Chicago PD, episode five

Dr. Halstead calls in Erin and Jay to look into a heavy uptick in ODs. Some sort of laced heroin. They agree to look into it and then get called to a scene.

While investigating a canister that seems linked to the OD case, Halstead asks Voight if Mouse asked for help getting rid of a felony charge so he can re-enlist. Voight just gives him a so what if he did look and Halstead begins to explain Mouse’s mental state when a scream draws there attention. A body washed ashore, with the face bashed in.

There have been so many drug related deaths that the morgue has run out of toe tags but the cause for their John Doe is blunt force trauma. He has a clean bill of health and what seems to be a brand new tattoo.

Antonio and Olinsky use the tattoo to identify the body and go to talk to the victim’s mother. The victim, Tyler Claredon, had been deployed overseas and was trying to straighten his life out back home. He posted frequently with a new friend Tony.

Antonio updates the unit on what they’ve found out about Tyler and Voight sends
Atwater and Ruzek go to Tony’s dorm and start to question him. He answers at first but once they bring up murder he shuts up and lawyers up.

Tay and Burgess and driving and a little boy covered in blood darts out. They ask him what’s wrong and he says that his mom hurt his dad. They go in the house to find a man with a knife in his neck. They call an ambulance.

Once at Med, Burgess talks to father, he explains that he and his wife are no longer together and that she took off once their son entered the room. They have no family in Chicago so unfortunately, the son will be taken by DCFS.

Mouse and Halstead argue about re-enlisting. Halstead pushes him to wait six months and then if he still wants to do it, try again but Mouse isn’t having it. He was born a soldier and plans to die one. Ruzek interrupts because Narcotics got back.

The team takes down a drug dealer to find out about the deaths. He points out a supplier that is on the north side and Ruzek and Antonio follow up the lead.

They don’t find the man but do find his boat. They also suggest that maybe it wasn’t a fight but an accident that killed Tyler.

Lindsay talks to an ME about the drug make up but it turns out the stuff isn’t on the controlled substance list because of its molecular structure. She reports back to the team and Voight is more than a little upset that they don’t have a case.

Tay and Burgess track down the little boy’s mother and take her into custody to be questioned about the stabbing of her ex-husband.

Will Halstead stops by the district to find out if there is any more information about the drug deaths. He just had to call a 16 year girl dead so he wants it off the streets.

The boat owner’s are out of the country, but their son, Scoot, isn’t and he’s a friend of Tony’s so Voight wants his digital footprint but Mouse ignores the request. They exchange words before Halstead yells at Mouse again. Erin stands up to Jay for Mouse.

Olinsky and Voight question Scoot about Tyler’s death. After explaining the details, it seems as though he’s looking at murder charges but they are willing to negotiate a deal.

Platt talks to the little boy and it sounds like the father might be the guilty party so she asks Mouse to look into it. Jay also stops by to tell Mouse he’s behind him 100 percent.

Voight explains how the team is going to take down everyone involved in this drug ring. Scoot sets up the meet.

The team is prepared for their raid but something isn’t right. The drug lord they are trying to track down isn’t there. The team takes the operation down without the top dog.

Tony takes the fall for his uncle, the drug lord in question. Voight goes to see the uncle in question and tells him that they can take their chances on the other things but to quit it with the drugs.

Mouse found out that the father researched non-fatal stab wounds. It was a setup to try and get custody and punish his ex-wife.

Tay tells Burgess to go after what she wants because opportunites are fleeting in this line of work, especially for women. She goes and talks to Voight about getting called up to Intelligence. He tells her to be ready.

This wasn’t a bad episode. I’m glad we learned at least a little more about Halstead and Mouse before the joined the team but there still wasn’t all that much in the line of details. I want to know more about Tay and I’m hoping Platt can save her.

Chicago PD airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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