Conviction, episode four

Hayes’ arrest and the coverup are the top news story of the morning. Jackson gives her a pep talk before she heads to work. Wallace is at the office and when she asks if she’s fired he basically responds with not yet. His job is safe despite his involvement and she has to go and try to plead her case during a live primetime interview in four days.

She heads to the conference room and asks the team to present a new case. They don’t have one prepared because they thought she was being fired. Tess comes up with one though. Their first female client. Penny Price (Teri Polo) is serving a for murder. She was convicted of poisoning her son Owen (C.J. Dube).

They spend time watching her vlog and see the way her autistic son treats her but are still hesitant about how to approach the case. His death was declared the result of salt poisoning from downing a bottle of soy sauce. Tess’ belief is that the death truly was accidental.

Sam and Maxine go to visit Penny in prison. She has a bruise on her face because people in prison don’t like child killers. Sam is harsh on her as she tries to explain what life was like for her while she was raising Owen.

Hayes goes back home to prep for her interview with Jackson while Frankie and Tess go to visit Dr. Jane Soto (Sheila McCarthy) a toxicology expert that consulted on the case. She was never called to the stand. They talk to her and find out that he didn’t die of salt poisoning. He died from an injection of insulin. He was definitely murdered.

Sam is still pretty adamant that Penny killed Owen. Tess wants to find proof that she didn’t. She suggests the father Greg (Tim Guinee) and then goes to follow up on that. Jackson comes to the office to continue prep with Hayes but they are interrupted by Tess and Maxine. Greg’s alibi is false. Hayes and Tess go to visit him.

Hayes talks to Greg and he admits to having an affair while Tess talks to Penny’s daughter Emily (Molly Brown). She talks about how hard things have been but how good of a mother Penny still is. Now its on Emily to hold the family together.

They talk to Greg’s mistress, Candace (Mary Ashton) who explains that she gave Greg an ultimatum the day of the murder because she wanted a family of her own. He stormed out, well before the time that Owen died. His alibi is a bust.

The team tries to figure out if it is possible for Greg to have slipped in unnoticed but it doesn’t seem likely. Tess and Frankie head to the Price house to run a simulation. Wallace stops by the office for an update on the case, and to find out how Hayes is holding up with the interview prep.

Tess and Frankie do a mock run through of what Greg would have done that day. He didn’t have enough time to administer the insulin and get out of the house unseen. He isn’t the killer. Moreover, there is no evidence that Penny isn’t.

The team meets again. Greg has been ruled out but that doesn’t mean it was definitely Penny. They still haven’t tracked down the home health aide Eduardo Peligro (Edsson Morales). They have found someone commenting on Penny’s vlog that seems to be him though. Tess drafts a warrant to bring to a judge and Hayes goes for more prep with Jackson.

Tess gets turned down and calls Hayes, who isn’t upset about ditching prep again, to talk to the judge. Judge McCutcheon (Michael Pemberton) isn’t anti-privacy as he claimed. He’s anti-CIU but Hayes drives a tough bargain. She backs her argument up with a legal precedent and he relents.

Hayes rushes to the interview and is ready to rock and roll. Dan Harris is already on hand and he tries to rile her up and he is successful. She tries to maintain the charade but can’t do it. She eventually speaks from the heart about how she is where she is because of the privileges afforded to her based on her last name. Since she has it, she might as well use it to benefit those that don’t though right?

After reviewing his e-mails and texts, they find that Eduardo had access to insulin and that the day after Owen’s death his sister was in a diabetic coma because she missed a shot. They track down him down in East Harlem and Maxine and Hayes go to pay him a visit.

He claims that he was hoping for Owen to be moved to a facility and that he loved him like a son. He even says that his sister Jazmin (Ana Golja) and Emily were good friends. She confirms this and says that Emily would hang out at her house because it was less stressful than home. She was there the day before the murder, and knew about Jazmin’s diabetes.

Hayes crashes Emily’s visitation with Penny. She confronts her about murdering her brother and she starts to cry and confess but Penny tells her to stop talking. She that she killed Owen with the insulin shot and will tell that to any judge and any jury to save her daughter.

Hayes goes to give Wallace an update on the case. He thanks her and then dismisses her somewhat abruptly. She thinks she knows what the problem is and hands over her letter of resignation but that’s not it at all. She’s a hero on twitter for keeping it real but now Wallace is under investigation. He tells her to leave.

Hayes is leaving the office with a tree for Jackson, because extending a single olive branch wouldn’t be enough, and Tess is still there. Tess says she had to take care of her mom when she was younger after her aunt was murdered. She says that not everyone gets a second chance.

Hayes gets to her apartment building to find out she isn’t allowed upstairs. Jackson has instructed the doorman not to let her up and many of her belongings are piled in the lobby. She walks outside and starts to cry.

I thought this episode was very predictable. As soon as they established that Penny had a daughter it was easy to figure out she did it to save her mom and that Penny would take the fall for it. The fact that Wallace is so nasty to Hayes annoys me because he should’ve expected the investigation either way. Overall I was not impressed with this episode at all.

Conviction airs Mondays at 10 p.m.


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