Chicago Med, episode six

Reese and Joey (Peter Mark Kendall) are walking to work and he is explaining something from the lab to her but she’s distracted. She mentions to him that she can’t shake the feeling that she is being followed and he blames it on her time in psych.

At the hospital, Choi points out to Maggie that they are being overrun when a little girl is brought in. She’s a cancer patient that is jaundiced and speaking nonsense. Manning suspects liver failure which would cause brain swelling. She and Choi intubate and call for all sorts of tests while rushing her upstairs.

Maggie tries to suggest diverting patients to other hospitals but Goodwin isn’t interested. Halstead is treating a patient that is showing an irregular heartbeat and stomach pain. He orders a few tests and then moves onto the next patient.

Rhodes and Latham are talking to a patient after he received a valve replacement and Rhodes gives him the all clear but Latham takes a moment to listen and says that they need to redo the surgery. Rhodes tries again but still doesn’t hear a problem and suggests a test instead. Latham says they can test him in the OR and goes to change into his scrubs.

Choi and April are talking to a little girl that has a foreign object lodged in her stomach. She has eaten something that can’t be metabolized but doesn’t know what it is. They ask for permission to sedate her and put a scope down her throat to pull it out. Her mother agrees to the treatment.

Manning is consulting with Dr. Abrams (Brennan Brown) about the cancer patient. He agrees that there is brain swelling and that she needs it drained. They go to tell her parents, who cry at the prospect of brain surgery.

Choi is outside trying to order lunch but the truck only serves chicken, which feels wrong to him since he got his parrot. Reese is in line and she still feels like she’s being watched. When she turns around she sees someone lurking and goes to find out who it is.

It’s Danny Jones (Nick Marini) the young man that came to the hospital for heroin withdrawal that was being sex trafficked. He can’t handle it anymore and wants to kill himself. She wants to help.

Maggie tells Goodwin she has tracked down a few more beds but she thinks ICU is holding out on her. Goodwin suggests going there and having a few words with those nurses.

Reese talks to Dr. Charles about Danny’s case. He tells her that he needs to be brought to an appropriate psychiatric facility but she wants to help him personally. She says he feels a connection to her and that she cares about him. Charles tells her to step away because her health and safety are important to him. His levels are all just slightly off and he wants to run a CT to find out more.

Latham and Rhodes complete the second surgery and Rhodes is shocked that Latham was right. He can’t believe how talented he is at hearing murmurs.

Choi pulled some sort of metal object out of the little girl’s stomach and brings Manning in to talk to the girl and her mother about it. It turns out the object is a prototype robot. The little girl and her friends are trying to create devices to advance science and medicine, and she was testing it on herself. Choi and Manning think it’s crazy and the mother is furious.

Maggie is still on a mission to find more available beds but comes across a room that is nicknamed “the red room” because several patients have died in there recently. Doctors won’t use it, including Rhodes.

Halstead has run a CT on the stomach pain patient and hasn’t found anything specific. The man says the pain stopped so he must be all better and can go home but Halstead tells him that no pain is a bad sign. He needs surgery and sends a nurse to page Rhodes.

Abrams and Manning administer the draining procedure and she goes to tell the parents. She may need a liver transplant but Manning believes she will make it through this.

Rhodes says the test are inconclusive so he won’t operate on Halstead’s patient. Will won’t let it go though and says that he knows there is a problem because he felt it with his hands. Rhodes agrees to the surgery because of his experience with Latham hearing things he couldn’t earlier.

Manning goes to talk to Dr. Charles about the cancer patient. She thinks that she gave the parents false hope because she wants to have that hope herself. She is worried she’s too invested in the case but he tells her that that’s exactly what her parents would want.

Charles finds Reese and talks to her about his work at a private practice before coming to Med. He had a patient that he spent a lot of time with, that he thought was making progress, but that ended up jumping off a roof. He questioned his own abilities and eventually got out of that business and into emergency treatment. He reiterates that meeting with Danny outside of a clinical setting is a terrible idea but he doesn’t want to dismiss her involvement in the case.

Rhodes puts Halstead’s patient under and runs a dye test to find that Halstead was right. They need to perform surgery.

Charles takes Reese to see Det. Lindsay at district 21 to talk about Danny’s case. Erin explains that traffickers control people like Danny in a number of ways, psychologically as well as drugs and torture. She also warns Reese to be careful because if the fact that he wants to get out spreads, he may be killed.

Manning rushes into the cancer patient’s room to find Abrams already running tests. The brain swelling affected her brain stem and while they tell her parents, she crashes. They try to revive her but are unsuccessful.

Choi goes to visit the science obsessed little girl at home. He thinks that the lab she is working in in her basement is remarkable.

Reese goes to talk to Danny and tells him he shows signs of depression but it might just be a product of his environment. She says that if he was living in better circumstances he might feel better but he balks at the idea of leaving. He needs the heroin and is scared of the traffickers. He runs away from Reese.

Manning is sitting outside and is upset about the cancer patient. Choi comes over and expresses his condolences. He talks about his home visit with the science patient. He talks about how advanced things are now and that these little kids are the future.

Maggie brings in a Hawaiian friend of Rhodes to read the “red room” and he goes about fixing it.

Danny is brought in by paramedics and Choi is called to treat him but Reese is paged as well. He is bleeding from his right side, a self inflected wound, and he keeps calling for Reese. He was trying to cut out the chip. He wants to live. He wants to get away from the traffickers.

Manning goes to visit the kids in their basement lab. She’s impressed by both the setup and the remarkable work they are doing. She suggests they give working on cancer a shot.
The shaman clears the red room and Maggie says she will now be sending patients there. Rhodes asks the Hawaiian if he believes there was anything wrong in the room and he says yes. The physics of the room was changed by all the grief and he had to fix that.

Choi removes Danny’s tracking chip and Reese takes it outside where she drops it in some flowing water in the gutter which washes it away. Charles warns her that this is only the beginning.

Rhodes commends Halstead on his diagnosis and asks how he knew. He explains that he learned it during his residency from a doctor that didn’t need scans to figure things out. Rhodes says he knows someone like that.

Halstead goes to visit an older doctor by the name of Rowan in a home for the elderly. She seems to have Alzheimer’s. He tells her that what she taught him saved a man’s life and he thanks her.

Manning works with the kids in the basement lab. Reese visits with Danny in his hospital room and Rhodes does to the library to practice listening for murmurs.

I liked this episode. I’m hoping that this isn’t the end of the Danny story line. I’d be interested in it crossing over to PD so that intelligence could take down the trafficking ring. It’s nice to see the younger doctors paying their respects to their mentors and learning from them and the idea of kids being so advanced in science is fascinating. I do feel bad for the parents of the little girl that died though.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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