Frequency, episode four

1996. A little girl, one that’s obviously been roughed up, is walking down the street. The police find her and take her to the hospital. She says that the man that did that to her took her mom.

Frank thinks that it might be a Nightingale case. He goes to followup with the girl’s father Marco and though it doesn’t turn up anything for the case, Frank finds out that they are practically neighbors.

He goes over the information with Raimy via the ham later that night. Gordo crashes the party, drunk. He tells Raimy that she isn’t any fun anymore and that she needs to get out more. He gives her the information for a Tinder account he set up on her behalf. Frank listens in.

Raimy goes to find the little girl all grown up. She wrote a book about the Nightingale but when she gets there, Eva is missing. She goes to the prescinct handling the case and it turns out that she was involved, in the altered timeline, with the lead detective Kyle Mosbey. They awkwardly agree to work together.

Frank stops by the Salinas house and invites them to the park. Eva and Raimy play while Frank talks to Marco about his wife and what he remembers.

Mosbey and Raimy visit Marco to find out about Eva. This isn’t the first time this has happened, according to his new wife. There has even been a suicide attempt but when Nightingale comes up, Marco is shocked.

A bloodied woman walks into a convinence store. She tells the man behind the counter to call the police. She is Eva Salinas and she just escaped the Nightingale.

Raimy and Mosbey visit Eva in the hospital and she describes how she was taken as well as her escape. She identifies the area that she was held and tells Raimy that she didn’t see his face but knows it was the Nightingale because he said he took her mother.

Frank and Raimy are coloring and talking about Ava. She admits she has a secret and after her father presses the issue, she tells him that Ava saw the Nightingale’s face.

They follow adult Eva’s tip and find where she was held. There is enough there for the case to be classified as Nightingale. Satch calls it, and Mosbey gets the boot.

Frank goes to visit Marco and Ava to see if she can describe the killer. She clams up and Marco walks Frank out of the house.

Adult Raimy and Ava talk about playing together as kids and what it was like going through life without a mother. Ava remembers a few detauks,

Gordo visits Raimy again and she talks about Mosbey. Grodo wants her to invite him over but she says no because she still feels bad about Daniel. Gordo is baffled but when he starts to respond Raimy leaves the room. Ava is having a press confress, admitting specific details about the case and her ordeal.

Frank goes to talk to Eva, with a sketch of the Nightingale. She is able to identify it as the man that took her mother but before she can say anything more, Marco comes and rushes her away. It’s clear she knows the man though.

Raimy is talking to Ava in interrogation about why she didn’t describe the Nightingale to the police. Her mother had been having an affair and that was where she had seen the killer. At the playground near the other man’s house but she didn’t want to rat her mother out. She describes him to Raimy who then tells Frank.

After finding out the killer stalked his victims, Frank keeps an eye on Julie and sure enough sees a man and vehicle matching Eva’s description. He approaches the truck and yells to the man to step out but the man speeds away instead.

Julie confronts Frank about his behavior and about using Raimy as a tool for work. He tells her that she is in real danger. She explains that she is taking precautions and that she will keep an eye out but Raimy is off limits.

Eva is released pending therapy and Raimy is completely okay with that.

Frank tells adult Raimy to prepare for the worst in case something goes wrong. He doesn’t want her to put her life on hold for this. She goes and asks Mosbey to meet her for a drink.

Frank teaches young Raimy to woodwork and gives her the knife his father gave him.

The Nightingale burns his truck.

I liked this episode. It feels like they are getting closer to tracking down the killer but with the way the timelines are diverging you can’t be sure.

Frequency is new Wednesdays at 9 p.m.



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