzandt (Mark Dacascos), was an action star rival of Cabot’s though so finding him might be useful. He’s at a convention in Reno.

Amenadiel goes to visit Charlotte and asks what her plan is, since this is just delaying the inevitable. She wants to stay with her sons as long as she can.

Chloe and Lucifer are on a stake out. They catch Vanzandt about to take a man down.

Apparently he breaks legs for the mob now so his wife doesn’t know how far he has fallen.

They find evidence that he is the murderer and arrest him, but Lucifer pays his bail. Vanzandt’s manager Ryan Goldburg (Phil LaMarr) thanks Lucifer for that but Chloe is upset about the whole case.

Amenadiel stops by to talk to Lucifer about Uriel. Lucifer gives him quite the pep talk and sends him to scare off Amenadiel. He goes to meet with Uriel. He tries to tell him that he has is under control and when Uriel offers to help Amenadiel opts to intimidate him. It doesn’t work and Uriel beats him up instead.

Dan figures out that the manager framed Vanzandt for the murder of Cabat. Chloe follows a lead to where he is having lunch and Dan tries to track down Vanzandt.

Lucifer goes back to his apartment to hear all about how Amenadiel scared Uriel off but that didn’t go as planned. Amenadiel is having an existential crisis because he lost his powers and is now fallen and Lucifer is mad and has to go find Chloe.

At the hotel Vanzandt sees his wife kissing Goldburg and turns away furiously, just as Chloe pulls up. She walks in and catches them making out. She gets them to confess to conspiring together just as Vanzandt walks out with a gun. Chloe talks him down and everyone is taken into custody.

Charlotte has agreed to go back to hell with Uriel. Lucifer says no, he won’t let that happen but Maze yells at him. He snaps and yells at them all about what his father wants. Nobody knows what it is because he doesn’t tell them.

Lucifer goes to the late Father Frank’s church to pray and Uriel confronts him there. They talk about the things that their father wants and needs. Uriel doesn’t want to just take their mother back to hell. He wants to wipe her from existence entirely. He gives Lucifer an ultimatum, their mother or Chloe. They fight and Uriel wins. Then Maze steps in for a fight of her own.

He says that he will take out their mother and Chloe because Lucifer was so difficult. Lucifer stabs him with the sword that wipes him from existence. He killed his brother and is obviously tormented by that.

Chloe reads a story to Trixie while Lucifer makes his way home. “What have I done?” he asks his mother.

I thought that this was a boring episode to begin with but the last 15 minutes or so really picked up. Chloe’s speech when staring down the gun was great and Maze to the rescue was pretty awesome. I’m surprised with the ending though. This is going to mess with Lucifer mentally for a while.

Lucifer is new Mondays at 9 p.m.




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