Chicago Fire, episode three

Dawson is on the phone with Tina from DCFS. They are pulling Louie from the house because Matt ducked a couple of the other alderman’s calls. They decide their only option is to fight politics with politics.

Severide wakes up at Travis’ house. He thanks him for his hospitality and Travis points out the similarities they share. He suggests they take a trip together.

At the firehouse, Boden thanks everyone for their donations to Jimmy’s recovery fund. He’s being transferred to a long term care facility. Gabby is going to bring Louie to her parents’ house to avoid DCFS while Matt continues to make calls.

The alarm goes off and everyone reports to a fire in a tunnel. There are people trapped, including children, and they are inhaling smoke. Stella pulls a kid named Chris out of the fire. He’s a runaway from Milwaukee. She has to go back into the scene and when she comes out, with his backpack, he’s gone.

Matt asks Susan for some help with the Louie situation. She says she’ll get right on it. Connie lets Severide know that his furlough has been approved and he explains the trip he’s taking with Travis. They are suitably jealous.

Stella finds some pills in Chris’ bag and asks Sylvie what they are for. She explains that they don’t do much alone but are part of a larger treatment.

Slvyie and Mouch go over the plot of their novel. She suggests adding a new love interest, a cop who is tough but sensitive, who never calls.

Ambulance 61 gets a call for a heart attack at a basketball court. The joke about it being an older man who doesn’t know his limits, but it’s not. It’s a little boy. They give him treatment and at one point Dawson pops his lung. His mother freaks out but Dawson tells her to stop and let her do her job. She does and they save the boy.

Stella goes to district 21 to meet with Antonio about tracking down Chris. He asks about Brett while she is there.

A reporter stops by 51 to try and get a comment out of Matt about the allegations regarding Louie’s placement but he deflects and tells her to talk to Susan. She does and soon enough the whole thing is cleared up.

Severide brings Travis to Molly’s to help Otis and drum up some business for the bar.
The ease with which the situation was handled isn’t sitting well with Matt. He assumed the alderman would use this as blackmail material for months but that is obviously not the case. Matt gets the contact information for the reporter from Connie.

Antonio comes to the firehouse to talk to Stella about the missing kid and runs into Sylvie on the way out he says that she is not in the same place in life as him, that he’s not right for her.

Matt reaches out the the reporter and she meets him. He wants to talk to her about Alderman Dearing.

Stella tracks down some kids and asks about Chris. They avoid her questions.

Molly’s is popping thanks to Travis’ post. Amongst the crowd is Sylvie. She’s making her way out when Gabby stops her to provide a bit of advice when it comes to Antonio. She tells Sylvie that he looks smitten and to ignore what he says and go for it.

Severide is at a party with Travis. He’s talking to someone when Travis calls him away because he needs help. There is a girl passed out. She’s on some drugs. Severide treats her with ice water and she wakes up. He says he’ll call an ambulance but Travis says he will run her to Med himself since they are so close.

Stella goes to Boden to try and help Chris. She thinks that the help of a good Samaritan as opposed to family and friends might be the motivation he needs.

Severide gets an update on the OD from the party from Sylvie. She’s doing well and will be released the next day. As it turns out, Travis didn’t bring her into the hospital though. He left her on a bench outside. Dr. Halstead found her.

Matt calls Susan in to talk. As it turns out he figured out how Dearing knew about the Louie situation. Susan tipped him off. Matt won’t stand for that. He tells Susan to get out of his life and not come back or he will destroy her and leave nothing behind but scorched either.

Stella tracks down Chris after waiting all day at a YMCA. She brings him back to the firehouse where he is confronted about

Severide confronts Travis about the OD victim but he has a seemingly logical explanation. He couldn’t bring her inside and risk her picture getting all over the internet because of him so he made sure she was somewhere that she could be found. He tells Severide that they can stop and pack his bags on the way to the private jet for the trip.

Sylvie walks in to find Antonio at Molly’s. She says hello and he tries to talk but she cuts him off and makes a case for giving this a try. He asks if he can buy her a drink.

Matt goes home to find Gabby on the couch with Louie asleep in her lap. He sits with her.

I thought that this was a great episode. The fact that they rushed the process for Gabby to get Louie had to be acknowledged and they did it very well here. I just worry about what will happen when she finds out that Susan kissed Matt last season, and she will find out. I’m glad that Severide did Molly’s a solid by bring Travis around. I can’t see him going away after that hospital incident. I’m also interested in the Antonio/Brett romance because it’s been a long time since Sylvie had a substantial story line.

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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