Supergirl, episode three

The comatose alien is awake and on the move. He escapes the DEO headquarters which is a crisis for Hank but Supergirl doesn’t really mind. Alex is more concerned about the upcoming visit by the president. Supergirl is excited just at the prospect of the president being in town and when she finds out she is meeting her on the tarmac, she’s over the moon.

James is holding his first editorial meeting but it basically gets taken over by Snapper. He assigns the stories and tells James how to do his job. He tells Kara to go talk to Lena Luthor about that family’s anti-alien sentiments.

Supergirl goes to meet President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter) on the tarmac but things don’t go as planned. Someone attacks her as she disembarks with heat vision. Supergirl saves her. Later she and Alex walk through the crime scene. It seems likely that the escaped kryptonian is responsible for the attack.

Alex gets into a jurisdictional argument with local detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) before heading back to the DEO to talk to Hank and meet with Marsdin. They discuss her legislation to allow aliens to interact openly with humans.

Kara follows up on her assignment with Lena, who has invented a device to test people to see if they are aliens or human. Kara wonders aloud if it will defeat the purpose but Lena defends herself. People want to know who they area talking to. This will make that possible and then the money she earns will go back into helping the community.

Winn has a lead on where the missing kryptonian is hiding out. Alex takes a team and heads there. It… doesn’t work out and Supergirl is angry that they didn’t wait for her and that Alex was in danger. Sawyer calls Alex to do some boots on the ground investigating.

Kara takes her story about Lena to Scooter and he rips it apart for being a slanted, biased piece. She complains to James about it.

Alex and Sawyer end up at a dive bar that doubles as a safe space for aliens and find out that the kryptonian is trying to send a star signal to space. Alex tells Supergirl and Winn and they map out where he is trying to contact. It’s not Krypton. It’s Daxam, which is like a rival planet. Kara goes to where he is broadcasting from to try and talk to him. They fight before Supergirl is able to┬átake him into custody.

She explains the differences in life and cultures between Krypton and Daxam to Winn, Alex and Hank, and then goes to question the prisoner.

Kara goes to visit Lena who wants to thank her for the article. They talk about there being both good and bad aliens, much like there are good and bad people.

Alex and Sawyer patrol the ground and Supergirl the sky while the president pledges to grant rights and privileges to aliens. They think they are in the clear because of the suspect they have in custody. Someone else attacks though. A woman that frequents the bar and she takes Sawyer.

Alex goes back to the bar to rough a few people up and finds out where to find the suspect. She and Supergirl go to fight her and save Sawyer.

James is holding a meeting when Snapper interrupts to yell at him over an editorial decision. They have a standoff and Snapper blinks first.

Alex brought Sawyer back to the DEO to get some medical attention. They talk about how well they worked together as partners and how much they can learn from each other.

Supergirl lets the prisoner go and talks to him about the fate of Daxam. It’s a wasteland now. She then escorts the president out of the DEO.

Hank goes to the dive bar and doesn’t wear his human mask. The bartender reacts badly and ducks out. He follows her outside and finds out that she is the last daughter of Mars.

I thought this was a good episode. I loved Carter as the president and I’m hoping that Sawyer sticks around because her and Alex working together was awesome. Otherwise, there wasn’t a ton going on in this episode.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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