Timeless, episode four

1944. The episode opens with a rally in Nazi Germany. The launch a rocket and yell heil.
Present day: The team has tracked the mothership to a block in Nevada and send ground troops to get the nuclear core. It’s too late. They’ve already left in the time machine, heading to December 1944.

They have to stop the Nazis from getting a nuke. Lucy knows of a tavern that might be a meeting point for Allied troops. She’s more concerned with their wardrobe though. That’s where Mason steps in. It’s better to have and not need than it is to not have.

They get to 1944 and Wyatt shoots first asks questions later on some German soldiers. The plan is to get some information so Wyatt and Lucy go into a bar and Rufus hot wires a car.
They naturally stick out like sore thumbs inside and are asked to leave out the back by a German captain. He corners them in a back room and it turns out he is a spy himself. An MI6 agent by the name of Ian Fleming (Sean Maguire).

The go back to his place to talk about the nuclear threat and trying to track down Flynn. He mentions the launch scheduled for that night and they conclude it must be the nuke. Fleming leads them to the missile and Rufus tests it but there is no radiation signal.

They duck for cover as a car approachs. It stops on the other side of the missile and out steps Flynn. Wyatt tries to line up a shot on Flynn but another man, a scientist named Von Braun is in the way. He’s too important to American science to risk so Lucy won’t let him.

Fleming can get Lucy into the event that evening but Rufus and Wyatt will have to provide support from the perimeter. Fleming believes she is an operative and expects her to be able to handle herself but she is nervous.

She tells Wyatt about a near death experience she had and why she needs to be in control of the situation and he tells her why he keeps fighting. He suggests she figure out what she’s fighting for.

Lucy goes into the party with Fleming while Wyatt and Rufus stand guard. She talks to him about why he fights and he mentions that he was in London during the blitz. His brother was killed. They come up with a plan to lure Von Braun into a hallway.

When she tries to do her part, Flynn blocks her path. He reveals his plan for this part of history. He’s going to turn Von Braun over to the Soviets instead. Fleming comes to her aid, and the Nazis take them both into custody.

Meanwhile, Rufus and Wyatt want to help. They set off the rocket and help them escape as well as get Von Braun. They escape the castle and wait to turn Von Braun over to the Allies. Rufus talks to him about guilt that can come from inventions that harm people. Von Braun explains that he doesn’t think about the consequences to avoid the guilt. He just wants to launch something to the moon. It doesn’t matter how.

Back in the present, the gang finds out they are part of a new, well new to them, Bond movie. It came out in ’64 and was Connery’s finest. There was no sign of the nuke though.

Mason approaches Rufus for more information he got from spying on Wyatt and Lucy. He says he can’t do it anymore but Mason tries to guilt him into it.

Lucy tells Agent Christopher she needs a cover story and Mason’s people to step up and figure out how to get her sister back. It’s not a bluff. She’ll walk otherwise.

Rufus gets threatened by Mason’s people on the way home. They ask if he want to keep his family safe.

I thought this was the funniest episode by far. Maybe it was all the cheesy Bond jokes but it was decidedly more lighthearted than the others have been and that wasn’t a bad thing. I liked learning more of the characters backstories but would like to know more about Rufus. At this point he is my favorite.

Timeless is new Mondays at 10 p.m.



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